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    Selena Loret [Approved: 1-3] Empty Selena Loret [Approved: 1-3]

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    Human Template


    Name: Selena Loret
    ALIAS: Rider, Violet Rider
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140


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    Personality: The first thing anyone will notice about Selena is that she's curious about everything. She loves gaining knowledge, even about the smallest things that most people would blow off and not care too much about. This shows mostly in her reading. Selena loves to read books, no matter what kind. She will often be caught falling asleep over a pile of novels, biographies, and other types of books. She loves all genre's too. Just because she wants answers, doesn't mean she always gets facts. Her mission isn't for the truth, but just to know something about whatever crosses her path. It's funny when she comes across a mystery. Mysteries drive her absolutely insane; she has to solve them and get her answers. This doesn't just mean in her books either, but with people. If someone catches her interest, which is usually with something strange or mysterious about them, she'll be drawn to them until all of her questions are answered about that person.

    Selena is a bit hardheaded as well, which often comes off as determination. She is a determined person, but it's almost like what someone tells her doesn't entirely get through her head. It's like she always has to learn the hard way, even on things that could be easily avoided. For instance, when she was young she had to get bit by a dog before she'd listen to her mother about not pulling it's tail. When her mother realized that Selena was merely testing things for her own proof, she started the 'mother knows best' thing and soon Selena just learned to listen to her mother's advice without fail. When she was told not to go to the dangerous part of town because bad people were there, she didn't have to go see what bad people were there and just didn't go. This may make her seem stupid, but she's not. As a child, she was always called slow because she preferred doing things her own way, not someone else's and it often got her in trouble. This is not true.

    Selena is anything but slow. If anything, she understands anything and everything she comes across a lot quicker and better than the average person. She has this inate ability to learn things, but can't learn them through being told. She learns them through actual experience, not through a set of rules and guidelines. Selena is extremely intelligent as well. She gathers her knowledge through books mostly and uses this knowledge to answer her questions. For instance, if she reads a book on an ancient myths about Dragons, she'll likely travel to prove the book wrong or right. This hasn't happened and likely isn't going to; it's just an example. Selena can come off a little odd at times because of how often she has her nose stuck in a book. At this point, there are very few things or people that Selena cares about, so she doesn't have much in her life to do beyond her reading. She does keep a single secret though. After reading a book about super heros, she decided to try it out.

    Just because Selena doesn't have much in her own life to care about, doesn't mean she doesn't have things in other people's that she doesn't. It's not like she'll adopt a homeless kid, but she'd make sure he's eaten and clean. She cares about life in general, which is why she does what she can to protect it. She feels that all life is important as long as the person is trying to make it so. If someone doesn't give half a damn about their lives or the lives of other's Selena won't give half a damn about trying to help them out. In other words, if you're a junkie, a criminal, or evil at all, she won't help you. You can deal with the consequences that you have brought upon yourself for your horrid deeds in life. There's no saving you. Of course, this isn't a side of her that she shows very often. In fact, the only people that have even seen this side of her are those she has saved and anyone who reads the newspaper in whatever town she's in at the time. She likes to travel a lot.

    Selena travels a lot for one reason, she doesn't want to get into too much trouble. Although she doesn't hurt anyone, not all societies and their police forces are happy with someone else doing their jobs in a more gruesome manner. She's often called a vigilante and once it gets to that point, she prefers not to stick around and cause more worry and harm than she would have if she just left the crime to the professionals of the area. Of course, if they weren't so damn inadequate, she wouldn't have to help them out in the first place, but she assumes that's why they get mad. It's an 'this person is doing our job better' situation. She'd rather not get shot or blasted with fire, so moving on is often the best choice for her. Yes, she wants to help  people, but she's not so stupid as to sacrifice her entire life for them. The only time that this changes is when a child is involved. She actually cannot help but jump into trouble when a child is about to get hurt and she can stop it.

