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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
    Nicknames: Alison Chase
    Appearance Age: 25
    True Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140

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    Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-2] AP2_zpsxv8208fs
    Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-2] AP3_zpsbe8owqgo
    Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-2] AP4_zpsuq2v0zit

    Character Information

    Personality: Kaminari can be a lot of things to a lot of people. She can be a loving mother to a lost child. She can be a good wife to a lonely man who has lost his way. She can be the best friend someone has ever had. Kaminari is also a knowledge seeking perfectionist. After realizing her Arcana is different than most people, she decided to begin her research on the subject. She has come to love learning about new things, especially about those things that seem so familiar, but she can't figure out why. The things that seem familiar makes her think that it was something she knew about before she lost her memory. She thinks that this is where her love for children comes from: she's right.

    Kaminari is a very determined woman who does not like making mistakes. She strives for perfection, so when she messes up, she can't handle it. She can accept others for their mistakes and brushes them off like every day things, but it's a completely different story in her case. Kaminari is also a little odd and funny. She can be a little clumsy when she's comfortable. Outside of combat and while she's just relaxing, don't be surprised if you're catching her a lot more or glasses and plates are constantly breaking. During combat or serious situations that stress her out, Kaminari is tense and doesn't make mistakes. She is like this because she knows one mistake can likely cause something bad to happen.

    Kaminari has a lot of energy, but only when she's on something new. She likes discovering new people, places, and things. Whether it's a new adventure, a new discovery about her Arcana, or meeting someone new, Kaminari seems to have a lot of energy. She just has fun learning. Right now, that new thing is Mikhail. He's a mystery to her and so strange in comparison to other people. He has an interesting outlook on the world that she has not come across before, so she's hoping to get to know him better. This is her first reason for keeping this bastard around. The other reason is the fact that she likes him. He's fun, attractive, and more interesting to talk to than the other people she's met.

    Kaminari doesn't have any of her memories before returning to Aurora. In reality, she never left Aurora, but she doesn't know that and it doesn't feel that way to her. Part of her wonders whether she was abducted by Aliens and that's why she has no memory. She also wonders whether she was part of a secret organization that decided to silence her after she became more of a liability. There are many things that go through her head about the reality of her existence, but none of them seem to pan out, yet. Because of this though, Kaminari wants to just live her life to the fullest. She meets people, has fun, and discovers new things. She won't back down from a challenge and will try anything new once.

    Kaminari is a very opened minded person. She accepts others for who they are and tries to understand where they're coming from. Her open mindedness is probably why she is able to get along with someone as rigid as Mikhail. Kaminari also loves children. She loves teaching them and thinks one day that she would like to be a Mom,  unaware of the fact that she already is. Kaminari has a relaxing, but strange hobby in knitting. Because she travels so much, she often using knitting as a way to pay for travel fees. People in the far north or during the winter always want warm blankets, scarves, sweaters, and other warm clothing, so knitting makes for a pretty profitable and fun way of life.

    Notes: Kaminari can't hold her liquor for shit. She can't handle the sight of too much blood or gore. She also would do just about anything to keep a child safe, whether she knows them or not.

    Character Background:

    There are people town of Desert Sky that have many secrets that they would never want to come out in the open. These people would do anything to keep these secrets from coming out, including kill. There are people that would destroy homes, families, and entire towns to make sure their dirty deeds did not reach the ears of those they considered unworthy. Magics, seals, barriers, and other methods of preventing these secrets from spreading through the public have been put into place and they've stayed there. The few who are aware of these dark mysteries hold records of the events. Unfortunately for them, one of these records fell into the hands of a very skilled and respected woman...

    Kaminari Hatakeyama was the second daughter to the leader of the Hatakeyama Clan in Desert Sky. She was born twelve years after her older sister. By the time she was four, she didn't even realize she had a sister until she was told. Her sister, Kanna Hatakeyama, had moved far across the city of Desert Valley to fulfill a duty that Kaminari was too young to understand. Kaminari stayed with her clan, learning to control her Arcana and master different techniques of fighting and even swordplay. She was worked to the bone like any other Hatakeyama child, but almost more so. Kaminari was expected to live up to the skill that her sister had. It was difficult, but surprisingly she was no disappointment.

