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    Character Template


       Name: Silim Savertin
       ALIAS: Last Survivor of Tartarus
       Gender: Male
       Age: 18
       Height: 1,75m
       Weight: Lightweight

       Personality: Silim is a very, very odd person. At first glance, he seems about as social as a hedgehog with a meanstreak - always listening to music, staring at the clouds or the ground, and lost in thought. And it is true - in some ways, Silim enjoys having some 'me-time' every now and then. Always being around people is nice and all, but he can't just be with people every single second of the day...
    Which isn't to say he won't give his best to try. Because honestly, he IS a rather social person, if he gets to know the right people. He won't just associate with everyone, or strike up conversations with random people on the street - something needs to capture his interest. Once he starts liking someone, though, he is incredibly loyal, friendly, and supportive in nearly every way possible. His kind nature is almost legendary, but kindness is not a weakness for him - his warm smile is hiding steel, so to say. Those that threaten or insult him do not phase him much, he always stays calm and collected... But do NOT, under no circumstances, insult or threaten others around him. Hell hath no fury like that of the Savertin once angered - his rage, like everything about him, seems completely calm and collected, but it is also cold and seething. He's not above using his arcane power to teach a street thug a lesson they'll never forget.

    Because of his devotion and loyalty to others than himself, Silim isn't too good at talking about himself. There just 'isn't much too him' in that way - mostly because he has no single memory of his past, apart from a gigantic shadow in the sky. Getting his memories back is one of his goals in life - but not a high ranking one, as he also somewhat fears what lies in his memories. And for some reason, that also seems to be the only fear he knows. Staring down the barrel of a gun, or the throat of a dragon, will not phase him one bit. He is fearless, but not stupid - recognizing danger without losing his calm at any point. The only thing that probably COULD cause him fear is the creature that looms within his memories, if he should ever meet it again - that creature could cause him a complete mental breakdown with appearance alone. He also has a weird dislike for cats, but gets along just fine with dogs and other animals - cats remind him of something from his past that he disliked or maybe even hated or feared, he isn't exactly sure.

    Another thing is brutal honesty, which is a clear part of his self. He is absolutely honest to himself about everything - he knows that he can appear rather shallow, and that he helps others freely and forms bonds solely to fill the void left by his memories. He also realizes his fears and worries about getting them back. This brutal honesty to himself is the reason for his calm and collected nature, as he lacks any insecurities. This honestly extends farther, though - he'll not lie to his friends and tell them what they want to hear, he'll tell them what they NEED to hear. Which sometimes doesn't have to be actual honesty or truths. Sometimes, they NEED to have a lie told, other times, they NEED the cold, hard truth, and Silim will always try to do what is best for them.


       Appearance: Silim Savertin [APPROVED, 2-5] 14808684559b511825a429ea97e21cf8_zps12d5ffcc
    Silim Savertin [APPROVED, 2-5] Sample_84e36d6c472e80f523eb64eb0b2c0cab_zpsdd104ef9
    Silim Savertin [APPROVED, 2-5] 3ce4536dd14c9513109239483867487b_zps9315e699
    Silim Savertin [APPROVED, 2-5] 98aef0c9f335ed871291ff79def017b5_zps95ff5373


