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    Character Template


    Name: Coyote Starrk
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: I dunno, tall
    Weight: I dunno, average weight


    Starrk is, put simply, lazy and unenthusiastic.  He would much rather be asleep than putting effort into something.  He doesn't really even have anyone to try and make him do otherwise, so outside of doing what is necessary to live, he does in fact sleep.  Not much actually interests him enough that the reward is worth the effort.  Nothing much around him interests him, despite how keen his observations can be.  This isn't to say he can't be serious.  His personality doesn't exactly change, but he is capable of it.  He will always sound reluctant, after all, it is EFFORT.  He doesn't want to have to put in that effort.  However, he is willing to complete whatever task he needs to complete in the end.  If he has a contract, he will finish the contract.  If he has a friend or the like, he will care.  Albeit, he might not show much until one is dead or close to it, and even then the reaction will be more him actually having a little motivation to do something about it.

    He is a hired gun because, quite simply, it is the easiest job for him.  Pulling the trigger on a gun is much easier to him than working 10 hours, 6 days a week carrying up to 50lbs worth of crap.  One job tides him over for a month of sleeping.  The jobs he takes though usually don't target anyone of notoriety or renown.  He won't target a leader, or even the law enforcement of a city.  If he had an entire country brand him as an enemy, he'd have people hunting him.  If he is being hunted, he can't sleep as much.  That does not fly with him.  Admittedly, it takes goading some of the time for him to accept a contract, but considering he gets results, people are willing to put in the extra work.  He can kill and not feel guilty about it, but it depends on who he is killing.  Average people he won't want to kill, but low lives and anyone who can fight he'll feel a lot less reluctant.  He isn't the type to kill someone who simply doesn't pose a threat, which to him is children, handicaps, and the elderly.

    He is a tad lonely.  A tad is an understatement of course, he doesn't have anyone.  Of course, most people in this world lack the understanding required to actually give him a chance.  Some people see how lazy he is and think of him as a bum not worth their time.  Of course being alone there ISN'T much to motivate someone.  Some people recognize him as a hired gun and fear him.  He might make a living killing, but if you are a good person he's harmless.  Some people recognize him as a hired gun and only see him as someone to hire or kill.  Long story short, he doesn't have anyone and he is alone.  Maybe if people treated him like they gave a damn he'd actually show some effort, at least in showing he appreciated them.  Of course, if there was somebody to love maybe he'd sleep less...I said less!  He'd still sleep a lot!



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    Type: Scholar

    Colmillo:  Quite simply, with a word Starrk can conjure up two swords.  They are two swords made of pure energy, to the point that they literally appear as blades made of energy.  They don't even remotely try to disguise themselves as physical objects.  They do interact with other objects like any other sword, except they cut better than most and will probably sting when they collide with flesh.

    Wolves:  With word Starrk can conjure up wolves out of his arcana.  They glow bright blue, the same color as most of his arcana.  He controls them by giving them commands with his voice, and their goal is generally to nom nom on someone.  Once they bite, they cling, then they will generally explode violently.  If struck, they will simply reform no matter how strong the blast, but after being stuck with at least minor force 3 times they will dissipate without exploding, thus wasting the arcana spent to create them.  They are all the same speed, a little faster than the average wolf, but based on how much of his Arcana he wants to expend, he can make the explosion for success a little bigger.  They will NOT explode if they cannot bite a target.

    Sonido:  Starrk actually just whispers to use this ability, and the noise the ability makes overwhelms the sound of his voice.  Due to the speed and sound, it looks like he uses this without speaking a word.  This is his high speed technique where he focuses his Arcana in order to speed up his body.  This is so fast, that short distances (less than 10 feet) he almost appears to teleport, though he will take a moment for longer distances (the max distance is only 50 feet).  Granted the move makes a very distinct static buzzing noise, thus sneaking isn't that simple.  On top of that, he is incapable of actually striking at anyone while in motion, requiring him to stop before he can actually make contact.   This is on part of the move stopping automatically to prevent collision, and the fact that any swinging motion with the sword would mess up the movement.  Still, he can use it to get next to you, so always be on guard, and use the fact that his attacks are in normal speed (and that in fact there is a .6 second buffer where he cannot strike, or even pull the trigger on his guns upon exiting Sonido) to your advantage.

    Cero:  This is a beam that Starrk can fire from the front of his body.  He can charge up this beam quickly, and upon speaking the name of the move, fire off the beam.  There are no motions related to this move.  The only warning is that suddenly energy begins to quickly charge (visibly) in front of him.  If you turn your back to him, and don't pay attention to his Arcana spiking, it can slip up on you pretty fast.  Being a beam of pure arcana, though, it takes a decent amount of energy and is rather easy to sense.



