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    Edward vi Cieria [Approved; 2-1] Empty Edward vi Cieria [Approved; 2-1]

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    Elder Dragon Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Edward vi Cieria
    Alias: Edward the Wanderer
    Nicknames: Ed (friends), the bard (strangers)
    Appearance Age: 25-30
    True Age: ~40
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1,75m
    Weight: 85 kg
    Dragon Class: Ordinary
    Dragon Appearance:
    Edward vi Cieria [Approved; 2-1] Lunar

    Edward's scales have a beautiful shining grey hue to them. Thanks to the dim color, he looks rather unimpressive (for a massive elegant dragon) in daylight, but at night, he seems to almost glow with an inner light from his reflective scales. Besides their soft self-glowing nature, they're, as to be expected, incredibly hard and durable, so much so that some of the longer scales protruding out from his body are almost weapons themselves.

    Humanoid Appearance:
    Edward vi Cieria [Approved; 2-1] 5EG1ujK

    Character Information

    Personality: Edward is an easygoing, friendly and sociable guy - as to be expected of a bard. He knows how to spin a tale, sing a song and play an instrument all at once - his ability to get even the grumpiest people to smile is amazing. Of course, this incredible friendliness and open attitude are partially just simple acts - being friendly gets you more payment as a traveling minstrel. In reality, he doesn't let many people know what kind of person he really is, and has his own fair share of secrets hidden from everyone. For one, he NEVER talks about his family - truthfully, at least. He may very well spin an insane lie to cover up his actual family, especially his younger brother. He also keeps his entire past a secret, always only telling lies about what he has done, even if it is only as far back as one week.

    As one might guess, Edward is a drifter. He feels drawn to the sky and to the road, always traveling from one place to the next. In each new place he visits, he makes sure to learn local legends, folk tales and songs - all to expand his own reservoir of them, often inventing new legends by combining a few old ones. And maybe, just maybe, he also is part of some legends as a grey dragon. The fact that he is an Elder Dragon is something he generally keeps a secret, so it is also no surprise that he has never had a single student and certainly doesn't plan on taking any at any point in the near or far future. Admitting to being a giant flying lizard seems counterproductive to being a wandering bard to him personally.

    Thanks to his constant lies and penchant to never stay in a single place for long, Edward doesn't have a mind for romance. He was never a romantic, even before becoming a metal dragon, but now he is even less inclined to be interested in love or even just the pleasures of the flesh. As a flashy bard, he of course still flirts like a madman and leaves a few maidens with broken hearts, but never brings it too far (or to the bedroom for that matter), so that he can be told about as a dashing, harmless and handsome man traveling the lands. He's definitely a bit vain about his reputation, trying to not have a terrible one.

    To actually get to know Edward better, one would need to manage to get under his skin WITHOUT causing him to just pack his things and leave. One particular weakness is his incredible hatred for alcohol - he never drinks any, thanks to having been an alcoholic for years before getting rocked out of that stupor by turning into a giant flying lizard. But what he hates even more than alcohol, which he knows can help people cope sometimes or simply have fun, are drugs simply designed to give short highs followed by extreme desires for more... And, much like most Cierians, his dislike for slavery is IMMENSE. One of the few things he'll drop his silly act for and be deathly serious about is fighting against either those preying on the weak or slavers.

    Character Background: Not everyone is destined for greatness... And not everyone is like their siblings. Edward is the second child of three, and the elder brother of the current duke of Cieria. With that, he's also one of two remaining members of an ages old clan of Elder Dragons, which were cursed many generations ago to be stuck in their human forms - so long ago, in fact, that none of them even knew that they were Elder Dragons in the first place, since the seal also disabled all of their abilities.

    Before the journey that should result in Jilocasin becoming the next duke, their family was target of quite the disaster. As the second brother, Edward had taken up beast taming - he was never the best at it, but did an adequate job with the beasts his father and older brother caught. One of the many reasons he never became a true master was probably his like of strong drink. The tragedy came in the form of a hunt gone bad, resulting in the death of both his father and older brother. Without an influx of new beasts to tame, Edward was now a nearly completely jobless tamer, faced with the depression over that fact and the loss of his family, he dove even deeper into alcohol and other substances. When his younger brother left on a journey, Edward didn't even notice at first.

    The next months are a haze in his memory at best. Stumbling from debts into other debts, questionable jobs and illegal dealings, Edward separated himself completely from his family and disappeared from the face of the world, seemingly. Dulling himself to the emptiness that was filling him as much as he could, the descend of his mind only stopped when his brother finished his quest... And in doing so, unknowingly broke the curse on his family line.

    Suddenly having the constitution of a dragon, Edward found himself awake in some city in Zakat, in an alleyway, with the worst hangover of all time - but what was worse, a strange power was now dwelling within him. Stumbling out of the town only barely, the power welling up inside of him overwhelmed him... and as his flesh started to shift, his skin hardening into many scales and wings breaking from the back, the roar of a metal dragon was heard.

    Fleeing through the air, Edward had one hell of a time getting the hang of his wings while still having a huge hangover... But as it slowly came to an end, he realized what had really happened here. He was... a dragon. Any child in Cieria knew the story of the old dragon king who was cursed to walk the realm as a human... but who could've known he was a descendant of that fairytale king? And how had the curse suddenly broken? Using the advantage of now being able to fly, he made his way back towards Cieria, beginning to enjoy the rush his new body and suddenly awakened arcana gave him, for nobody in his family had ever been able to use the arcane arts before.

