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    Vayne Blackthorne [APPROVED, 2-3] Empty Vayne Blackthorne [APPROVED, 2-3]

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    Vampire Template


    Name: Lady Vayne Blackthorne
    ALIAS: the Hunter
    Gender: Female
    True Age: ~50 Years.
    Appearance Age: ~20
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: Lightweight

    Personality: Bitter, resentful, cold, calm, collected, full of hate. That is Vayne in a nutshell. Once, she was a kind and free-spirited young noblewoman - now, she is a distant hunter of the night. Ever since a fateful event in the past, Vayne has turned into a monster - a vampire. She rejects her fate as an undead as good as she can, spending every waking moment with her revenge on their kind, killing every single vampire she comes across. As a hunter, she enjoys the cold satisfaction of the kill, the thrill of tracking, the incredible rush of a wild chase - not too different from a human-hunting vampire in that regard, but solely focused on her own kind.
    As someone who hides her true nature, Vayne is not above using deception on even the people she cares about - though none of those exist right now, because she refuses to get closer to people than needed, since she's afraid that she might bite them in a moment of weakness. She doesn't trust herself one bit, and absolutely hates her bloodlust - but is not self-loathing enough to stop feeding, since she has a mission. Her strong focus means she has little time and love left for other nobles of Arcadia, and often doesn't even respond at all to invitations, or gives incredibly unlikely excuses for never showing herself in public. The only person remotely close to her is her elderly butler, who was a young man when she started on the path of the night hunter - sometimes, she regrets never offering him the chance to be turned, at other times, she envies his ability to age and eventually die, a feeling she has about most people.

    As such, she'd probably only turn someone if needed to save them and they wanted to continue living very badly - never against their own will. She is not heartless, at least not fully - she remembers the reason she became the night hunter, and the feeling of loss and sadness, so she tries to protect others from feeling those things as much as she can while fighting the darkness around them.
    If one were able to get closer to her, perhaps through talking about similar losses to her and such, one would find a very sad, bitter woman, that fights a losing fight because it is the right thing to do, at least to her. There are few things that she truly enjoys besides the hunt, but they include good books, classic music, and poetry - when she was still alive, she also enjoyed good tea and sunshine, but both of those have lost all value to her.

    Since she's so focused on cold efficiency, she has trouble putting feelings into words, especially expressing gratitude and appreciation for others. She has little sense of humor, but can be quite deadpan and even snarky whenever she's actually relaxed for once, often getting into some 'snark to snark combat' with her butler, but all in good fun and appreciation of each other.


    Appearance: Vayne has very fair, almost white skin, violet, striking eyes, and long, raven hair. Her figure is often said to be a perfect example of beauty. Like all vampires, she has fangs in her mouth, but files them down slightly so they don't look as obvious as normal for vampires.
    Vayne Blackthorne [APPROVED, 2-3] LD0VFBb
    Vayne Blackthorne [APPROVED, 2-3] Vayne_0
    Vayne Blackthorne [APPROVED, 2-3] Vayne_promo



    • Hand-Crossbow: Vayne's standard weapon, which shoots lightweight bolts with silver tippings. Each of the bolts is strong enough to strike through simple armor, or hardened skin, as long as she is not shooting at extreme range. A special, gas-powered chamber instantly loads another bolt into the crossbow, making it a semi-automatic fast-firing weapon to stake creatures of the night into the heart. The crossbow is attached to a wristguard of her armor freely, and can be detached into parts to make it less obvious, and assembled in less than half a minute. Firing and aiming is all done with that hand, leaving the other one completely free. Shooting is as simple as pushing a trigger in the glove.
    • Ballista: You read that right. The HUGE crossbow on Vayne's back is nearly impossible to fire while on the move without improved strength, but it packs enough punch to break through a sheet of steel. The 'bolts' of this weapon are more like small trees, and reloading and resetting the firing mechanism takes both strength and time. Someone hit by this weapon will probably find himself or herself pinned to a solid object and in massive pain if they survive, though. A bolt from the Ballista is way faster than a normal crossbow bolt thanks to the extreme strength.
    • Battle-Stakes: Vayne carries thick, longer sharpened stakes with her, made entirely from silvery metal. They are piercing weapons made for fighting vampires and other creatures that require specific points to be struck to hurt them.
    • Throwing Knives: Multiple throwing knives are attached to her belt, allowing for quick short range attacks and defense by wielding them like weapons if needed.
    • Flash Grenade: Made with a mixture of gunpowder and other chemicals, these bombs emit a strong flash of light, powerful enough to disorient normal beings. On vampires with nightvision, the flash is strong enough to blind them for longer, and may give a vampire too close to it slight burns. Vayne herself is protected from this effect as long as she is wearing her red glasses, which reflect the wavelength of light made by the bombs. They are carried on her belt, two are brought into each thread.
    • Burning Oil: Carried as flasks on a bandolier, these flasks contain a highly flammable liquid which bursts into flame shortly after coming into contact with normal air. Used as both nasty and sticky fire bombs and to burn the remains of killed night creatures.
    • Hunter Suit: The skin-tight leather outfit does more than look good. When combined with her hood, Vayne can block out all sunlight from touching her skin, as long as the clothing remains undamaged. This allows her to move around during daytime, but even with her sun-resistant glasses, doing so causes her severe headaches.

