BWS-3 "Dragon Slayer"

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    Name: BWS-3 "Dragon Slayer"
    Type: Giant sword. (weapon)
    Description: The BWS-3 is a massive weapon meant to pierce through creatures. The BWS-3 actually stands for "Big Weapon System 3." It towers over a normal human at a massive 2.1 meters (6'10). However, its massive size is for good reason. It is meant to get deep into the armor of certain creatures such as dragons. Once stabbed in, it has two extra handles meant to provide extra force to pierce deeper.
    BWS-3 "Dragon Slayer" BWS3
    Rarity: Uncommon, but you can buy it.
    Location(s) Found: Found somewhat worldwide.
    Notes: The unofficial nickname for it is the BFS-3.
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