    When she turned five and was going to begin some more 'advanced' training for her age, tragedy struck the Hatakeyama Clan. The Hatakeyama were mainly farmers and guards of Desert City. They resided on the outside of the City walls to allow for trade and some strict tourism. This was also the most dangerous place to be. Neighboring villages that were angered by the amount of secrecy decided to start a war. The Hatakeyama were a well armed and trained group of individuals, but they were not ready for an all out war. Before aid arrived, the Hatakeyama and anyone else on the areas outside of the Desert Sky walls were completely slaughtered. Kaminari was the only survivor.

    Devestated by the loss of everyone she loved, Kaminari was forced to move into the city and taken in by the only family she had left. Finally, Kaminari was able to meet the older sister that she never got to know. Kanna was a wonderful woman with a kind heart and a gentle soul. Kanna treated Kaminari more like a daughter in her younger years than a sister. Kaminari was able to feel like she was at home again. Soon, wonderful news came and Kaminari was told she would be getting a little niece or nephew soon. Kanna was pregnant. Kaminari worked really hard to help Kanna and her husband, Noboru, during the time she was pregnant. After nine crazy months, the baby was finally on it's way.

    Kaminari couldn't believe what she was seeing. After the baby was born, a monster of massive size and power was released. For reasons she didn't understand, Kanna had to leave the village to give birth. Kaminari waited outside only to see this creature appear with a strange man in a mask watching it. Kaminari watched in horror as the monster went to smash the new born boy, but was stopped when both Kanna and Noboru took the hit. She couldn't remember anything else. Seeing her sister dying like that caused Kaminari to black out and collapse. She was unaware of a seal that Kanna had to keep back that monster. It weakened during highly stressful times, like giving birth to a baby.

    When Kaminari woke, she didn't know what happened to her nephew. She wanted to see him, but for some reason was forbidden to do so. Kaminari dove into her training and studies after losing the last two people in the world she cared about. She couldn't even see the third that she wanted to care about, so that hurt her worse. A couple of years later, Kaminari met a guy named Ryoichi Tachibana. Ryoichi was a very skilled fighter. The two of them often sparred and he taught her a lot. He made sure she was able to defend herself in anyway she would need to. The two became closer and Kaminari fell quite deeply in love with this man. At this time, the two of them were only twelve years old.

    Age: 17 Over the course of five years, Kaminari completed a few things. Firstly, she upped her skills in Arcana and combat so much that she and Ryoichi both were known as prodigies within Desert Sky. Their names spread like wildfire. Secondly, she began to absolutely adore Ryoichi's younger brother Toshiro. While Ryoichi was training or out on a mission of some sort, Kaminari loved hanging out and training with little Toshiro. He was too cute and ended up calling her big sister. She loved it! Thirdly, she figured out who her nephew was. She was not allowed to approach him, but saw him at The Academy one day and could tell who he was. It helped that he shared her sister's last name: Oshima.

    It was a couple of weeks after her seventeenth birthday and Ryoichi had been acting extremely weird. He was at her birthday party, but he was distant. He began avoiding her and any questions she asked to get to the bottom of it. Then he said something weird, "Just make sure to take care of Toshiro if anything happens to me." That sent up many red flags and Kaminari became worried. A week later, Kaminari came onto a scene that horrified her. The entire Tachibana Clan had been slaughtered, similar to her own, but this was by Ryoichi. She heard him speaking to Toshiro, who was breaking down crying at the death of his own parents. Kaminari stayed hidden until Ryoichi left and then chased him.

    As he began fleeing Desert Sky, she appeared in front of him right at the front gate and said one word, "Liar." He kept trying to get by her, but she begged him to stay. He knew how much she cared for him. There was no way she was going to let him go so easily. He got around her and ran, but she chased him. She chased him so far they hit the forest to the north and finally she pinned him down. The two fought until he caught her off guard, but he couldn't and wouldn't strike her down. "Why!?" she yelled at him, but he only stared at her. Kaminari would never forget the moment that he leaned in and they kissed. "Take care of Toshiro for me." he whispered in her ear before vanishing again.

    Kaminari knew Ryoichi and this wasn't something he'd do on a whim. There was one person that she could guess was behind this. She raided the office of Daizo Hayashi, a man obsessed with power. When she raided this mans private office, she found a diary hidden away in a locked compartment. She read through it and found many secrets that included: the reality behind the Hatakeyama slaugther, the reality behind the monster that killed her sister and brother-in-law, the reality behind a civil war that raged before her sister was even born, and a new entry about the slaughter of the Tachibana Clan. Ryoichi and many others had been manipulated and lied to for this to happen.

