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    Character Template


    Name: Alain Irving Maldoc-Ryence
    ALIAS: Blue Requiem
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 185 cm (6'0)
    Weight: 82 kg (180 lbs)

    Alain is resolute. Do not expect him to stop something he's doing because someone simply asks him to. He'll have to see the reason behind it. Or rather, he has to see someone is serious about it. For example, if he is smoking and someone asks him to put it out, he'll ask why. If it's because someone is having trouble breathing, yes, he'll probably put it out and apologize (if it is reasonable—if the person is yelling from across a park to put it out and using that excuse, he'll ignore them). If the person just doesn't like smoking, then he'll say for them not to start the habit. But he doesn't do it in the way that makes him seem like an ass. Or rather, it makes him look like the smartass he is at many times. He's smiling when he does stuff like that almost in a mocking way. And he'll continue to press at them as long as they press at him. If he pushes a button too far to where it might result in violence, he knows when to stop.

    Alain has a few bad habits. He doesn't drink much and never will get drunk. He has no real preference in terms of those types of things. He knows what he can handle and what he can't. But his very bad habit is that he does indeed smoke. Thankfully he isn't a chain smoker. He can go years without ever having one and has before. He generally only goes months, because he's only a stress-smoker. He only does it when his stress level somehow skyrockets. It's generally after he's "done something terrible." He never smokes indoors, the smell lingers too much. But not all of his habits are bad. When it starts to snow, he does not stay indoors. He always walks around in it. Something about those small, white flakes calms him even more than smoking ever could. And on rainy nights, he's probably not far away from a guitar, tuning it. He doesn't play much, but he does keep his in good condition. He also carves small things out of wood. They're rarely good or really of anything, but they keep his mind busy.

    Alain tries to do a lot of things himself. He doesn't hire an electrician or a plumber. No, he feels he can do it—or at least learn how to. He's the one the repairs his house. If a window breaks, he of course buys a window. But he installs it himself. He tends to the yard and keeps a small garden growing full of a blue flower he forgot the name of. He keeps a nice fire almost always going whenever he is at home, that way there's warmth in case some unforeseeable thing was to occur, such as a flash winter or a rain storm. There's only one thing he rarely, if ever, does himself, and that's cook. He tries to avoid getting into that situation by eating meals that don't require much, if any, preparation.

    Alain is a professor at Rydian Academy for the Arcane Arts. He is exceptionally proud of being able to serve students there as a teacher, and it's rare that the students aren't proud of having him as an instructor. He's not exactly strict, but he's far from relaxed. Because of his looks and personality, it's not uncommon for female (or the occasional male) student to fall into a state of hot-for-teacher. But of course, he tries to keep it strictly professional and rarely would date a student—although the premise isn't completely locked away. He focuses more on the practicality of something than the theory, putting him at odds with some other professors whose work drives solely on theory. He doesn't discredit theories, as they do have their place in developing better, more efficient ways of using Arcana. However, he believes that learning how magic works in actuality provides a better window than studying books. He also heads an intramural fencing club, which gets quite a few recognitions from even the Queen herself.

    Alain does not feel as though everyone can be saved. If that were true, he never would have had to spill as much blood as he has. There are those that, by their own choices, have only one path which is to be extinguished from this world by his fires of justice. He'd rather see people go to prison than be killed. He'd rather see them get a chance to redeem themselves, reform their lives. But not everyone can do that. Not everyone wants that. And because that... he feels he has to eliminate them. And Alain has killed. He has killed fifty members of his own species. But he does not regret it. No, he knows his actions were the right ones. If he didn't, a greater tragedy would have occurred. But do not think he likes killing. He hates every time he has to kill. He'll only kill when someone else's life is in danger. If someone charges at him with a knife? No, he will not kill them. If they hold someone hostage with a knife to the hostage's throat? His sword will be ready to dispense his cold, merciless justice. But again, he does not feel remorse over killing them. He can't spend time feeling bad about the people he's killed. Instead, he has memorized their faces, names, and crimes... all so he can clearly recite his sins as a man.  