    Selena is one to gather her answers, but this is just a small part of her. She's a determined person who likes playing vigilante quite a bit, but this is also just a small bit of her personality, though people don't know about this part of her. Selena is pretty much a mother without children. She has two younger sisters that she loves dearly and misses very much. The entire reason she started taking certain jobs was to make sure that the two of them were well taken care of. Having a normal nine-to-five job back in Zakat was just not bringing in enough money and she couldn't afford to go to any of the schools, so this is what she does. She works and works hard. She doesn't do anything that would be considered against her morals. She'll assassinate someone if the person deserves it. She'll steal something to return it to their owner. And she'll "kidnap" (rescue) if someone's in a horrible situation. It all depends on what's going on. She doesn't take a job just for the money unless she's desperate.

    There are only a few times that Selena can get desparate enough to actually take a job she'll regret for the rest of her life. Her mother has to be sick or something has to be wrong with one of her sisters, Sabrina and Samantha. If she needs to do something bad to keep them safe, happy, and healthy, then she'll do that job. She hasn't seen her family in a very long time because she keeps having to work to send them back more and more money. Selena often tires herself out because of how hard she works. The only thing she gets out of all of this are letters from her family saying how happy they are. She has worked her way up to her family buying a new home and her sisters being sent off to school to better their education. This makes it all worth it. In other words, Selena is an extremely selfless person. If she cares enough about you, she'll work her ass off to make sure you're happy and your goals are met. Although it may hurt her, she won't care who she has to hurt for this to happen.

    History: Selena is surprisingly a farm girl. She was born in a small town in Cieria and grew up on a decent sized farm on the outside of any major cities, a few miles out from Zakat in the Northern section. There isn't much else to say about her childhood. She was a Daddy's girl and her Mother's Angel. She liked running around in sun dresses that her mother made for her and also liked helping her Father around the farm. Her favorite memory of her childhood was when her first horse was born. It was a black horse that she named Shadow. Selena was around ten at this time, so she and Shadow actually grew up together for a few years. She trained that horse quite well, but when she turned thirteen, their farm came under attack by a large pack of wolves. It wasn't something that you'd expect to see. A lot of their animals, including Shadow, were slaughtered by these beasts. The worst part was when her Father went out to try and help Shadow and was eaten as well.

    Losing her Father was extremely hard for her, but it wasn't hard to realize how much harder it was for her Mother. Two weeks after her Father was killed, her Mother returned with news from the city. She was pregnant and with twins. Selena was very close to becoming a big sister. This only made things harder. Selena was young and her mother wasn't exactly able to work on the farm. Once they could, they sold their land and were forced to move out of Cieria and into Zakat. It was the only way that they felt they could make a decent living. Having three children in the family and no man around to help with the heavy lifting like they were used to, everything was getting harder. Once the kids were born, Selena and her mother couldn't afford much. They had to take care of the kids firstly and then medical bills weren't the easiest to pay off when you just enter a country. Selena was forced to take care of the kids while her mother was off working, trying to bring in some money for the family.

    Over a bit of time, Selena and her mother were able to get a certain rythm that allowed them to settle their lives as much as possible and move on. The twins, Sabrina and Samantha (14 years younger than Selena), were growing quite nicely and became quite responsible. They helped around the house a lot and learned to take care of themselves the best they could for their ages. This allowed Selena to get a job as well once she turned eighteen. Still, things were hard and money was tight. She loved spoiling her little sisters, so most of her money went toward the two of them and everything else went toward keeping her mother healthy and sane. She always kept a little bit for one thing though: books. Selena learned to love books over the years. They were the one thing that she could afford and they occupied enough of her time that she was never bored. Since she concentrated on her sisters' needs much more than her own, she often fell to reading while they were playing with their toys.