    Magic Equipment:

    • Sunlight Medal: A special small gold coin. When thrown onto a hard surface with a command word spoken, it releases a flash of genuine sunlight trapped in the metal by magic, causing damage to vampires without protection from sunlight nearby.
    • Cowl of the Night: An enchantment placed on her Hunter Suit. While it is already completely tight against sunlight, this charm makes it actively reflect sunlight away, so even when the suit gets damaged, Vayne is not instantly turned into fried chicken. However, the Cowl of the Night enchantment will be broken if her outfit is completely shredded.
    • Sacred Flame: Vayne's silver weapons are enhanced. If a word is spoken after it hits a target, the silver erupts into white flames to burn away whichever vampire was unfortunate enough to be staked by her right then and there.


    • Incredible Aim: Vayne can hit a moving target from huge distances with pinpoint accuracy BEFORE taking any vampiric aid to the skill into account.
    • Night Hunter: When hunting vampires and other creatures of the night, Vayne has incredible skill at tracking them through the minor and minute details on the scene.
    • Great Combatant: Rigorous training has made Vayne a deadly enemy in close combat, as she can use her tailor-made weapons with lethal efficiency. She is not very good at fighting completely unarmed, though.
    • Wrench Wench: All of Vayne's hunting equipment is self-made, built in her own manor. Her skill for engineering doesn't stop with tools for violence, as she is also easily able to construct sun-proofed transportation methods, such as her coffin or chariot, as well as her leather suit. Inventing something new that helps either her condition or her hunting is her specialty.

    Unlocked Racial Traits: 2-3: Eye Ability: Pick One. Night Vision
    2-4: Water-Walking: The ability to walk on any liquid surface. This doesn't mean they can't fall in it. They actually have to step on top of it for this ability to take hold. Moving water is a no!
    2-5: Resistance To Cold: Low temperatures do not effect vampires. Below freezing temperatures can slow them down a bit.
    3-1: Wall-Walking: The ability to walk along the walls of buildings, this includes the hanging upside down from the ceiling.
    3-2: Enhanced Speed or Strength: Pick one. 10 times the strength of a normal human.
    3-3: Scent: The ability to lock in on a certain scent and track. This ability also allows the Vampire to smell how "good" the blood of prey is.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: The Blackthorne's are an old noble house of Arcadia, and a well-respected one at that. Known for being scholars and researchers, many members of the family became involved with the Rydian Academy in the past, just as deeply as with other noble houses or the current rulers. When the current leader of house Blackthorne finally managed to give his wife a child at an age around 40 years, the relief was great at the line continuing.
    When growing up, Vayne knew no shortage of things she wanted to have. She was very sheltered and pampered in her upbringing, causing her to develop into a quite entitled young girl - mostly because her parents were not the kind capable of really saying 'no'. The only one who dared to do that was a young butler of the family, barely a man himself, who would later become instrumental to her life. Even as a young girl, Vayne was said to have a natural beauty to her that would only continue to develop with age. As a noble, she was taught how to read and write at an early age, as well as how to ride a horse. In one of her rebellious phases around her tenth birthday, she even convinced her parents to get her a fencing and archery teacher - or rather, to get her lessons in those. To her great frustration, said teacher turned out to be the only butler in the estate that had the courage to stand up to the little terror of a lady. But through the lessons and time spent together, the young Vayne grew to appreciate the gruff, snarky and tall man with the already lightening black hair. Her parents noticed how fond she suddenly was of this young butler, and assigned him as her personal caretaker for the times were they had to be out of the estate and needed someone to look after their precious daughter.

    Shortly after her eleventh birthday, though, Vayne saw something that would forever change her from a bright, talented young lady into a bitter and resentful woman. After the sun went down over the estate, she was having dinner with her family in their large dining hall, with no servants present, when a black shadow swooped through the room. The cold, black wind carried by the shadow blew out the candles, leaving only the full moon and stars shining through the windows as lightsources, as the creature in black attacked. First, her father's chest was pierced by a long, cruel claw, and a splatter of red, greyed out by the darkness of light. Vayne's mother tried to scream, but the deep red eyes of the black shadow seemed to freeze her in place, as the creature bit into her neck and more red-hot blood was spilled. Finally, it was Vayne herself who screamed for help, as the vampire had apparently not noticed the tiny figure of the girl in her big chair.
    With a hiss, the black creature ripped the head straight from the body of Vayne's mother, splattering the young girl with blood, before leaping out of the window just as the servants and guards of the estate busted open the door that the monster had locked previously.