    But violence isn't all his life. He's of course had his share of women in his life. All the ladies call him tree-top lover and all the men, they call him sir because of it. That phrase is essentially calling him the top-of-top, cream-of-the-crop. He wants whatever woman he is with to be twice as satisfied with their relationship as he is. But that isn't saying that if he's not satisfied with someone but they enjoy him that he'll stay with her as zero times two is still zero. He'd hate to sadden the woman who is in love with him by ending a relationship, but like his killings, it will prevent greater tragedy in the future. And that is not something he will ever want. That's why he's so hell-bent on making sure his partner is satisfied moreso than he is. He's a tragedy-writer, and he wants to hide her eyes from the obvious pain that would come. He can't cook, so don't expect breakfast in bed. He has horrible decoration sense, so don't expect flowers unless she specifically mentions what her favorite is. He has terrible sense in fashion, so don't expect jewelry or clothing either. But when she needs that shoulder to cry on. That hand to grasp. That sword to protect her. That smiling face to wake up next to every morning. That is what to expect from him.

    Even in this world, however, many women can't handle the fact that he's killed people. They see him as no better than those whom he killed. But he's not going to keep it a secret. No, that's not right. He can't lie to them about what lies in the depths of his heart, seeping into the cracks his life has caused. But he's also not going to go "Hi, I'm Alain and I've killed fiddy men." Partly because he's actually killed 48 men and 2 women, but mainly because it's not something that he should blatantly say right off. It makes him sound like he's proud of it. And he is far from proud of it. He'll try to keep it secret until he feels that her are at a certain 'trust level' before telling her. He'll warn them that what he is going to tell her is hard to hear. He won't tell her how he killed them, of course. He'll tell her brief details... where he was, who they were, and the basics of the crime they committed or were committing at the time. If she asks him to stop, he'll stop. It's not something easy to take in, so he'll do it however she wants it. If she wants to try to take it one go, okay. If she wants to take it one name a day, okay. It doesn't matter... as long as she understands he is not as good of a man as she may think he is.

    His list of victims:

    1. Cadiema Asoressi: attempted murder
    2. Pate Anthrn: attempted murder
    3. Korvas Bruvumon: attempted murder
    4. Dermot Sterling: attempted kidnapping
    5. Malcolm Killdarn: sexual assault
    6. Khahu Narrepp: attempted sexual assault
    7. Follnor Elneck: attempted murder
    8. Vasma Hendyker: attempted murder
    9. Nabyel Sho'skar: attempted murder
    10. Ido Rowan: kidnapping
    11. Bomaldan Keard: attempted kidnapping
    12. Anatoli Ilymaneviel: crime boss
    13. Ismael Marcellus: attempted murder
    14. Dante Salazar: murder & attempted murder & crime boss
    15. Hector Leif Fisher: attempted murder & sexual assault
    16. Flannagan Boone: attempted murder
    17. Walhainn Soris von Zarkonheinz: attempted sexual assault & sexual assault
    18. Neal Gaylord Ellis: kidnapping
    19. Dmitri Aleksandrovich: crime boss
    20. Ron Edward Vaughn: kidnapping
    21. Fermin Chet Dejesus: MM
    22. Reina Kemmerer: MM
    23. Lorne Richards: attempted murder
    24. Iolanthe Bielli: attempted murder
    25. Vite Kasibhatla: attempted murder
    26. Stanton Weddleton: attempted murder
    27. Obidiah Oberlander: sexual assault
    28. Kamillah Cormier: attempted sexual assault
    29. Audy Svedrofsky: attempted murder
    30. Rey Vancil: sexual assault
    31. Levon Carpenter: attempted murder
    32. Alfi Schechtman: kidnapping
    33. Domenico Kluss: attempted murder
    34. Myrwyn Vegh: kidnapping
    35. Aloretrem Riniel: attempted murder
    36. Gaven Dendamas: murder
    37. Galirac Dendamas: murder
    38. Grendania Aciran: kidnapping
    39. Grelani Alealith: attempted murder
    40. Hugh Mauntell: murder & attempted murder & kidnapping & attempted sexual assault
    41. Edmond Monteacute: sexual assault
    42. Gilbert Foxe: attempted murder
    43. Reginald Spicer: attempted murder
    44. Stanislas Affricano: kidnapping
    45. Nikolaos Caperton: attempted murder
    46. Augie Piattoni: attempted murder
    47. Rey Vancil: attempted sexual assault
    48. Levon Carpenter: attempted sexual assault
    49. Alfi Schechtman: attempted murder
    50. Domenico Kluss: murder


