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    Dragon Fade Empty Dragon Fade

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:38 am

    Name: Dragon Fade
    Type: Disease
    Description: Dragon Fade is a disease that many don't know exists. It affects anything with draconic Arcana. This means that all classifications of dragons, Elder Dragons, and even Dragon Disciples. The disease works by harming the Arcana within them, twisting and corrupting it. While under the effects of Dragon Fade, their element is changed to something akin to Nether. It's a dark, dangerous, and downright evil energy. Breath attacks are a black, acidic fire that spreads like lava or molasses when it lands. It seeps through and corrupts their appearance. Blackness wraps around their body. Their scales change to a midnight black and become extremely reflective. The Arcana from the Dragon Fade seeps through like drool, but it is thick and black. No matter what, Dragon Fade changes their eye color to gold. The main effect of Dragon Fade is that while the disease is within their body, Dragon Fade destroys the mind. They do horrible, irrational things. All they crave to do is destroy, so the pain will stop. When it comes to an Elder Dragon or a Dragon Disciple, the disease becomes far trickier. They will feel a gnawing sensation to stay in their draconic form. It only goes away when Dragon Fade is gone or if they turn into their draconic form. Upon turning humanoid once more, the sensation returns.

    Rarity: Rare
    Location(s) Found: It seems to be spreading worldwide.
    Notes: It spreads through either biting or contact with saliva before Stage 7. When at Stage 7, its Arcana spreads the disease as well.
    Known Symptoms:

    • Frothing at the mouth (Applies to humanoid and draconic forms)
    • Visible and audible hallucinations (Applies to humanoid and draconic forms)
    • Irritability (Applies to humanoid and draconic forms)
    • Dilated pupils (Applies to humanoid and draconic forms)
    • Eye color change (Applies to humanoid and draconic forms)
    • Reflective black scales (Applies to draconic form)
    • Bloodshot eyes (Applies to humanoid forms)

    The stages of progression for the disease are as follows:

    1. Irritability (2-3 days since infection)
    2. Frothing at the mouth (6-7 days since infection)
    3. Bloodshot eyes (7-9 days since infection)
    4. Dilated pupils (9-10 days since infection)
    5. Hallucinations (13-14 days since infection)
    6. Scales become black and reflective, eyes change to gold (16-17 days since infection)
    7. Arcana Shift (19-21 days since infection)

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