    Kaminari was caught in Daizo's office by Daizo himself. He was about to call the authorities when he realized what she was reading. He knew she now knew too much and tried to attack her, but her anger allowed for her to knock him back through a damn wall and vanish. Once he woke, Daizo immediately sent out a band of his Elite to hunt her down and retrieve the book, but she had buried it somewhere very safe: behind a waterfall in the forest north of Desert Sky. From there, she fled as far as she could with them only a couple days behind her. Kaminari found herself in the middle of a forest on what her village called "The Pass", a piece of land that separated them from places like Aria.

    Kaminari was so exhausted from running, she fell asleep until she felt something fall over her. She looked down to see a five year old boy that stood out more than most people. He was scared and running from something. He apologized for tripping over her and was about to run, but Kaminari heard the people chasing him. She grabbed him and jumped into the top of the large tree that she had been laying under. She held him close and surprisingly he clung to her. She could tell how alone he was, even found he was rejected by his village and Father, so she stayed with him. The two became very close and were practically inseprable. Kaminari finally had a home again and never wanted to leave.

    Age: 21 Unfortunately, after three years, things were changing. She was waiting for Shizuo in the forest because he wanted to train, but suddenly heard him screaming. She charged forward to find him, assuming the people of his village had once again cornered him when they were apart. It was them, but they knew that she would protect him, so they surrounded her and wrapped a rope around her neck. They were holding Shizuo over a cliff and threatening to drop him. She begged, cried, fought, and struggled. They dropped him anyway. Shizuo was strong enough to catch himself on the side of the cliff, but the man kept slowly stepping on Shizuo's fingers and the rest hurt Kaminari as she fought.

    Kaminari had multiple bones in her body broken as they beat her, but she kept fighting. Shizuo saw blood as he tried pulling himself up and begged for them to stop hurting her. The man told him that they would stop hurting Kaminari if he finally died and dropped himself off the cliff. Shizuo looked to the man and nodded. Kaminari's eyes widened and she began fighting harder, but Shizuo yelled for her to stop. She froze and looked at him in horror. He smiled and nodded to her. She shook her head, but knew he was gonna do it and she had no power to stop them. She saw a tear drop down Shizuo's cheek and heard him say four beautiful words that she wasn't expecting, "I love you, Mommy."

    And then he pushed himself  off of the cliff and began to fall. Kaminari let out a scream that no one could match and suddenly everything around her stopped. Time seemed to freeze and she heard the words from a feminine voice that seemed almost too sweet, "Do you wish to save him?" "YES!" "If so, you will be making a deal with us." "I don't care. Let me save him!" "Are you positive?" "YES, LET ME SAVE MY SON!" As time came back in, Kaminari vanished from sight in an explosion of bright white and orange Arcana. She moved like lightning and was able to catch Shizuo before he fell ten feet. She appeared at the top of the cliff a mere fraction of a second later with Shizuo in her arms.

    Kaminari woke an hour later with Shizuo clinging to her. She was surrounded by people cleaning up the bodies of men that she soon found out that she had killed. She had saved Shizuo from these hired assassins that the village had sent out after him. The leader of the village came to her and explained that someone came to him and threatened the village with destruction if they ever tried to harm Shizuo again, so an incident like this would never occur. This was fantastic, because Kaminari soon heard the voice in her head again and was going to have to leave here. She said goodbye to Shizuo, but gave him a small necklace she had that used to belong to Kanna. With an, "I love you too, son." she left.

    When Kaminari left, she went to a dark and strange place. She had no real idea where she was and was sometimes unsure whether she was on Aurora anymore. In this place, she trained with the best and had her Arcana altered to fit that of Divine right. Though she still technically works off of the normal rules that Arcana provides, when her uses her magic, there is a purifying effect that follows. She also now holds hundreds of small spells that are almost just meant for convenience, like the summoning of an apple or the unlocking/opening of a door with a wave of a hand. One of her favorites is the ability to create yarn because knitting soon became a very, very important hobby to her.

    Age: 26 When she returned to the places she knew, she was set outside of a city she did not know. In fact, she knew none of it. She traveled around aimlessly for a long time before she was able to find a town. No one here recognized her, so she looked for a doctor. The only thing of note about her was a scar around her neck. The doctor told her it was because of a deep rope burn and that she likely attempted suicide since hangings aren't exactly legal in Arcadia anymore. She stayed in the town for a while and was given the name Alison Chase, after the doctor who helped and now sheltered her for a short time. She stayed in this place for a year, slowly trying to figure things out about herself.