       Type: Sorcerer
       Name: Persona - Social Link
       Description: Silim's ability is completely and utterly useless at first glance, because of one glaring issue. It doesn't do anything. Really, if he spent his entire life alone, locked away, or simply without any contact to other living things, it would stay that way forever. Because his ability, the Social Link, only manifests through the bonds between people. When Silim forges a bond of friendship, or maybe even rivalry, with someone, and if that person corresponds strongly with one of the Arcana of the tarot, he will forge a new Social Link with them, obtaining the weakest Persona of that type.
    The Persona themselves are manifestations of the bonds Silim forges, and are called out by him with either the word 'Persona' or with their direct name. They then manifest at Silim's side, and he commands them in battle. However, any damage their form takes is reflected back onto him personally. Each Persona has abilities dependant on the myths behind them, their social link 'level', or strength of the bond that created them, and their general combat strength also depends on the strength of the bond. A Persona is controlled like a puppet by the mind of Silim.
    The one Social Link that doesn't follow this rule is the Fool Arcana - Silim's 'own' Arcana, which makes him compatible with the powers of the other Persona within his mind. The level of the Fool Arcana is determined by the overall strength of Silim's own mind intertwined with the minds of others - in short, the general level of trust and friendship between his truest companions, amongst each other and with him alike. Until he actually has a group he considers his companions, Silim is locked to Level 1 of the Fool Arcana, which symbolizes his calm nature and ability to be honest with himself.
    One obvious downside to this ability is that changing from one Persona to the other takes time. First, the old summon has to disappear, then a new one can be called out, and during both dismissing and summoning, Silim can't move. One final thing he can do - but only once a Social Link is at least on level 5 - is to 'fuse' with a Persona, making them act as one. This makes fighting obviously easier, and strengthens the Persona that Silim merges with temporarily.

    Whenever Silim establishes a Social Link, he sees a representation of that link as a Tarot card within his own mind. The same thing happens when Social Links grow in strength. Each such persona is a facet of his mind, a 'mask' used to overcome hardships in life.

    Current Social Links:

    • The Fool - Level 1 [3-3]

    Current Persona:

    • Fool:

      Name: Orpheus
      Appearance: Silim Savertin [APPROVED, 2-5] Persona-3-orpheus-femaleorpheus---megami-tensei-wiki--a-demonic-compendium-of-your-true-self-56uae5lk
      Described as rather handsome, Silim has terrible scars on his sides and back, which were obviously caused by fire. Smaller scars also line his arms and legs. His head and face got away mostly scot-free, though.
      Abilities: Orpheus can summon a small amount of fire by playing his harp, or just bash people over the head with it. It is slightly taller than Silim himself.


       Equipment: Shortsword for fighting. Also, a portable music player from Zakat.
       Skills: Silim isn't too good at fighting directly - he lacks practice. He has basic training with a shortsword or dagger, but his speed and strength are average at best. His durability, though, is surprisingly high - he can take a lot of punishment before going down. Furthermore, he apparently had some training in firearms in the past, as he is quite good with small arms, but doesn't own any weapons to take advantage of it anymore.
    He's really good at battle strategy, though. Improvising and quick thinking come naturally to him, making him an excellent fighter when working together with others to compensate for the weaknesses of each ally. The perfect size for a group of combatants under his advisory is four, himself included.

       History and Roleplay Sample

       History: Silim might not remember anything from his past, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. He was born 18 years ago in a city built within the Open Lands - one known to be a refugee for arcanists of any orientation, power or allignment, as long as they promised to not harm the citizens themselves. It was a small haven for criminals, but also for trustworthy arcanists that wanted to be amongst their own, without any supervision by those without arcane powers. The name of that city was Tartarus, named after an old legend.
    After his birth, Silim had a normal life. While his parents had both been arcanists, his own arcane power seemed to be either locked away or to be too little to actively use - but that wasn't as uncommon as one would think in Tartarus. So he simply lived - went to a school, learned many things. He became rather unaffected by the supernatural around him, giving him a very 'cool' vibe. As a teenager, he even picked up sport shooting as a hobby, and had quite a few friends. Maybe he even had a girlfriend at some point. But in the end, it didn't matter all that much. The person that he was would die in the event that wiped Tartarus off the map. It was a day like any other, really, when it happened. Silim was by now almost completely finished with his education, and after school, hung out with a few friends... when something appeared in the sky. At first, it was just a small black dot - nobody noticed it at first. Silim was maybe even the first person to notice it, as he was staring into the sky while relaxing with his friends. And right from that moment, he felt incredible dread... and even fear... rise in his entire body. Telling his friends to look up, soon, the entire city had noticed the point that was slowly growing bigger, approaching them. Then, people screamed. Some fell to the ground, holding their heads. A few started jumping out of windows, and somewhere near Silim's small group, someone nonchalantly lit himself on fire and died without so much as an 'ouch'.
    It was THE Walpurgisnacht. One of the oldest - and possibly deadliest - creatures. The entire city flew into chaos caused by the non-arcanists that saw it, while the arcanists had to fight despair and panic themselves in a hurried try to reinstate order - and to try and drive this force of nature away, which was still approaching very slowly, but every second seemed to go by faster.

