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    Aria Grand Flag_zps9bonunxw

    Aria Grand

    Aria Grand is among the top three strongest and most popular guilds throughout Arcadia. Their guild hall is located just a few yards from the main gate into Outer Aria, so they're set right along with the rest of the market area. The guild hall is large and upon entry is the main room, where people drink, eat, talk, and find jobs on the request board. There is also an infirmary off down a side hall and multiple rooms that can be rented up stairs. Here is a map to show the guild hall's layout:

    Guild Hall, First Floor:

    Aria Grand Guild%20Hall%20First%20Floor_zps8ix1jyba

    Guild Hall, Second Floor:

    Aria Grand Guild%20Hall%20Second%20Floor_zpsweuf3yvp

    Location: Aria

    Aria Grand Rules

    • Whether Arcanist or not, you are welcome at Aria Grand.
    • All members wear the Aria Grand symbol, as shown in the flag above.
    • All members must abide by Arcadian Law, whether in or out of the country.
    • Revealing sensitive information is grounds for expulsion.
    • Harming your fellow guild members is ground for expulsion.
    • If you're working with a team, you split the reward evenly. Pets do not count.
    • To officially join Aria Grand, you must have proven yourself to a member and received a recommendation of some sort. It's not that hard. Be nice.
    • When taking on a request, you can do what you are qualified for, but just because there is a level 2 request, doesn't mean you're up for the task.
    • Be smart and team up with people if you need to, or take a easier request.

    Aria Grand Traditions

    • The annual Grand Festival takes place at the beginning of each year. It consists of games with prizes, contests, firework shows, a night parade, and a buffet.
    • Every year at the start of August, there is a different test to allow guild members to climb in the ranks. The test is always different and extremely difficult.
    • On June 21 there is a guild-wide party, celebrating the creation of Aria Grand

    Aria Grand Requests

    • Requests come in from people around the world, but mostly Arcadia, asking Aria Grand to fulfill a job for them.
    • The members of Aria Grand are often requested to do jobs that aren't easily done if the job request comes from farther away.
    • the job comes from in-town or near by, it is because the request is needed to be completed quickly. For example, a store owner lost their employee and needs a replacement until they can hire another one.
    • There are 5 levels of requests. Levels 2 to 5 are requests that can be completed easily or by groups of Apprentice/Novice level members. Level 1 requests are hard enough that they require a Master or Grand Master level guild member to complete it.

    Aria Grand Rankings

    • There are four ranks in Aria Grand: Novice, Apprentice, Master, and Grand Master.
    • Grand Master is obtained through inheritance, after the current Guild Master has moved on. It has little to do with strength, but these people tend to be strong.
    • Master is the highest rank and these members can take on any request.
    • Apprentice is the most common ranking, given to any member willing to do requests, but they must stick to Level 2-5 requests.
    • Novice is the lowest ranking, given to those who have just joined and have less than five requests under their belt.

    Aria Grand Guild Members

    Guild Master: Juliette Kenward (Serenity)

    Master Level Guild Members:
    Lillianna Cascella (Serenity)

    Apprentice Level Guild Members:

    Serenity Verdant (Serenity)
    Joan Lambourne (Tsubine)

    Novice Level Guild Members:

    Application For Guild Membership

    Character Name:
    Rank Wanted:
    Years Put In: (If your character is not new, how long has he/she been a member?)
    Character Application:

    [u][b]Application For Guild Membership[/b][/u]

    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Rank Wanted:[/b]
    [b]Years Put In:[/b] (If your character is not new, how long has he/she been a member?)
    [b]Character Application:[/b]

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    Application For Guild Membership

    Character Name: Joan Lambourne
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    Years Put In: 2 years
    Character Application:
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