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    Mikhail Zakrezsky [Approved; 0-5] Empty Mikhail Zakrezsky [Approved; 0-5]

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    Nothing but a scattered sun.
    Character Template


    Name: Mikhail Zakrezsky
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 186 cm (6'1")
    Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)

    Mikhail doesn't care. That's the best way to describe him. You need money? Doesn't care. You're going to be a father? So what? Your house on fire? Well aren't you special. Got a new horse? Neat. You're cut in half, bleeding out? No response. Mikhail has no sympathy or empathy for others. Why? Because they showed none to him. He's not one to "turn the other cheek," but one for "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." However at the same time, Mikhail... does have something of a care if you can call it that. Because he was not given that, it is logical to him that he shouldn't do the same. That's what his life is about. Logic. Mikhail does not do anything that is no logically sound.

    Thus Mikhail's care is for logic, nothing else. You need money? Logic dictates you have a high chance of not paying it back, thus he doesn't care. You're going to be a father? Logic dictates there's a chance that you're not the father, and that it's something so common there's no need to be excited over it. Thus he doesn't care. Your house is on fire? Logic dictates there is a high chance of it collapsing on him, thus he doesn't care. Got a new horse? Logic dictates that is nothing that someone else can get excited about, thus he doesn't care. You're cut in half, bleeding out? Logic dictates there is no way for you to survive, thus he doesn't care. In his mind, if it is not a logical decision, then there is no need for it to be done. For further example, if it's too dangerous, he won't do something. Not because he's a coward. Mikhail fears nothing. Well, nothing tangible. Mikhail does have one fear, and that is not finding someone better than he is. But that will be expanded upon later.

    Because Mikhail throws away thinking with his heart or Little Mikhail, he can be said to live a cynic's life. He doesn't drink alcohol. He doesn't use drugs. He does engage in sex, as the male body gets urges and it is logical to take care of those urges. His body may be dumb, but his mind is not. If it's logical for him to die, he'll lay there and die. If it's logical for him to cut off his own arm, he will. He doesn't care what it does to him or to others. He does not smile if it is not logical. He does not laugh if it is not logical. He does not cry if it is not logical. He does not hate if it is not logical. Although to some that is a strength, it is also his greatest weakness. He can not feel love for someone if it is not logical. He may attack someone with what appears to be hostile intentions. He wouldn't care if it turned out to be said intentions or not, but he prevented a possible attack. And to him, prevention is more logical than sheer defense. If you can stop an attack before it can be made, then you have the upper hand.

    And yet, there is a single part of Mikhail that breaks his same logic. That part is his fear. Mikhail's only fear is that he won't find someone better than him. Logic dictates that there is someone out there. Logic says that he is not the one at the peak of human prowess. Yet at the same time, he has seen no proof of this. Every time he fights someone, he hopes that they are the one—that they are the one that can finally bring him down. He longs to be defeated. He lusts to lie in a pool of his own blood, staring up at the victor. But he won't hold back. He won't be defeated for the sake of being defeated. He wants to find a single person stronger than he is and be defeated by them while he is going all-out. He doesn't care if it's an Elf, an Evoker, a Scholar, a Sorcerer, or even a bloody pixie. If they can defeat him while he's going all-out, they will make him a happy man.

    But that brings up another point. What would Mikhail do after that? He has thought of it many times—logic dictates he must have a plan for afterwards. However, he has come up with a blank each and every time. What purpose to life is there if not him trying to find the one person who can knock him off of that lonely peak? He thinks about it many times a day, yet nothing can come to mind. He's thought that maybe, maybe it would be the release from this curse known as "logic." He's thought that maybe, maybe it would be him spreading his knowledge and being accepted as he can say he is not the strongest. He's thought that maybe, maybe it would be the destruction of his powers and he can return to normal. All of them are just one of hundreds of thousands of different probable outcomes. And yet none of them seem to be tied to reality.


    Mikhail Zakrezsky [Approved; 0-5] Appearance
    Mikhail Zakrezsky [Approved; 0-5] Appearance2
    Mikhail Zakrezsky [Approved; 0-5] Concept

    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: All of Mikhail's magic is based upon the concept of force. He has to call out his attacks to use them, but he is still a sorcerer instead of a scholar. He has complete control over his own abilities and will not let them run amok. He can combine some of them, although some have a natural incompatibility for another and those will be noted. Note that these are not the formal names for the abilities and are just the versions he uses. All of his magic is done from his arms and legs, but mainly the former. All of his magic is more effective on stationary things like buildings or the ground. The human body mixes weird with his magic as it has too many parts. It still works, but nowhere nears as good as if it were against a rock. His abilities are gauged at Mikhail's strength +100.

    Away: Simply put, this increases his ability to push someone away. He can put a hand on someone and push them a couple of feet straight back as if they were on roller skates. Or he can do the same thing and end up sending them flying into a mountain. It varies on how much force he wants to put into it. Has a natural incompatibility with Pierce.