    Appearance: Alain's outfit's main feature is the trench coat, long enough to reach his ankles. The trench coat is colored blue though the inner lining has a darker tone. Patterned on the trench coat's center front is a wide, black streak. The storm patches on both fronts is black with a white outline, triangular facing downward, in addition to a yellow button near the lower ends. There is a golden button on the opposite ends of the trench coat's labels, also on both sides. To compliment the shoulders are two yellow buttons. On the back side, there is a single storm patch roughly shaped in the form of the letter "V". The outer end is black, save for the white outlines on both vertical sides, while the inner end has a cyan color. Stretching just beneath this storm patch is another black streak which runs down the center to the end of the trench coat. From the waist down, there are cross-shaped white patterns. The trench coat is held up by a black belt with a gold-colored, rectangular buckle. Attached to it is a loose brown sash used to carry his sword. Beneath the trench coat is a long-sleeved white shirt, with a matching-colored ascot to compliment. There is a pair of blue pants and low-heeled, knee-high black boots with distinctive metallic rings.

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    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept25
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept26
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    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept30

    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept31
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    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept33
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept34
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept35
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept36
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept37
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept38
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept39
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Concept40


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Alain's magic is currently split into two forms—Blue Flare and Red Flare. Red Flare is him holding back, and what he uses to teach with. Blue Flare is him no longer holding back, his heart steeled for the combat that is to come. His magic is rare, although not limited to just him. The names for the forms are said to come from the original person who had this magic. It's said that his forms actually changed color, unlike Alain's, who currently only has blue as a color.

    Red Flare
    Red Flare is the basic form of Alain's magic. To put it in perspective, it is 10% of his power. Red Flare allows him to use just a fragment, but it is perfect for him teaching. The basic form of this that he uses as a demonstration is a sphere capable of fitting in the palm of his hand. It floats only slightly above his hand, his body's own Arcana pushing it away like a magnet. The sphere is a beautiful blue and looks like something man could not create. In response to that sentiment, Alain says "It may not look like that, but looks are deceiving." He then sticks a piece of paper into it. As it sinks, it is destroyed while it looks like it is doing nothing but fading inside. The sphere is not a single solid object but millions of tiny rings rotating like a gyroscope. Their speed is impossible to measure. And because of this, it becomes the world's most efficient grinder or shredder. With the paper, it only looks like it is sinking because the tiny fragments that are left are too small to be seen by the naked eye. He can do different shapes and sizes. He can't go too much over the size of a softball for a sphere, although he can make it as small as 1.5 mm  (one-and-a-half dimes' thickness) in diameter. He also can not launch the spheres or whatever the shape happens to be. He can actually stop the rings altogether (although not individually) and show his students that it is truly something so thin it looks two-dimensional. One of his favorite 'tricks' with that version is to actually make it look like crystalline flowers. It's surprisingly believable, although he never gives those flowers of destruction to anyone.

    However, his magic is not just destructive. With just a minor re-calculation, those rings become tiny threads. These threads are so tiny, he can temporarily sew a body part back on to the degree where even the nerves are re-attached. It can't last long, but it is more than enough to stabilize someone until they get to a hospital. He also has to keep his hand near that body part for it to stay together, else the threads will dissipate. With another recalculation, they bind together to become small ropes that can hold certain objects in place (perfect for when he's renovating his home).

    Blue Flare
    Blue Flare is, to his knowledge, the highest form of Alain's magic. It is 100% of his power. Unfortunately, Blue Flare is also that much more destructive than Red Flare.

    One of the scariest things about him in Blue Flare is the fact that those rings no longer really exist as rings anymore. Instead, they are the threads that he would once use to sew together. They can of course become rings again, but their true form is no longer that ring shape. When he initially releases Blue Flare, for two posts he is surrounded by an 'aura of flames' that 'burn' away everything around him. But it's not fire. No, it's those tiny threads waving about uncontrollably. This isn't because of something he wants even. Every time he releases Blue Flare, his brain has to readjust to controlling these threads. Until then, they follow him, vibrating, swaying, growing, and shrinking all whilst not under his direct control. When he does gain control of them, he still has his Red Flare skills, albeit tuned up to the full power that is Blue Flare.