    Guns:  The guns Starrk wields are arcanically enhanced, the enchantment being created by him.  They are special in that they no longer fire bullets.  They fire lasers.  That is right, they fire lasers.  Many lasers.  If he pulls the trigger for a second, he fires one.  If he holds it down, he will fire 10 per second.  They travel quickly, though most certainly not at the speed of light.  Him pointing and pulling the trigger doesn't mean it can't be dodged.  Getting hit by a barrage of these can cause some immense damage.  The gun itself has so much energy for it recharges itself off of his energy.  After about 40 lasers in a thread, it is forced to draw from Starrk's own energy reserves to fire more.

    Sword:  Starrk's sword is just a sword, unlike the gun it is NOT enhanced by enchantments.  It sports a pewter-colored rectangular guard, with small protrusions on each corner, and a sun-like design wrapped around the hilt's collar. The hilt itself is a yellow color, and the sheath is a metallic-gold color.


    Master Marksman:  Starrk is very skilled with his pistols, able to aim accurately with a barrage of blasts that is difficult to avoid.  He doesn't miss, and having two pistols means that he can fight two targets at once.

    Expert Swordsman:  Unfortunately some people just don't stay back and let you shoot them.  Thus, Starrk has learned to deal with them up close.  It isn't like a conventional swordstyle, but Starrk can clash blades with the best of them.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History:  Starrk was born in Zakat.  He doesn't remember much about when he was younger.  They were poor, and it kind of blended together.  Scraping together what food they could, barely managing to keep shelter.  Oh and the murder of his parents didn't help much either.  He was 7 when his parents, and only family, died.  He doesn't know what happened or who did it, but when he returned home one day he found their bodies lifeless and bloodied.  He cried, probably the one time in his entire life he cried.  Being alone, he had only one choice.  Do whatever he could to get food.  He did odd jobs, but those were exhausting.  He tried eating leftovers from the trash, but after the third time vomiting he gave up on that.  What he did have a talent for, though, was taking people out.  Ironic since his parents were murdered, but he could win a fight against people older than he was.  He ended up making money using this, getting paid to beat up on some other thugs.   He didn't target people who couldn't fight back, or whom he didn't feel deserved it.  He most certainly never targeted parents, even if he wasn't killing them in the first place.

    As he grew up he got better at it, and the jobs became more intense.  Every so often he'd be asked to kill someone.  He refused for awhile, but one time the money offered was too much, and the target was a real lowlife anyway.   Starrk carried out the operation, and on returning, he earned enough money to tide him over for several months.  HE could have done a lot with that money, so what did he do?  He chose to sleep.  He was tired of running around doing things, so he slept and used the money for food.  That is where he truly decided to be a hired gun.  When his long rest was over, he put in only just enough effort to learn how to use his Arcana and began to use it to make his life easier.  He enchanted his gun, he learned some moves, and most importantly he gained the skill to take out a lot of targets.  There was one job though that he never expected.  It was an assassination.  Get in, kill someone, get out.  Seemed simple enough.  Unfortunately, it was one of the largest crime lords in all of Zakat, someone who was able to elude the Zakatian government for reasons people couldn't even begin to fathom.  He was untouchable.  To Starrk though, he didn't need to touch him, he just needed to shoot him.

    He found the lair of the crime lord, Nedus, and as he was a single man he was able to infiltrate it rather easily.  The lair was a maze, and there were so many places a person should have been caught that it explained why the Zakatian government couldn't do anything.  There was ALWAYS enough warning to get to a hidden escape route.  He almost got caught over and over, but he was slippery enough to avoid it.  Finally he reached Nedus, who was in the middle of planning some kind of scheme.  Starrk aimed and pulled the trigger, the entire room filled with smoke as the laser blasted Nedus...but Nedus was still standing.  He apparently avoided it at the last second.  Starrk pulled out his sword and began to try and finish the job, but the fight between him and Nedus ended in a stalemate.  Still, this was Nedus's turf and he soon found himself surrounded.  Nedus slipped into what appeared to be a secret tunnel.  Starrk had no time, for he had to fight off several waves of goons before he went to dash after Nedus.  Upon entering the tunnel though, he heard a ticking.  Suddenly the tunnel exploded, and the roof caved in.  Starrk dug his way out of the rubble, but Nedus was gone.   He picked up a lead over and over, but Nedus always escaped.  He never caught him.  He got on with his life though, and continued his solitary life.  Earning enough to live, and moving so little one would think he was dead.  Maybe one day he'll have a reason to be motivated, but for now he sleeps.

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~
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