    Pierce: This is different from Away in that it focuses the force into a 'sharper' shape rather than a 'blunt' force like Away. He can punch and it'd be like a lance or a longsword. He prefers not to use it, although he will use it if the time comes. Has a natural incompatibility with Away.

    Break: Break pushes the force like a jackhammer. But essentially it works by putting a more focused force than Away. It won't push, but it will instead break. If he uses Break on a chest, the opponent will probably have some cracked ribs.

    Shatter: Shatter is an enhanced version of Break. It repeats the force from Break rapidly and will pulverize what's underneath. Using the same example, that person's ribs would now be broken instead of just cracked.

    Fall/Kneel: Fall puts downward pressure on someone or something after he puts the force onto them. It's only relatively heavy and can't be increased. Someone with good muscles will be able to (albeit slowly) move with it applied. He can also use "Kneel" to use it.

    Crush: Crush puts the same type of pressure as fall against a target, but instead the "pushing" force is coming from all around. It can be said to be like a submarine going past its maximum depth, crumpling up. It's not a pretty sight if used on a person.

    Wring: Wring wraps his arm or leg in a spinning-type force. If he punches something, it doesn't drill into it. No, it twists it. It's a very gruesome sight.

    Rend: A more advanced type, Rend needs two points of focus. He'd need to punch, for example, two places at once. After that, two opposing pulling forces begin to tear an object apart. Again, not a pretty sight.

    Nova:Nova is his second-most-advanced type and is a misnomer. It isn't like a nova, but he felt it sounded "cooler" than explode. He needs three posts of not using his magic to use this. Essentially, he leaves a small core of force within something after punching them. If he is not hit within two posts, then it begins to expand. It expands until eventually... pop. It has a once-per-thread usage.


    Equipment:He possesses no special equipment. He does have nearly 200,000 copies of the same outfit however. Exactly where he keeps them is known to only him.
    Genius: Simply put, Mikhail is a genius. That sounds bland and whatnot, but it truly... isn't. Mikhail's genius is his greatest weakness. He can read people easily. He can tell by their stance if they've fought before or not, if they're taught by a master or self-taught, it they are armed or unarmed. However, he sometimes over-observes. What can be seen as a playful jab, he'll take as a full-on threat. He's hurt many-a-innocent that way.
    Bājíquán: Mikhail's only hand-to-hand style is Bājíquán. However, Mikhail's Bājíquán is jokingly called "Super Bājíquán."It is an ultimate technique born from the miraculous fusion of Bājíquán and Mikhail's intellect, having become an Internal Art that transcended the External Art. It is a reckless attack belonging solely to Mikhail, whose self-destructive fighting style that only Mikhail could develop. Mikhail's skill in it is so advanced that with a mid-level punch, he can crush a thoracic cavity with lung and heart pounded into a mash of meat in the process, all while sending the target twenty meters away. He can snap a fully-grown cedar tree with nothing but his waist thrusting. He can, at maximum, react to a human moving at three times normal speed (not just running, but arm movements, finger movements, etc.) after discerning that they are indeed moving that fast. When Mikhail is completely focused, his skill in Bājíquán skyrockets. He reaches a certain state in his skills, he doesn't even need eyesight to detect the enemy’s movement. He could predict the opponent’s next move purely on the brief moment when his arm blocked that of his opponent, rendering attacks from his blind spot pointless. Granted, it would be slightly difficult for him to counter-attack.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    Mikhail's history doesn't really start until ten years after his birth. But there needs to be some background information on where his history starts. The town he grew up in was in the Open Lands between Zakat and Zhilihan, closer to Zhilihan. This was harsh territory. The town was a kill-or-be-killed one. And that's how he grew up. However, up until he was ten he had parents that would watch out over him. But at ten, they died. Some say it was an accident, some say it was murder. No one knew for sure as there were no bodies left. Mikhail doesn't talk about them, as he doesn't remember them. As soon as he lost his guardian angels, he knew what was going to happen. He had to throw out all doubt, all weakness. If he didn't, he would not have survived.

    Mikhail used the logic of "Will I survive if I do x or y?" as his basis for every decision he made. If one had even a sliver of a greater chance of survival, he took that option. But decisions alone don't cause survival. Watching some of the traveling showpeople, vagabonds, and other people who took the risk of passing through this nameless town, Mikhail learned how to fight. Force is needed to survive, and so he gained that force. Through his meditations and fights to survive, he awakened his power. This power was in his Arcana, the power of the force he'd use to survive. He would not yield to anyone, eventually never even having a challenge when it came to surviving.

    However, he no longer had that feeling of being "alive." He was "living," but he was not "alive." There was no joy nor challenge. He could do anything with that combination of power and skill, and thus he had no challenge. And without that challenge, there was no joy. All of his life was using that power to survive, and now with an assured survival, he was empty. If one were to look at him with eyes that could see through one's heart, it would look like staring into the abyss. And he would stare right back and smile. And so, Mikhail has now embarked on a journey. This journey was to find what it is that he is missing, or rather a new way to fill that empty void left by his assured survival.

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    Agility: 32
    Durability: 38
    Endurance: 38
    Speed: 32
    Strength: 50

    Energy Control: 38

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