    The few things that she found out about herself: she is a great fighter and had amazing abilities with Arcana. She began to remaster them over the time she spent in the village. Luckily, her body seemed to have gone through some recent and extensive training because she was extremely fit, very fast, very strong, and hard to hurt and catch. She seemed to be the perfect warrior. With little known about herself, Alison left the village she had been living at and began to travel. She picked up hobby after hobby, really enjoying knitting, and kept on traveling. She hoped to find someone or some place that knew her face, but has so far been unable to do that. So until she does, Alison keeps on going.


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Kaminari's Arcana is Divine and is based off the complete understanding, acceptance, and adaption to the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Divine magic is just like Arcana and works of the rules and basics of it, but there is one major difference: It's enhanced with the properties of purity or corruption. In Kaminari's case, it's purity. Divine Arcana is extremely rare and can only be obtained if you've gone through something, said something, or done something that adhere's to the code of a God or Goddess. With Kaminari's Divine Arcane, every one of her elements has a unique property that does not appear in the regular element. All effects and abilities stated below:

    Note: Any power with an "*" (asterisk) next to it are powers put there for plot and story. They can only be used on NPCs (or on PCs if permission is given) as they are over powered as hell and using them against PCs is bullshit. All powers below are also subject to weakening or strengthening depending on the will power Kaminari feels at that moment. It is possible for someone to over power her if their will is stronger than hers. When she is in a weakened mental state, wanting to give up, depressed, scared, or anything along these lines, her powers are never absolute. However, the stronger her determination and will power, the stronger her control and abilities get during battle.

    Arcana Properties: Kaminari can only use these abilities if they adhere to strict rules. All of the rules she must adhere to are pretty much common sense. She cannot kill someone that does not deserve their death. She can embark on acts of revenge if it has to do with someone she loves being harmed, this does not include someone harming her. Kaminari's powers will actually shut off if she is not acting right. Though she is unaware of the blessings she's been given by the God's, they still watch over her.

    Automatic Body Enhancements: These are all enhancement that having each element gives her.
    Air: +15 Speed
    Earth: +15 to Strength and Durability
    Fire: +10 to Energy Control
    Water: +15 to Agility

    Air: Kaminari can to lay claim over the air in an area and over power any air users ability to control it. The properties of her air are rather gentle. When winds get heavy and gusts come about, they often feel like they're rough and hard to walk in. Kaminari's winds are gentle even when they're in high mph. It's almost like the wind works around you, if you are her ally. If you are an enemy, it's like hundreds of tiny dull daggers pushing against you. It's uncomfortable and makes it difficult to maneuver.

    Appearance: When Kaminari is in control of wind, there are speckles of shining Arcana in the wind as it moves. It looks like someone decided to toss glitter in the air and it just floats around.

    Temperature: Kaminari can adjust the temperatures of the air to make it cooler or warmer if needed.

    Jet Stream: She manipulates the air around her to allow herself to "hover", but she calls it flying because it's more fun that way. She can use the air to move her body at speeds up to 100 mph while out of battle and 60 mph while in battle. This ability also gives her a "light" feeling, allowing her to move a lot more gracefully. This can be active for up to 20 posts since it uses a very small amount of her Divine Arcana to be active. Kaminari combines this with her martial arts and swordsmanship.

    Gust: This is a very strong and concentrated force of wind that comes from the palm of Kaminari's hand. Gust has the ability to push very heavy objects, like cars, from their current position. This force can be continued for up to ten seconds and feels like getting hit by a large wall and continuously pushed. This can be once a post and 13 times per thread.

    Resistance: There are two ways this ability can be used. Kaminari can either add or remove air resistance from an object, allowing it to speed up or slow down. She can either slow an object by 50% or speed it up by 75%. She can do this once every two posts. It's either speed up or slow down, not both. These objects can also be people, including herself.

    Wind Scythe: The Wind Scythe is made by condensing wind down into a scythe shaped blade and then sending it forth toward a target. The wind is condensed so much that it's moving fast enough to be seen as a white colored scythe as it is thrown. This can be done in rapid fire, 10 times in that post,and three feet in length. Or it can be done twice per post, which is singular fire and 8 feet in length.

    *Oxygen Deprivation: Kaminari can prevent a person from breathing.
    *Lung Expansion: Kaminari can explode someone's lungs by expanding the air within them.