    Seven years ago, when Selena was nineteen years old, the family went on vacation to Arcadia. While they were there, they decided to go camping in an area that they didn't know was outside of the guarded zone for campers. Sabrina and Samantha wandered off while Selena and her mother were preparing the site. Unfortunately, a few minutes later, they heard the most terrifying, heart-wrenching scream coming from Sabrina. Selena rushed off to her sister to find her laying on the ground in pain, talking about a snake that bit her. They rushed her to a near by infirmary for campers, but without knowing the type of snake it was impossible. Samantha wanted to save her sister, so she snuck off to find the snake alone. When Selena realized this, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her through the forest. When she finally found Samantha, she had the snake in her hand and was crying. It bit her three different times, but she kept holding on because she wanted to save her sister.

    Selena snatched the snake from Samantha, holding it tightly by the head. She carried Samantha and the snake back to the camp and held it up. It was the most poisonous snake in all of Aurora: The Viridescent Forest Snake. Both of her sisters had a week to live, if not less, since they were small. There was only one place that they could get the anti-venom: Aria. They would have to, somehow, get to Aria and speak to the Queen of Arcadia for the Flower that would cure her sisters. The only problem, Aria was four days away by horseback. If the girls were to be moved, it could agitate their condition and cause the effects to move faster. Selena didn't need to hear anything else. With a breeze moving through the cabin they were in, she was gone. "Where'd she go?" a nurse asked at the sudden vanishing of Selena. "Aria." her mother said. It was obvious where Selena was going. She wasn't going to hesitate another minute. She was on her way to Aria to get that damn flower and save her sisters.

    Selena had never pushed herself, or a horse, so hard. Half-way there, the horse collapsed from exhaustion and she kept on going. She pushed her body to a limit she never thought possible. As she was running through a valley, she felt a strange pull on her heart. Her eyes began to glow, though she could not tell, and she could see her sisters laying on a bed with pale skin, coughing, temperatures through the roof, and unable to move their bodies. She doesn't know what, but something clicked within her at that moment. She kept running, but her tired body suddenly became light. She leaned forward as she ran. Her body was able to move faster and faster. She felt an energy surging within her. As she came to the edge of a forest, the ground beneath her lifted and she jumped to a tree. She began leaping through the trees at high speeds, daring through this forest like a jaguar. She was silent, light on her feet, and completley unseen. With this power boost, she made it to Aria in two hours.

    That night, someone broke into Queen Aranhartte's bedroom and was released. The Queen ordered none to follow and smiles as she watched Selena move through the shadows like a ninja. It wasn't long before Selena was able to return to her sisters with a large amount of the flower she needed. She stood there with sweat dripping down her face, her breathing heavy, her eyes glowing, and her focus on her sisters. She stood like a statue, as if she had been turned to stone, standing at the foot of their bed and not moving until she knew the anti-venom was working. Three hours passed, she didn't move. Finally, the two opened their eyes and looked around. Nurses flooded the room to check their vitals. Her mother tried to calm her down, but it wasn't until everyone looked to Selena and smiled, saying that they were both going to be completely fine, that Selena finally fell. She smiled and her body gave way. She collapsed to the ground, caught by one of the doctors and sent to bed.

    "Don't worry... She's just exhausted." he told her sisters and her mother, "Apparently, someone broke into the Queen's room and asked for Eronthra. The Queen's guard were told to leave her be and that she'd not be followed or charged with anything. Something tells me your sister went through hell to make sure you two were healthy... Don't let her down." With that, the doctor left and Sabrina and Samantha crawled into Selena's bed and laid there. Her mother crawled in as well and the entire family slept until they woke happily the next morning. The only problem was, Selena could not see. She woke up to nothing. Her eyes were apparently pale, but she couldn't see the person that told her that. They tried everything to help her see again, but they said this had something to do with her Arcana, which they could not treat. A week passed in that hospital while they tried to help, but nothing changed. It was only until she got angry enough to hit a wall that she noticed it.

