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    Cieria Empty Cieria

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:49 pm

    Cieria CieriaFlag



    Present Time Cieria: 500 A.E.

    Cieria is a territory in a very dangerous location known for its exotic beasts and oil exports.

    Adjective form: Cierian

    Approx. Total Population: 82,000,000

    Lighthaven: Located at the Fellmoor River, on the border of the Pikilla jungle, lies the capital of Cieria. Even though one side of the city is open to wide plains, most fortifications of Lighthaven are directed towards the River and the Pikilla jungle on the other side, for it is home to some of the most fearsome beasts known. Most buildings in the city are built from the wood of the jungle, with the center and the palace being built from reddish stone with a slight green tint, which is usually found within the Howling Mountains. Trade over land conducted with Cieria usually funnels itself through Lighthaven, mostly used to export huge beasts and gigantic Pikilla trees that could not be transported per ship. The city is self-sustained and has a walled in harbor, but only heavy warships can travel among the river towards the Sea of Tears, thanks to huge beasts within the river and near the shore on the jungle's side. Fishing is conducted only within safe-zones near the city.
    Approximate Population: 18 million

    Almarc: The city located on Cieria's largest island serves as the main trading post with the outside world, but even reaching Almarc is difficult thanks to the Sea of Tears being quite aptly named. It keeps some heavy armaments, both magical and mundane, aimed squarely at the sea itself, not at any incoming ships. For the city easiest to reach in all of Cieria that is worth mentioning as a main city, it has only very light fortification - any invading force would probably find it the easiest target. Trade with multiple countries also makes Almarc the most open to all, with a magnitude of influences turning it into a culture mash. A research station in Almarc focuses on studying the Blighted Vale and other phenomena within all of Cieria - mostly because in the worst case scenario, Cieria only loses one island, instead of the entire continent. Unknown to most people, the army has multiple powerful arcane and mundane bombs placed under the entire city, and it can be blown up on the command of the Duke in dire situations.
    Approximate Population: 12 million

    Barrinston: Some say no city in the whole world is further south than Barrinston. Originally built as a research station for arcane phenomena thanks to the often appearing aurora in this part of the land, it later expanded rapidly thanks to both the formation of Cieria's new schools of magic in the area, and the growing trade with nevermelt-ice, which is only found in this part of the glaciers. Trade with the rare material is strictly regulated, and a garrison of young knights test their mettle here by fighting against smuggling.
    Approximate Population: 8 million

    Fayham: Located where the Dragon River goes into the Dragon Lake, Fayham is a heavily fortified city despite not being near any other country. War-beasts of Cieria are trained here, as well as their elite knights, making it a military city first and foremost. But even without that, the city requires heavy fortification, for the Dragon River and Dragon Lake both often attract evil dragons - Fayham is one of the few cities with enough fortifications, both arcane and mundane, to take on an Elder Dragon for any prolonged amount of time. Furthermore, mountain beasts captured within the Howling Mountains are transported along or on the river into Fayham, before caravans transport them either to Lighthaven for export, or transfer them into training installations. Fayham is also the central marketplace for the rare Cierian Marble, red stone with a slight green tint, which was used to construct the palace of the Duke within Lighthaven.
    Approximate Population: 15 million

    Orhill: Possibly the only long-standing city within Uriyah Desert, a hostile and dangerous place. As ancient magics wreaked havoc across Cieria, this once green area was transformed into one of the hottest areas in the world, only surpassed by active volcanoes. Deep underground, most of Orhill lies hidden - besides drilling for oil, this place also houses many storage caverns and tunnels, creating a huge network that stores a majority of the heavy armaments of Cieria. As one might guess, military presence here is high, and without a guide, you can wander into the tunnels and never find your way back quite easily. Some tunnels lead to the surface, to long dried up oases or even to the border of the desert... and some tunnels lead deeper into the earth. Some tunnels are undocumented, and go so deep that nobody knows where they might end - if they even have an end.
    Approximate Population: 12 million

    Vailor: Located near the Vale of Omens - and very near to the Blighted Vale - Vailor is actually one of the major places of agriculture within Cieria. Only few giant beasts roam these lands, thanks to their natural fear of the Blighted Vale. A safe distance has to be kept from the border of said Vale, even leaving some possibly serviceable areas unused for agriculture - but for good reason, for any food that has the corruption of the Blighted Vale within it can kill a human within hours. Said rules are heavily enforced by the garrison, which also has the duty of keeping the abominations from within the Blighted Vale away from civilization. A small hunting guild within Vailor organizes great hunts in the Forest of Thorns, which is multiple days worth of travel from the city, but the closest location still considered safe. Even the hunters stay clear of the Tumunzah Crags, out of fear and respect.
    Approximate Population: 10 million

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