    One of the abilities tied to Blue Flare, is what can essentially be called a gravity well. It's essentially a large, translucent bowl-like object much like his spheres. The difference is that things caught in it do not get ripped apart. Rather, they're slowed down if not stopped completely. The threads in here are no longer strong, but rather thin but tightly-bundled. It creates interference that naturally slows the velocity of something. It's not entirely effective as a shield to stop an attack, but moreso a way for him to avoid an attack. It's more effective against things like falling debris than a bullet as well.

    Another part of his power that is only available in Blue Flare is his ability to create a dazzling 'mark' upon someone. It looks like a tattoo, but it is more than that. A person with that mark is immune to his powers, or rather their destructive effects. They will not be ripped apart by it, but they can still be temporarily healed by it. There is another ability, which is that if whomever has it engraved on their skin feels they are "threatened," he will feel that. And if he can get there to where they are, he will. It automatically boosts his physical abilities to where he can get there at speeds or by ways he wasn't originally capable of. It doesn't do anything to him when he gets there, just while he's on his way. He doesn't give out the mark to anyone, as he never knows who may one day become a foe. But it is still there, waiting to be used.

    Said mark:
    Alain Maldoc-Ryence [Approved; 0-5] Mark

    White Flare
    Alain has not yet achieved White Flare. Who knows what kind of abilities this pure white would have...


    Equipment: Neither of these are Arcane Items.

    Caelo Arcem: Caelo Arcem sounds like a spell, but it is not. Caelo Arcem is the name of his sabre. The name roughly means "Heaven's Citadel." It is the castle from which judgement is cast and the sign of the stability of man. Its sheathe is dark blue and contains several golden colored straps over it. The handle is golden with a streak of blue fabric near the tip, which is adorned with a sphere that emits a green light when Alain is about to unsheathe the weapon. The sphere is connected to the sheathe; once it emits light, the lock on the hilt is released.

    Glasses: Surprisingly, Alain doesn't need glasses. But these aren't just for show. No, they basically act as a frame for his own Arcana to be focused. He basically puts multiple interference 'layers' of Arcana into the frame where the lenses would be. These glasses will never be scratched, but they can be broken. They'll never have water droplets on them, so he can always see clearly during rain. Simply put, it makes the path in front of him clear. The frames are nothing special at all.

    Handy: Door needs replacement? He can do it. Need to tighten the hinges on a cabinet? He can do it. Drain clogged? He can, albeit rarely will, do it. Simply put, Alain is just handy to have around the house.

    Professor of Arcanology: Being a professor at Rydian, Alain is exceptionally knowledgeable in the Arcane. He has published many papers on different Arcane subjects. He's also known to ad-lib some lectures, not going by the textbooks but his own knowledge instead. Aside from his knowledge, Alain has a great grasp at teaching. He'll make friends at times with students and make sure they feel comfortable with talking to them. He's not going to walk around, peering over his students' shoulders. He knows that it can be very intimidating and distracting. Instead, he's known to flick chalk at students who aren't paying attention. He doesn't mind a bit of idle chatter, so long as it doesn't go over his own voice. He also has the outdoor classroom reserved more than any other professor, much to the others' chagrin.

    Swordsman: Alain is also a master swordsman. He carries a sabre so he can quickly slice away with a single hand. However, he's good with not using the blade to incapacitate. He keeps the sabre locked in its sheath most of the time, using it more like a bat than a cutting instrument. He's also skilled in just 'teasing' with the sword, blocking and attacking without fully drawing it.  

