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    Post by Serenity on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:28 pm

    Species Name: The Black Dragon, Endellion!
    Description: Endellion is what you would call an Ancient Legendary Dragon. He has seen years upon years of life, surpassing the age, size, and power of any other Dragon in existence. Endellion is a massive Dragon that reaches unimaginable heights, whose shadow is able to completely cover the city of Gireg. Though he is mostly mild mannered, he has been known to take his rage out on the first thing that comes into his sights. He seems to keep to himself most of the time and also seems to think of humanity as bugs beneath is feet. He does not acknowledge their existence until they have angered him enough to actually retaliate against them.
    #000 The Black Dragon, Endellion Cfb8402d-6922-451a-815c-fdae728e139c_zps1ddc5602
    Diet: Omnivore
    Rarity: 1, no others of this size or power are around.
    Intelligent: Unknown. With what seems to be scheduled attacks on Aurora, he often seems intelligent and as if he just hates human kind, but no one can be sure. Other Dragons are usually not considered "intelligent", but it's possible this guy is.
    Location(s) Found: Unknown. Seen approximately once every thirty years. (29 years since last sighting)

    Endellion has both of his arms and claws, his tail, his wings, and his teeth to fight with. Because of his massive size, he is no way near as fast as you'd think he would be. Having to move such a massive body is not the easiest thing to do, so even when flying he is not very fast.

    Dragon Scales: No normal blade can pierce Endellion's skin. His scales are thick and as hard as the strongest armor. His resistance to fire is one hundred percent. It is his element after all, why would it hurt him?

    Monstrous Strength: A single step that Endellion takes can shake the earth for two to three seconds. The amount of force behind one of his arms is bone shattering. A swing from his tail can topple an entire forest without resistance. His bite can tear through steel and if force is put behind it, it can destroy that same steel.

    Dragon's Breath Of Fire: What is a dragon without the ability to breath an element? Endellion's fire is as hot as normal fire, but what makes it so dangerous is the sheer amount that is fired off within one breath. The amount of force and pressure put into the power of a single breath of Endellion's fire. It is said that he once took out a town of over twenty thousand people in Brauk.

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