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    The Invisible Knights Empty The Invisible Knights

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    The Invisible Knights InvisibleKnights2
    The Invisible Knights is a guild of those who wish to serve and protect Arcadia to their last breath. To the knights that make up the Invisible Knights, Arcadia is a pure, proper land that needs protection that the Arcadian Defense Legion can not provide alone. The Invisible Knights only take jobs that protect people or property. They do not take rescue missions, nor search missions. The Invisible Knights are there as stalwart defenders of the beautiful land of Arcadia. Their guild hall is the castle known as Scarwood Hold.

    Scarwood Hold
    Scarwood Hold is equivalent to a small town nowadays. It has many buildings and it expands every couple of years. They keep a couple of rock-based Arcanists around to move and extend its walls. All of Scarwood Hold is populated by the Invisible Knights and their families. Service in the Invisible Knights seems to almost be a generational tradition. It is located two miles south of Ardale on the sides of the Sharbilnarg Highlands. It is built on the side of a mountain cliff, and the city has a river that runs through it and over the cliff. At the center of the river right before the waterfall begins, there is a large circular platform that is used for all sorts of ceremonies. The actual guild hall for the Invisible Knights is situated above the town and houses. It is a three-story monstrosity that has a wide space for meetings in the middle.

    Honorable Traditions

    • All weddings are held on the circular platform in the river that runs through the city.
    • To advance to the rank of Chevalier, members must jump off the waterfall that is at the edge of the city. They may not use magic to cushion their fall, but must instead rely on the other members to save them.
    • On August 1 of every year, the members dye the river purple to celebrate the founding of the guild
    • Duels are not only allowed, but encouraged. They are not only a test of strength, but a bonding exercise.

    Chivalrous Rules

    • All members of the Invisible Knights must own a full suit of armor. They do not have to wear it, but they must own it.
    • All members of the Invisible Knights are required to carry a ceremonial longsword at all times. The longsword is identical for all members, and it has the crest of the Invisible Knights placed on its hilt. This allows the members to use their swords as a signet ring for sealing wax.
    • All humans who have not committed a violent crime against Arcadia are welcome. To join, one must swear loyalty to Arcadia and the Invisible Knights.
    • Rewards are to be split with regards to personal rank and mission rank. If a high-ranked member takes an easy job, they will take a pay cut. That cut will be split among the lower-ranked members. On a team-based mission, pay is equal.
    • Killing another guild member without just cause is tantamount to treason and the member is excommunicated from the Invisible Knights. The last two fingers on their dominant hand are also cut off.
    • All members must abide by Arcadian Law while in the country. While outside, they are to follow both Arcadian Law and the law of the land in which they travel.

    Knightly Ranks
    Chevalier d'Eon: This is the guild master and highest-ranked member of the Invisible Knights. It has been a title passed down the McLelland line for generations. He also acts as the de-facto mayor of Scarwood Hold.
    Chevalier: These are the highest-ranked members of the Invisible Knights, and are also the strongest and most trusted members beside the Chevalier d'Eon. They act as advisors to the Chevalier d'Eon. They are given suits of full armor custom-made for them with the insignia emblazoned on the chest.
    Knight-Commander: These are the members who are in line to be the next Chevaliers. They are strong, brave, and act as team leaders for team-based missions. They are given shields with the Invisible Knights' insignia on it.
    Knight: This where the majority of the members are, as it encompasses most ranks that other guilds would have.
    Squire: These are the members who have yet to earn their sword, and are just training to become members of the Invisible Knights. Instead of a sword, they are given a dagger with the insignia on the hilt.

    Chevalier d'Eon: Vaughn McLelland
    Knight-Commanders: Magnolia Ross

    Application For Guild Membership

    Character Name:
    Rank Wanted:
    Years Put In: (If your character is not new, how long has he/she been a member?)
    Character Application:

    [u][b]Application For Guild Membership[/b][/u]

    [b]Character Name:[/b]
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    [b]Years Put In:[/b] (If your character is not new, how long has he/she been a member?)
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