    With the brutal murder of her parents, everything changed for Vayne. Even as she was cleaned of the blood of her mother, her blue eyes seemed to become fire and flames. In the coming days, nobody believed her - they thought it a clumsy assassin, a homicidal killer, or perhaps even a servant of the house gone mad. All but one, her own young butler. Now that she looked closer, she noticed something. He was barely ten years older than her - yet he never, not even for a day, looked young. It was not something you'd notice right away, but his grey eyes always seemed devoid of much emotion, aside from a sparkle of joy every now and then. Most smiles never reached them. The few grey hairs on his head added to the picture, and with that, it became clear to Vayne.
    She was not the only one who had lost everything to a monster.

    Murmurs went through the higher social classes of Arcadia when it became known who adopted Vayne now - her own butler, given full reign of the fortune and estate until Vayne became an adult in her own right, as decided by her parents months before their deaths. Evil tongues suspected an assassination, or that the butler would squander the money or run with it - but none of that happened. Instead, he simply took care of Vayne, as a surrogate father - and a teacher. A teacher of combat, of warfare, and of the knowledge required to fight the monsters of the night. Through him, she learned how to build her own weapons, and now to customize those one could buy at a store. The money of the family allowed them to purchase books and ancient scrolls detailing the ways of fighting the nightcrawlers, and instead of a proper lady, Vayne became something different... a hunter.

    It took them a few years to find any leads on the murderer of her parents, but eventually, Vayne and her butler found him - and they were in for the fight of their lives on this hunt. After entering the lair of the vampire, hidden in a run-down castle in a forest, they were assaulted by both human and vampire followers of the man they were hunting, and got separated when a falling pillar got between them. But eventually, Vayne found him - with a storm raging above them, blood dripping from her weapons, multiple dead vampires and cultists behind her. A thick shower of rain fell down on her and her target, circling each other on top of a tower that was slowly falling apart in the storm.
    The resulting fight was short, brutal, and quick. Thanks to her special glasses, Vayne was resistant to his hypnotic gaze - but his supernatural speed and strength proved a huge detriment to her efforts of slaying him. Dancing around her attacks, Vayne was down to one last silver stake, when she finally managed to anticipate the move of the vampire and went for her own attack instead of dodging, putting everything on the line. And in a way, she definitely succeeded.
    Vayne's bolt pierced the cold, dead heart of the vampire, just as his own claw penetrated her stomach, poking out of the other side. As the vampire died, with a final scream and his body turning limp, Vayne collapsed, her own blood flowing away. She knew that this was a mortal wound - the blood loss alone would kill her, not to mention the ruptured organs. But she didn't want it to end like this. Not yet, not now. They were still out there... the monsters that took her family. And not only her family... also HIS family. And the families of many others. These creatures of the night, and all other evil monsters... Someone had to stop them. And that was when she heard a gentle, friendly voice - asking her one thing. "Do you want to live?"

    She knew right away what this meant. The vampiric servants of her target were dead - but this voice unmistakingly belonged to yet another monster of the night. Slowly, he came into view - a rather short fellow, looking back at it, seemingly locked into some age in his teenage years. Violet eyes caught her blue eyes which were quickly losing their light, and in that moment, her fate was decided.
    Slowly, Vayne Blackthorne raised her right hand towards the creature of the night, and it was her last act as a human. Taking her bruised, battered body into his gentle, yet cold and strong arms, the vampire brushed aside her hair, and bit into the neck of the vampire hunter.

    Who the young-looking vampire was, Vayne never figured out. When she woke up, she was back at home - all the curtains closed, cupboards before them as well, to block out the light of a new day outside. And next to her bed, a figure she knew all too well. Her butler, who met the now violet eyes of his mistress with a wry smile, before patting her head like in the old times.
    Vayne Blackthorne died that night, almost thirty years ago. Yet she still walks Aurora - bound by blood and hatred, fighting a war that may never end, that most don't even realize is still going on. Sustaining herself with the blood of animals acquired from a local butcher, she resides in Blackthorne manor, a lonely mansion on a hill, surrounded by a lush garden tended to by only a single, loyal butler.

    "I am vengeance. I am the night. All those wicked creatures of darkness... beware. The Night Hunter is coming for you all."

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