    Silim managed to hang on, at first. Unlike most non-arcanists, his mind proved too stable and hard to eradicate - Walpurgisnacht could not use her appearance alone to erase him and replace him with only despair. His friends had less luck. One of them jumped off of a building while Silim was holding others back from killing themselves in a variety of ways, slowly going insane from seeing his closest friends try to end their lives - only the few arcanists in the group could still help him. And then, the familiars appeared, and the entire group was seperated in the parade of the hellish circus. That was the last time Silim ever saw his friends.
    And so, he started running. Running through a city that was slowly turning into hell. People dying left and right - by their own hands, because of familiars attacking them, or because of crazed arcanists that started attacking everyone without restraint. The big strength of Tartarus - the majority of the population being either arcanists or having latent talent - backfired. The few normal people died right away, and the ultimate defense against a normal army, the power of the arcane, had either gone insane by it, or were now roughlessly attacking the familiars.
    The few that kept their senses and went after Walpurgisnacht had it even worse, though. The creature was more powerful than any of them, even combined. The city suffered under the battle even in structure - Silim was thrown around on floating buildings and collapsing roads more during that day than a pinball.

    And in a single day, Tartarus died. It was as simple as that. Everyone died, one way or another... everyone but one person, a person that finally broke under all of the psychological stress that Walpurgisnacht spread. The old Silim died - his mind completely shattered. Only fragments remained. And so, Walpurgisnacht left, leaving behind only one breathing human... One that had also suffered incredible physical trauma, and was buried mostly under the rubble of what may have once been a building.
    And this is where the current Silim had his first memory. Through half-open eyes, in the setting sun of the evening, a ruined city, smoking rubble and the smell of death setting in. It was nearly his last memory, as well. Only one other living being entered the city right as Walpurgisnacht left, and to this day, Silim can't remember how exactly it looked. Only that it reminded him somewhat of a cat. That creature found Silim, buried under rubble, with a mind that did everything but function properly now - he didn't even have a sense of self anymore. The cat-like being said something to him. He was of no use. And then, the cat thing slowly walked away. That moment was when a will formed within the shattered mind of Silim - a single desire. The will to live. And with that will, and with the desire to face the world - the desire to find himself - a power was born from a fragmented mind. Silim was reborn as the last survivor of Tartarus - and obtained the power of the Persona, saving himself with the power of Orpheus.
    Still, the wounds would've killed any normal human or arcanist, seeing as how Silim had just somehow survived an encounter with Walpurgisnacht. But he didn't allow himself to die. When he was about to bleed out, only shielded from the elements in the ruins of the city by Orpheus, he refused to black out and sealed his wounds with fire. When broken bones made it impossible to find food, he used Orpheus to create braces and to get food. His memory was completely eradicated - he didn't know where he was, or why this city was in ruins. But he knew his name - Silim Savertin. His instinct gave him the will to live, and his fragmented pieces of the mind the knowledge of how to speak - he could still 'function', but he was completely 'empty'.

    When finally someone from a country investigated the sudden drop in communication and trade with Tartarus, they found only ruins, and not a single survivor. Silim had already left, a few weeks after his survival. The name of the city was all that he could find out before leaving - nobody has uncovered the mystery of what exactly destroyed it until this day - not that Silim could tell them, he had no memory of the events anymore.

    The destruction of Tartarus and the appearance of the 'lone survivor' of Tartarus are by now roughly 1 year in the past. Silim has turned into a drifter, appearing all over the globe at one time or another. The emptiness within his heart is his motivation to keep going - to find the 'truth' behind the 'truths'. A good starting point to actually understanding the real truth behind his past, he figured he'd first have to understand himself - and with that, understand the arcane power within his body. Traveling to Colburn in Arcadia to study at the Rydian Academy, possibly the only place in the world where there'd be any information on the 'Persona' magic.

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