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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Andrei Novak
    Nicknames: (Optional)
    Appearance Age: Early 40s
    True Age: 44
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 188lbs
    Andrei Novak [Approved; No Tier] 911

    Character Information

    Personality: There have been stronger Emperors than Andrei. There have been more charismatic Emperors than Andrei. There have been more handsome Emperors than Andrei. But none of them were all in one basket. Andrei is a man of power, and it shows. He walks around, caring only about what is good for his country and people. It is his duty to give the people what they want. And he will die doing that duty.

    Andrei dislikes Arcanists because he feels that they do not know what true strength is. Using the power of Gods is a cop-out in life. It doesn't matter how good you are with such power either. The appearance might be impressive, but it is still not something he cares for in the slightest. He will admit when something is eye-catching, and Andrei believes that the only thing magic can properly do is entertain people. That is why Andrei doesn't entirely dislike Arcanists who use their magic for entertainment purposes. But for combat? It's pathetic to him. Andrei is living proof that hard work can net you any beast's head. You don't need magic to kill a dragon. You need a strong blade and an even stronger will.

    Andrei finds those that have brought about change with their own hand worthy of respect. Those that only manipulate from behind the scenes without getting their hands dirty are worthy of only scorn. Unless they have something wrong with them (such as missing legs or a terminal illness), of course. Had there not been an "Eternal Edict" from the first Emperor, Andrei would have the names of Emperors who only manipulated from the shadows struck from the Imperial Records. He has made his views on the matter clear.

    Character Background: The Novak family has served as protectors of the Empire of Zakat for generations. They have always been prejudiced towards Arcanists. Their prejudice started when an Arcanist murdered an Emperor under their guard. The Arcanist did so to prove how powerless the normal folk of Zakat were compared to those that could wield the Arcane. The head of the Novak family slew the assassin, but they did not take the throne as would be the norm. He claimed that because he failed to protect the Emperor, he wasn't worthy of it. The next Emperor, the former's advisor, knighted the Novak family, allowing them a more "noble" title. For generations since, the Novak family has served in the Imperial Royal Guard.

    Andrei was the first son of this generation of the Novak family. His father was one of the few men of the Novak line that retired early, although not by choice. He was injured in an airship crash and lost one of his legs. Near the end of his life, the 24th Emperor, Reinhard Ozerov, retired Andrei's father so that he could "spend the rest of it with his family." This displeased Andrei's father, but an order was an order. Andrei was raised with the idea that the Empire was the most important thing to him. This, unfortunately, twisted the man slightly. Andrei was regarded as an "almost annoyingly patriotic" student. Although he never got into a physical fight, Andrei would defend the Emperor from any false accusations, even minor ones from his classmates.

    Andrei was sent to a military academy at 10, and from then on he trained to be an officer. He quickly became a 'squad leader,' and was in charge of about 10 students. He did his best to lead them, and he did it well. He was a natural leader, and he would only leave a man behind if a situation was too dire to save them. Andrei was seen as cold and calculating, but he made sure that his men would be fine. Losing a bit of his humanity in the process was no big deal to him.

    While in the academy, he met the woman of his dreams. Her name was Tatiana Lubkov. She was also enrolled in the officer's courses, but they were each leading competing squads. When it came time for the annual war games, Andrei made a bet with her. If he won, she'd go on a date with him. Andrei asked what her reward would be if she won. Tatiana said that he'd have to go on a date with her. The two had a fierce rivalry during the games, and actually broke a record on how long a single match went. They were each fantastic officers, and it wasn't until Tatiana made a decision to evac a wounded soldier that it went away from a stalemate. Andrei, on the other hand, pressed on. It should have been a sign then, but the two were young and in love.

    The two became a couple after Andrei won their match. They were a fierce teamup, and they could just easily read one another. It soon became time to graduate, and the two still didn't end their relationship. Tatiana ended up as a communications officer, while Andrei went into the Imperial Royal Guard. Andrei rose through the ranks under the rule of the 25th Emperor, Yulian Korovin. He was a faithful soldier, and he was soon appointed to the Emperor's personal detail. That was an honor Andrei was proud to have. It also saved the Emperor's life one day, as Andrei barely caught sight of a suspicious bag during a parade before it exploded. He shielded the Emperor.

    For his valor, Andrei was promoted to the Commandant of the Imperial Royal Guard. He was so proud of himself, and his father would have been too. Andrei and Yulian Korovin became close, and Andrei was apparently the only person who wouldn't let the Emperor win in chess or checkers. This pleased Yulian. Andrei and Tatiana also remained a couple during this time, and they eventually married. They even had two daughters—only two years apart from one another. Yulian saw how strong of a bond Andrei kept with his wife. This only further solidified his decision. In 492AE, Yulian Korovin brought Andrei into his personal chambers. Yulian told Andrei that he wished to pass the throne onto him.

    Andrei was baffled, but he eventually accepted the honor. Tatiana was thrilled as well, but also extremely concerned. She became distant for about a year, until Yulian died of old age. She then told Andrei that she was leaving him. He was destined for great things, and that she would just hold him back. She disappeared and hasn't been found yet. Tatiana left Andrei with the care of both of their daughters, both of whom were in their early teens by now. Andrei has never quite been the same after Tatiana left. He goes out on hunts of dangerous beasts for no apparent reason. He's slain dragons, dinosaurs, ogres, trolls, titans, and nearly slew a Sahirame. Some think that the reason is because he wants to prove himself to his missing love...


    Type: None.


    Equipment: These are just notable items he has. He has much, much more than this, being the Emperor and all. But listing all of that out would be ridiculous.
    Knightfall, the Sword of the Dragon: This is perhaps Andrei's most prized possession. It is a sword made with the bone of a Legendary Stone Dragon. It is incredibly durable, even more than any of Andrei's other swords. Andrei also has a pair of short swords also made of the dragon's bones.
    Andrei Novak [Approved; No Tier] Knightfall
    Sahirame Plate: Andrei has a set of full plate armor made from the scales of a Sahirame. The armor is incredibly durable and resistant to heat that Andrei might as well have a flame dragon as a shield.

    Strike Gauntlets: While moving about the populace, Andrei is armed with a pair of gauntlets that are a marvel of Zakatian technology. The gauntlets house a secret whip-like sword that is kept within a storage compartment until Andrei balls up his fist. When he does, the lock is releases that blade can extend outward.

    Chest Plate: Andrei has a piece of Sahirame plate with steel reinforcement attached to his chest, right on his heart. It can be removed by removing the surgical screws that keep it in place, but it is effectively a permenant bulletproof vest that covers his heart.

    Weapon Skill: This is a man that could have killed the Sahirame without a single Arcane Weapon. He has killed multiple dragons (including a Legendary [although it cost him an eye and nearly his life] class). He has not once been defeated in a duel in the past 10 years. He is most proficient with use of a sword (his prefered method of slaying beasts).

    Master Tactician: Andrei is perhaps one of the best minds the Empire has when it comes to tactics. He has changed certain military doctrines even, just so that his tactics work better. The man is nigh-unbeatable in chess.
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    Agility: 45
    Durability: 45
    Endurance: 55
    Speed: 30
    Strength: 50

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