Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2]


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    Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2] Empty Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2]

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    Elven Template


    Name: Aeltril Eyllisghymn (first name meaning both knight and dancer)
    ALIAS:  Avenger
    Gender:  Female
    Age:  57
    Height: 5'11
    Weight:  143

    Personality:  The Avenger.  A legend.  The foe no one wishes to face.  She has done nothing short of making a name of herself, yet only as a legend.  A Dark Elf, clothed with no regard for protection, carrying a slim but brutal blade.  One might think she is a monster, some might think she is a hero.  Really, she is just a rather lackadaisical elf who mostly does things because, frankly, she hopes that she can GAIN some of the enthusiasm she lacks.  Yes, she is typically bored and doesn't feel like doing much.  However, she doesn't WANT to be like this.  She wants some enthusiasm for what she does (whatever it is that makes her enthusiastic) and she wants reasons to get up and move.  She'll go on a quest out of boredom, she'll play hero out of boredom, and quite frankly she hates it.  She wants a reason to wake up and go "I want to find pleasure without all of this boredom getting in the way."  Her kills were out of boredom, yes.  However, those she kills give her a reason usually.  Whether the logic is twisted or not remains to be seen.

    Aeltril doesn't believe in honor and her sense of morals is dim.  She's better than some people.  She won't randomly kill people, and she doesn't really oppress people when she has the chance to walk all over them.  Yet still, her morals are skewed.  Someone hinders her, she often will just kill them.  If they hinder her and she CAN'T blame them, then maybe.  She does help people, but more often than not she has her own interests at heart.  Things she faults other people for, she might do herself and JUSTIFY it by not being remotely as bad as the person she criticized.  Someone has tons of money and gives her a reason to "not be averted to wronging them" she'll just take the money, possibly from a corpse.  She'll negotiate with those others call scum because it may "be less annoying to deal with."  Fact of the matter, she wants pleasure.  She's only better than scum because she goes to less lengths for it, and to an extent she WILL help people in need without an ulteior motive.  At least she thinks so, so far every time she helps someone she's trying to stave off boredom.

    Aeltril doesn't have friends because most people are either too "extreme" for her or she is too "extreme" for them.  She is strangely in the middle of the worst, the best, and the average.  She may simply be chaotic neutral in action.  Good people don't like how loose she is with her search for pleasure and willingness to kill people.  Evil people and general assholes can't get along with her because she thinks they always manage to take it one step too far.  She's alone as a result.  Maybe it's better that way.  She travels and doesn't have to slow down or speed up.  She interacts for short periods, and leaves.  Maybe there will be a time where it is less annoying to be around someone for an extended period, but that remains to be seen.  Hopefully someone who gets attached to her won't find her growing bored of them.  She would feel terrible about it...but she also wouldn't.  She would feel for them, but most people can find someone else.  Unlike her.  At least mentally that's how she feels.



    Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2] 0a78ccd71c9b8549_zpswlp0dy84


    Racial Ability: Night Vision

    Type: Earth

    Avenger:  There is a reason Aeltril is known as the Avenger.  Her Anima does not manipulate the elements on the outside.  Rather, it is entirely internal.  Earth is solid, Earth does not simply crumble.  When one tries to destroy earth, it always seems harder the more they try.  That is Aeltril in a nutshell.  She is quick, and she is strong.  Her pure skill with her sword and strength alone often enough to beat many a foe.  However, her true strength comes when they are able to injure her.  Her anima condenses and expands.  It slows and it rushes.  Her entire body becomes energized.  Put simply, every wound placed upon her will be avenged.  Every hit she takes, her anima accelerates within.  Her muscles strengthen, and yet become more limber.  No she doesn't exactly become faster, but she hits harder and harder with every injury.  Near death this is a woman who can wreak untold havoc with nothing but physical blows.  She cannot be contained.  This power applies until the moment she dies.  If she is starved, she'll die before this turns off.  If she's captured, she'll struggle until she hurts HERSELF and breaks free.  The only stop for her is sealing her anima within, which most human seals fail to do.  She will smash walls, and bring down buildings if given a minute, once she's hit critical mass.  You kill her, that is your choice when she is your enemy.  Kill her or run.  When her strength spikes and she begins her waltz of blades, sometimes it's safer to just back off.



    Sword:  Aeltril doesn't have a name for her blade.  It is a solid, strong, and somewhat frightening blade that usually gets the job done.


    Blade Goddess:  Yes a slight exaggeration.  People who have "seen her and lived" compare it to a goddess, but really she is just exceptionally skilled with a sword.  She doesn't follow some formal style, yet she may as well seeing as she can fight and counter many styles.  She doesn't know counters off of knowledge though, but rather instinct.  This means that more unorthodox styles might be a little rougher on her, but she should manage.  The one thing she can't do is reliably handle a mage.  Sure, Avenger kicks in and she can one shot most mages, but she has no safe way to gap close.  If she gets hit while injured enough to reliable "one shot" she's probably going down.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History:  Aeltril does not remember much of her childhood besides one thing, boredom.  She never laughed as a baby, and as she grew up in her clan she still never seemed amused.  Her life in the clan was unimpressive, what was was her departure.  She had found a sword in the forest years before, but kept it to herself due to her clans usual customs.  However, when a group of bandits found their clan, things were different.  She thought it was exciting, so she tried to play the hero.  She was easily shoved aside each time, not taken seriously.  Every time they threw her to the side though, she became more and more injured.  Every time, the bandits seemed to have more trouble.  Eventually though, they caused her to suffer a deep gash from a branch on the ground.  From there, she picked up her sword (which she had brought out) and suddenly they couldn't match her in strength.  This was her first sign of her avenger power.  After this rush though, she felt even more bored than usual.  She was a hero, so her clan did attempt to fix the problem, but to no avail.  Eventually she determined that to get that rush she had to go out and find it.  Thus, she left her clan in hopes of finding some form of amusement, something that made her able to say she wasn't bored.

    The more she traveled, the more her morals loosened.  She kept some of what her clan taught her, but she began to go out.  Her attempts to find amusement slowly loosening the binds that morality had on her actions.  Never loosing all morals, but being more open and not restricted by honor, her attempts to gain amusement had limited success.  However, it wasn't enough.  She didn't have anything she loved doing.  She didn't have a passion.  Just a desperate run for pleasure.  Over time though, her attitude made her into the legend she is known as.  She was not above killing people, and in fact if they had something she wanted and gave her a good excuse, she'd kill them for it.  She has accumulated a nice chunk of change as a result.  To some she is a hero who saved their village from insert threat here.  To some she is merely a good fight to be challenged.  Still, she continues to travel, desperate to find the tools needed to finally have fun.

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~
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    Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2] Empty Re: Aeltril Eyllisghymn [APPROVED, 2-2]

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