    It came like a loud bang. It's like she could see the ripples of her hitting the wall move through out he hospital until they vanished. She hit it again and again and again and again. It was hard to explain, but she could see sound. No, she could see vibrations. She began walking through the halls of the hospital, testing this out. She could see every time a person took a step. Everything was in this strange light purple color, a lot like her hair, but she could see it. It took an entire year, but she was able to learn to see with this gift. Not only that, she was able to learn to use vibrations to her advantage. There are vibrations everywhere. Vibrating molecules are what create fire, so she concentrated on doing that first. It took a while, but she was able to learn that. She learned to manipulate the vibrations in just about everything. The only problem was that if something didn't move much or at all, she had a tendency to walk into it. Something like a stone wall was hard to see, so she bumped into them.

    Unfortunately, her year of studying her abilities and learning to move like a normal person sent her family into financial ruin. She had to beg banks to give her one month to come up with a large amount of money. After some time, she convinced them to allow it, but it was going to be nearly impossible for her to come up with the amount in normal ways. After a week of wasted time and hunting for jobs, she found someone that told her she had a job for her. All she had to do was deliver a package as quickly as possible to someone in Cieria and she'd be paid half from him now and half when she arrived there. Selena didn't even question it. She took the job and was on her way, after giving her family the 5,000 gold this man paid her. They owed over 15,000. Selena was able to complete the job and returned with another 5,000 gold. This was enough to get the banks off her family for a while. A large portion of their debt had been paid off, so the time was extended another month. And so it began...


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Vibration

    Selena's power is very odd and comes into two forms.

    The first form is in her eyes. Selena is normally considered blind because of the way she sees, but the vibrations in the world around her allow her to see again. The vibrations that light up through movement, the use of Arcana, and one object colliding with another. If someone takes a step on a sidewalk, that connection they make with the sidewalk causes a vibration that is sent through the ground. There is a second ability that comes with her eyes though. It is more of a link through to people that she loves dearly. If they're in harms way, scared, or even missing her a lot, her eyes sort of flash toward them. This was how she was able to see her sisters when their condition worsened. This normally wouldn't have been part of her powers, except her connection with her family is that strong. This is actually what caused her to go blind. Her need to see her sisters were okay pushed her Arcana in a direction it shouldn't have gone. Because of that, she lost her ability to see through her eyes.

    Every image that Selena is able to see with these vibrations is actually an Arcana-created picture in her mind, so she's not actually seeing through her eyes, even if it does look like that is the case. When she tries to use her eyes, it actually gives her a horrible headache, causing more problems than she'd like. This is why she wears glasses, or a blindfold while fighting. The glasses are specially made to allow her to see normally by suppressing any Arcana while they're on her face.

    The second form of her power gives her the ability to actually manipulate and connect to the vibrations that she sees. This manipulation causes two different effects. The first effect is a movement that could be compared to telekinesis. This movement is caused by her pushing and pulling vibrations in certain directions to gain a certain effect. It's why she is able to fight with a chain like a god. The manipulation of vibrations through the chain are all under her control. The second effect allows her to connect with the vibrations she creates and constantly repeat them through a force of Arcana. This allows her to walk up a building without problem or slide down a long railing without falling off. The vibrations she makes with her own body, she pushes out toward the object in question, causing a connection that keeps her attached to it. This often seems like she has turned herself into some sort of magnet. This connection can be sent through her own body and non-living objects only.



    Custom-Made Chain: See Appearance Picture Four
    Blindfold: See Appearance Picture Four
    Arcana-Suppressing Glasses: These suppress any Arcana in the head, allowing her to see normally and actually read. The longer they're on though, the sicker she'll feel. They're not perfect yet.


    • Extremely Agile and Quick
    • Martial Artist, Advanced
    • Chain Fighter, Master

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    Agility: 3 + 25 = 28
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    Strength: 3 + 10 = 13

    Energy Control: 3 + 30 = 33

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