    It still took Edward some time to get back home, and also a few days to really figure out how to reverse his transformation in the first place. When he finally mingled with his countrymen again, he found out the big news: His younger brother was actually the duke of cieria now. That would make Edward into Edward vi Cieria - but that was a prospect he wasn't actually thrilled by. While his brother had been off becoming a hero, he had drunk himself into a hole, and he was still a pathetic mess of a man. Deciding to let his family continue thinking he died while he still had some dignity left, Edward decided to do like his brother did, and travel - but not only through Cieria, but through the world. As a wandering minstrel, he'd learn of the world... And become able to understand it eventually, to figure out his own place in it.

    Draconic Abilities

    Racial Abilities: Full-Flight - Even in human form, the Elder Dragon can fly. They do not have to have visible wings to do this. Normally an Elder Dragon could only fly in its Dragon form, this gives them the ability to fly in both.

    Dragon's Claw - This gives the Elder Dragon the ability to grow dragon claws at will while in their humans forms. These claws take on the same durability and strength as they would while they would be in their Dragon form.

    Element: Metal
    Elemental Abilities:

    • Metal Melding: When Edward touches any common metal, he can use his draconic magic to make the metal soft and meldable to his own fingers while it remains hard and durable to the outside world. Furthermore, by using more magic, he can create shapes that would be hard to do with only his fingers, basically transforming a metal object he touches into a different one. Be it a block of iron into a sharp cutlass, or the bars of a prison cell into a ball of metal in his own hand. He can pack metal more densely than normal, creating very heavy objects. Anything attached to the metal, such as handles of a sword, are left behind if he makes the metal flow away from them, and he can't manipulate those in any way. If Edward is in dragon form and a weapon strikes his scales, or if he catches them in his claws as a human, he can meld away their edges within moments and make them even less effective than they were before. Arcane items are immune to being melded in any way.
    • Metal Sense: Edward is capable of sensing nearby precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, from up to two miles away. He only feels a general location from a long range, but up close he'd be able to tell just how many gold coins someone has on them, for example.
    • Precious Absorption: By using his metal dragon abilities, Edward is capable of literally eating precious metals, even in human form. When eaten, these restore his arcana depending on their purity, and very pure ones will cause his body to heal, even from otherwise terrible wounds.
    • Ranged Influence: By flinging his invisible dragon arcana outward, Edward grasps metal objects in close vicinity and commands them from a distance to perform basic actions, such as raising a portcullis, shooting a spearhead at someone or even ripping at someone's sword to disarm them. A prepared opponent won't be disarmed by this ability, and someone strong enough can easily resist the pull as well. Quite useful for inexperienced or surprised enemies, though.
    • Strengthening Infusion: Edward can add his draconic arcana to a forged metal object to strengthen it. This even works on arcane items, since it reinforces the original base object, but can't affect arcane manifestations, since those have not been made out of an original item. The strengthened item will be as hard as metal dragon scales for armor and metal dragon claws and teeth for weapons, granting a huge durability and deadliness boost for five posts. This also works on other metal objects, such as chains, to make them harder to break. Void Steel is excluded from this for obvious reasons.
    • Mythical Smithing Trigger: As a metal dragon, there are a few rare metals in the world capable of still hurting Edward. These are nearly all incredibly difficult to work into weapons... unless he assists with it. By infusing his draconic arcana into the ore throughout the entire process, Edward can allow even a journeyman to forge powerful weapons from rare metals, capable of piercing even metal dragon scales. As he is no smith himself and can't meld rare metals freely, Edward can't create such weapons on his own. Added to that, helping make weapons that could kill him requires a bit of convincing as to why it could be a good idea - but it is one of the few ways to make sure that a legendary blade becomes a legendary blade, and not an oversized, ruined letter opener.
    • Metal Blood Blessing: Edward can even imbue his blood with special power. By allowing a weapon to cut him in dragon form, which requires a very good weapon in the first place to make it possible, he makes his dark grey blood flow over the weapon and infuses part of his essence into it. That weapon will, from then on, be enchanted against draconic foes of any kind, not only metal ones, allowing it to cut through any dragon scales and withstand claws and teeth from draconic foes. Furthermore, the weapon will be nearly indestructible, and always as sharp as it could logically be. As this is a permanent enchantment, it will replace any previous enchantments on the weapon, if it had any, making it impossible to add the blessing in addition to previous enchantments. Weapons blessed in this way will never reflect light again in a brilliant manner, and appear as a dull grey weapon despite their newly acquired strength.
    • Metal Dragon's Breath: In both forms, Edward can take in a lot of air at once to then exhale a storm of small, sharp metal pieces, like a shrapnel blast. Since the metal used by this attack was created through arcana, it disappears after a few hours without trace, or sooner if hit with a strong dispelling effect.


    Arcane Manifestation Appearance: Not chosen yet
    Arcane Manifestation Abilities: N/A
    Skills: Edward isn't exactly a warrior, but he knows how to use his claws to defend himself when push comes to shove. He relies on his claws, and can't wield a weapon properly to save his life, though he might carry one to keep up appearances. Thanks to his metal bending abilities, Edward is fond of using every bit of metal in his vicinity to his advantage, and is more of a trickster than a straight up fighter when it comes down to exchanging blows. He also lacks the endurance for longer fights.

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

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    Agility: 25
    Durability: 65
    Endurance: 15
    Speed: 25
    Strength: 25

    Energy Control: 30

    Adept Level

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: Please put "ordinary" as dragon class and we're done. After you've put in your skills, I'll check the math and move to approved.
    Tier: 2-1
    Skill Rank: Adept (90 to spend)

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