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Alain was born in a Colburn hospital. His father, Alain Magnus Maldoc-Ryence, was a soldier and his mother, Helena Guinivere Maldo-Ryence nee Lachlann, did nothing but write novels and newspaper articles. The family home was a nice one in a small, well-to-do suburb of Colburn. It was a gated community set slightly away from the city on the edge of the water and the forest. Most of their neighbors were only there for half of the year, but there were a few that lived there year-round. Alain's parents were one of the few that stayed year-round. They had saved up a lot of money thanks to Magnus's paycheck and bought their dream home. It was the house farthest away from the main gate, but also one of the smallest houses. It was obscured from view of the other houses thanks to trees and overlooked the lake from a cliff. It wasn't necessarily high over the water, but there is a one-flight staircase that led to a boat landing.

    Alain grew up enjoying the private lifestyle. His mother helped teach him as they didn't have enough money to afford for Alain to go to the private school there. She was helped by another full-time neighbor, Cadiema Asoressi. Cadiema was a soldier much like Magnus, although he spent more time off-base than Magnus due to his position. Cadiema helped out around their house as well, since Magnus was rarely home. Alain learned most of what he knows about fixing a house from Cadiema rather than his own father, actually. He doesn't remember exactly when he first showed he had aptitude with the Arcane, but he does remember his mother being so happy for him when he did. Cadiema, too, was happy for the neighbor's child. But that's about when the trouble began.

    Cadiema was honorably discharged, striking away his only source of income. His skills were so specialized that he really had no other place to go than the military. He tried to get into jobs that he could do things like maintenance... but no one would hire him. He tried to get back into the military, but they said they were no longer looking for people with his sets of skills. He sunk deeper into depression. Helena helped him out occasionally, whether it be food or just money. Eventually, those little handouts were no longer enough. He found out he was going to lose his house, his possessions, everything in an audit because of tax errors unless he paid a ridiculous amount. In a rage, depression, and alcohol-fueled stupor... Cadiema went over to the Maldoc-Ryence house in the middle of the night. Helena answered the door, only to be pushed in. Magnus was not at home, unfortunately. If only he had taken that vacation day he wanted to...

    Cadiema pushed Helena onto the floor and into a wall, yelling at her about his problems. He started to punch the ground, cursing himself and the world. He then started to beg her for money. Or rather, he ordered her to give him the money. Of course, they didn't have the money to give him. He started to get more violent and louder, eventually waking a young Alain. The young boy awoke, seeing his neighbor striking what he believed to be his mother's face. Adrenaline set in. He grabbed something heavy... he doesn't remember what it was. He thinks it was something used for their fireplace. He charged, screaming "STOP HURTING MY MOM!" And whack. Cadiema's skull fractured from the impact, killing him instantly. Alain didn't mean to kill him, but he did. The police found that he had brought a knife with him, so they felt that he was probably going to end up killing Helena and possibly Alain... so they said Alain was in the right.

    Alain did not. Alain hated himself. The man who had almost been more of a father to him than his actual father was now gone, all thanks to him. His mother comforted him and Magnus took an extended vacation so he also could. Magnus said to him one night "What you did, I can't say it was right. I can't say it's what I ever wanted to you to do. But if you didn't... a greater tragedy will unfold. It may not be right... but if you can stop that greater tragedy, then I want you to." That didn't initially set in with the young Alain, but eventually it would. After getting the proper qualifications, he enrolled into Rydian, where he finally had a real chance at gaining skill with the Arcane. And when he took that chance, his potential was fulfilled. Alain was naturally 'built' for his Arcana, so he just needed that refinement that Rydian provided.

    Rydian also proved to be a good physical investment for Alain. He took up the sword while there, eventually being one of the two top contenders for his division in an Arcadia-wide dueling competition. The other was a beautiful blonde who would one day return to her homeland for greater things. He saw great potential in her in terms of the sword, thinking she'd be unrivaled one day. But he also saw how much she enjoyed her matches... and felt that one day she would be lonely because of her skill. He had a few years' experience with a sword more than she, but the two would always come to a draw. He graduated first, but only by a year. Sometime, whether it be during his time studying the Arcane or the way the of the sword, he decided that he wanted others to be just as interested in this as he is. So he decided to take the extra year of courses and become a professor there.

    Since becoming a professor, he's been sent out on many field assignments. Some archaeology team would find something related to the Arcane and Rydian would sent Alain in to see whatever it was in its natural form, before being removed or photographed and then sent to a museum or a laboratory. He travels quite a lot because of that, going places where man has not tread in many years...

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