    Earth: Kaminari has the ability to lay claim over stone, plant life, and animal life.

    Stone Manipulation: Rock, dirt, and sand can all be under Kaminari's control. She can use the world around her to her advantage, using stone of massive size to mount attacks or create defenses. She can reshape the stone to her liking, creating different objects or even a shelter.

    Plant Manipulation: Any plant she grows lives double the length of normal plants. If she chooses to create an apple tree, the fruit it bears are perfectly ripe and do not rot until they are picked or removed from the tree some how. This goes for all plant life that she creates. Kaminari's manipulation over plant life can exceed to poisons, flowers, trees, and anything else that grows from soil.

    Animal Manipulation: This is more of a bond than anything. Though she can take control over an animal, as long as she doesn't make them do anything that they would normally never do, she doesn't do it that way often. Normally, she'll create a bond with an animal and they'll fight by her if called. She does not take animals from their homes or keep them as pets.

    Fire: This is a powerful and dangerous element that many people fear. They fear it more in Kaminari's hands. For one, her fire isn't yellow and orange or blue... It's pure white, like it's shining with holy light. Her fire will not harm a child, even a woman pregnant with one. It won't harm anyone that's innocent. Though it does spread normally, it does not harm plant life either. Kaminari's fire only harms those who are corrupt and evil in some way. People who are in odd situations will feel the burn of fire, but their physical body will not be harmed. It's just causes them pain.

    Fire Ball: This technique is as it's said. She creates and gathers fire in the palm of her hand and shoots it towards whatever targets she wishes to hit. The fireball can range small, medium, and large. A small one is about the size of a tennis ball, a medium one is the size of a basket ball, and a large is the side of a beach ball. Each of them do a decent amount of burn damage. The smaller is actually the most powerful because it hits with much more pressure and moves 50% faster than the large. The three of these move at speeds 50, 75, and 100 miles per hour. She can use any size up to 10 times in a thread.

    Fire Burst: This is an attack that starts from her position and shoots outwards at all sides, hitting in a 40 foot radius, 80 foot diameter around her. It's a very fast burst of flames that shoot out around her body. It's usually used in an attempt to get something away from her rather quickly. This is a lot hotter than regular fire, so it comes out blue not yellow and orange. It shoots out from her at 100 miles per hour. Using this around allies is not a smart idea because it can and will damage them if they are too close. She can use this attack 5 times in a single thread.

    Fire Grenade: This technique is exactly the same as her fire ball, excluding one detail, they explode on impact. When these hits something, they explode in a 10, 20, and 40 foot radius, ranging from small medium and large. When these are thrown and before they explode, a small one is about the size of a tennis ball, a medium one is the size of a basket ball, and a large is the side of a beach ball. The smaller is the most powerful because it hits with more pressure and moves 50% faster than the large. The three move at speeds 50, 75, and 100 mph. She can use any size 10 times in a thread.

    Flame Thrower: Just like it sounds, this is a continuous stream of flame that shoots out from her hand(s) at a target. She can increase the speed, pressure, and heat that this uses when she is casting it. The moment the flame turns blue that means it's burning at up to 50 times hotter than the regular flame. The faster she makes it shoot out, the more pressure it causes, which will allow it to break down whatever it's hitting, depending on the objects make up. The faster she makes it shoot out, the thinner the stream of fire becomes as well. She can continue a straight flame for up to ten seconds, (1-3 posts, depending on the thread). She can do this up to 10 times in a single thread.

    Water: Kaminari can manipulate water, ice, and steam.

    Appearance: When Kaminari is in control of water, there are speckles of shining Arcana in it as it moves. It looks like someone decided to toss glitter in the water and it just floats around.

    Temperature: Kaminari can adjust the temperatures of the water to make it cooler or warmer. She can also use this to create ice or steam. If she wants a warm bath or hot-spring, she can do that too.

    Creation: Kaminari can collect whatever water is in the air or plants if she's ever in need of it.

    Purity: Her water is always clean. If her arcana enters it, it's pure and she can clean dirty water.

    Water Manipulation: Kaminari has the ability to control water fully. She can use water to attack or defend herself and those she cares about. All techniques seen in fire can be brought into the water element. Their cool downs and other drawbacks are all the same, just with a different element.

    *Blood Manipulation: There is always water in the body, so she can manipulate a person's blood and muscles. She could even take water from their stomach and mess with it if she wanted to.

