The Glory that is Brauk

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    The Glory that is Brauk Empty The Glory that is Brauk

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:44 pm

    The Glory that is Brauk S2trmc


    Brauk. Home to some of the harshest landscapes known to Aurora. An unforgiving nation of mountains, forests, deserts; a nation that is made up of hardy environments and an equally hardy people. The people of Brauk--Braukans as they are known--have learned to live off of the land, using everything at hand to survive. Brauk has a lot of difficulty providing for its people, as a good percentage of the nation is infertile and unsuitable for farming. This leads to them having a lot of import-export relations with other nations for food. They primarily export gems and precious metals, as well as providing a very large percentage of the mundane weaponry for all of the other nations' armies. However, the best weapons are easily held for the Braukan Military, which is a powerhouse and one of the largest standing armies in the world. They also have a powerful hold over the oceans around their shores, held by their military--colloquially referred to as the Maelstrom. To live in Brauk is to survive. And to survive in Brauk is to truly live.

    Present Time Brauk: 500 A.E.

    Adjective form: Braukan

    Languages: Common (English) and Braukan (Welsh)

    Approx. Total Population: 92,000,000

    Stonehold – Stonehold is the capital of Brauk. Built into a cavern within Highwall Peaks, the city is barely able to be considered above-ground. The entrance to the city and some of the residences are outside of the cavern, but most of it is inside. Most buildings are built into the cavern walls, creating wide streets and paths. This helps with the transportation of gold from the mine to outside. The city is known for its mining of gold and it exports the gold to other countries for their own monetary systems. The Granite Citadel is built within Stonehold.

    Deephelm – Deephelm is Brauk's second-largest city, but it is one of the most dangerous cities in the entire planet. Not because of crime, but because of how it is built. The city of Deephelm is built into the walls of a massive open-air pit cave that extends at an almost constant 90-degree angle. There are many bridges that cross the open abyss between the walls, which does make travelling quick, but it is still a long way to the bottom if someone fell. The chief export of Deephelm is the high-grade metals found throughout the walls of the cave. On nearly every level of the cave there is at least one mine shaft. There is even work at the bottom of the cave to see what kind of metals are at the end of the abyss.

    Jeralerd – Jeralerd is the largest of Brauk's above-ground cities. It is situated on top of a tall hill that is unique at the bottom, as it is shaped like a mushroom. The massive hill essentially has no complete foundation, but it is instead supported by massive natural stone pillars. This is because of floodwaters in the past that have since been dealt with. The city has a massive sprawling labyrinth of mine shafts for gem mining, its main export. Many of the shafts are natural, but there has been blasting work done recently to expand on those gem veins. The city is also called Brauk's cleanest, as the city itself has many glistening, tall buildings.

    Darkholm – Darkholm could be said to be the ‘entrance to Highwall Peaks’, and is a city situated just at the edge of these mountains. Getting pretty much anywhere in Highwall requires going through Darkholm, though their entrance limitations are pretty lenient for what they do. The city does not have many major exports, instead being the seat of a lot of Brauk’s overarching administration, such as transport and the like.

    Blackvale – Blackvale is situated in the center of the Blackdale Forest, near the Black River. Its main export is a special type of wood—Darkheart Wood can only be found on trees that grow in the Blackdale, and it is used for special constructions that require something with the strength of stone, but with the ability to float. It’s very useful for shipbuilding, as Braukan ships can withstand a lot more punishment than most.

    Empyrea – Empyrea is the trade capital of Brauk. It is here that most trade routes in and out of the country meet, and has the largest open-air market in the country. The city is run by various Merchant’s Guilds, with a leader that is picked from the leaders of each—the city has both land and sea ports for trading, and is probably the largest city in Brauk.

    Dreadmouth – Call it what you will; Dreadmouth is probably the safest place to be in Brauk in terms of general environment. Unfortunately, it is also the most crime-riddled place in the country. Theft and the like run rampant, as the city is the furthest away from any kinds of Braukan military or law enforcement. Except for, of course, the naval forces of Brauk. This is where the Braukan war machine builds its ships. The city itself is not lawless, mind you. It is also a huge fort.

    Verdan – Verdan is the most peaceful place in Brauk, and it shows. The greenery is fresh, and the atmosphere is clean—the city is mostly a keep with some small villages around it; the main reason that this place has been called a city is that it has direct sight of Cieria, and with it, a powerful defensible position in case of war.

    Braukan Political Views:

    Magic: Brauk has a very unusual view on magic. They see most magic users as particularly fluffy people who don't understand survival. To Brauk, magic is a tool and tools are used. Magic powers a lot of Brauk's primary technologies, such as their mining tools and a lot of their vehicles. Brauk is yet to gain flying machines that fly on their own power, save for one specific part of the nation--the Sea of Clouds.

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