    Combined Elements:

    From Air And Water: Lightning:

    Denka: This is a technique that Kaminari uses to super charge her own body. She sends an electrical surge through her entire body, creating a very strong layer of protection. It acts like both armor and an enhancement to her attacks. The electrical armor is quite strong and gives her a +30 to durability. It enhances her attacks by sending an electrical current into anything that she hits. It increases both her speed and strength by 20. Denka can last from fifteen to twenty five posts, depending on the damage it takes and how much energy she exerts to re-strengthen it during battle.

    Both Raikou's Below: When these attacks are used, there is a warning prior to the actual element being fired. Think Lux's laser from League of Legends. There is an outline of the location in which these will be fired, giving a small warning for people to dodge or create a defense of some sort. After the 1 second delay, the attacks fire as normal. Kaminari cannot change the direction of these spells once the warning field is shown, but she can break off of them. This means that if someone dodges, she's not stuck like a statue. She can move. The spell still goes off when and if this happens.

    Raikou Shotto: This is a basic attack using the lightning. It is a large burst of electricity shot straight from the tip of her fingers. She can either choose to use only her index finger for a weaker version of this, or use both her index and middle finger for the stronger version. The weaker version is able to reach up to 75ft and moves just as fast as one would see lightning move. The stronger of the two is able to reach 150ft and also moves just as fast as lightning. The typical lightning bolt moves at 224,000 mph -- or about 3,700 miles per second. She is able to use either of this up to 15 times in a thread.

    Raikou Heki: This is a much stronger version of Raikou Shotto that shoots from the palm of her hand(s) and fires in a cone shape. She can choose to use both or just one. Using both makes it stronger, obviously, but both have a devastating amount of destructive power. The weaker of the two can reach up to 50ft. The stronger of the two can reach up to 100 away from her and move at the same speed. She can use this up to eight times in a single thread.

    Minor Spells:

    Dagger: Kaminari can summon a small sharp dagger. (Fire, Earth)
    Yarn: Can summon as much yarn as she wants at will. (Earth)
    Snow: Can make it snow in an area whenever she wants. (Water, Air)
    Storm: Can create a storm if she wants to as well. (Water, Air)
    Calling: She can call objects that are made out of different materials. For example, if she wants a wooden chair to pull out from a table, she can do so with the wave of her hand.


    Equipment: She keeps a backpack with multiple changes of clothes and a knitted blanket inside.
    Skills: Her basic skills are cooking, knitting, and photography.

    Swordsmanship: You wouldn't think Kaminari to be the type to pick up a sword since she mostly fights with her fists or Arcana, but she can. In fact, it's like she was trained by the most skilled swordsman on Aurora, whoever that may be. Once again, she doesn't remember where she got these skills, but it's obvious that she has them if she ever picks up a blade or something similar. She has been known to smack around a few students that give her attitude with nothing more than a ruler or branch to teach them a lesson. Like with her martial arts, Kaminari uses her Arcana to enhance the movements and fluidity of the techniques she attempts. What seems impossible often comes true for her.

    Martial Arts and Hand-To-Hand Combat: Kaminari's body has the memories of years of training within it. Though she does not remember how, she does have the most unpredictable, yet fluid and graceful, fighting style that no one else has. She uses martial arts along side her abilities as an Arcanist and quite easily out fights most people. Being able to use the air around her to manipulate the movements her body makes causes her to have an automatic advantage in battle. Her body is pretty much perfect, as if sculpted in a manner she once accused Mikhail of being created. Kaminari's style almost feels like a combination of all existing styles with the addition of impossible feats.

    The Seal: This is something that Kaminari is completely unaware of. She has an extremely powerful seal on her that prevents her from remembering who she is and everything else in her past. There are multiple keys to this seal that require her to interact with certain people for her memories to return and her seal to be broken. The keys are: her nephew (Shinji Oshima), her ex crush (Ryoichi Tachibana), Ryoichi's younger brother (Toshiro Tachibana), and the boy she accepted as her son (Shizuo Hanamura). Once she interacts with all four of these people (does not have to be at the same time), they act as a key to her memory and unlock one of the four locks keeping her memory at bay.
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 3251543
    Durability: 3401558
    Endurance: 330033
    Speed: 3301548
    Strength: 3251543
    Energy Control: 3601073

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    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 0-2
    Skill Rank: Specialist (210)

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    Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-2] Empty Re: Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-2]

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