Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5]

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    Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5] Empty Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Jaden Heskett
    Appearance Age: Mid-To-Late 20's
    True Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 190

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    Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5] AP1_zpsxf4yhvnq
    Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5] AP2_zpss1fa0u0v

    Character Information

    Personality: Jaden has always had a soft spot for women. Since he grew up with only his Mother and Sister, he's learned to respect them. He can't stand to see a girl cry and has learned how to speak to them in ways that usually makes them feel nice. Of course, this isn't the greatest thing because he's learned to manipulate them as well. He doesn't unless he has to because of his respect for women, but he can easily win a woman's heart. Luckily, Jaden isn't a player or a user in any way. He is a man who wants to find a woman to love him for who he is with his mistakes and flaws included. Jaden is quite good at romance and has learned that his eyes have an effect on almost all women.

    Jaden is a fun guy. He's the one that makes sure everyone is having a good time at the party. He's the one that if he isn't going to the party, less people show up. He has the ability to just make people feel comfortable and safe when he's around. He's got a bit of an ego, but not one that's offensive. He's confident in his looks and his abilities. He's also more intelligent than people immediately assume. He does have an education and could run a large business if he wanted to, but he doesn't really want to anymore. His goal is finding the one who murdered his little sister and putting them six feet in the ground. Jaden is a good man and would be a great Father, but that dream of his is on hold now.

    Character Background: Jaden Heskett was born to a poor family in a town south of Imorsa, on the opposite side of the lake. The town was small and quaint, filled with people who cared for each other, but everyone was hard working and poorer because of it. They made their clothes, grew their food, and life was not anywhere near simple. Jaden was forced to work the fields with his younger sister from a young age. He often did most of her job for her so she wouldn't suffer too much. When he was ten, his grandparents died and he found out they left everything to him. He was suddenly a wealthy young man and could do whatever he wanted. He also was the owner of a lumber business.

    Being a kid, Jaden was taken advantage of. He did not have the knowledge to run a company and those who were supposed to guide him cheated him out of the business. Luckily, his mother was very smart and had already pulled out a decent amount of money that helped them move to a better town. His mother was able to get a job and things were better, but Jaden grew up angry over being cheated the way he was. He went to school to get an education so he could get his grandparents company back. He found loopholes in contracts based off of his age and his mother not being present at the time of signing. He technically still owned the company, but those who were in control let it go bankrupt.

    Angry over the loss of his grandparents company, Jaden began training the only way he knew how in order to get his revenge. He planned on killing all of those involved, but when the time came, he found out his sister was in love. She was only fourteen, but was planning on getting married to man he had yet to meet. This took priority over his revenge. He was forced by his mother, to stand by in silence while his younger sister got married before he had gotten a chance to date a girl. This disgusted him and he made sure to show it. His sister shunned him because of his behavior, so after a huge fight on her wedding day, Jaden left and told her he knew this marriage won't last more than a year.

    Jaden was right. After some time had passed, he heard news from his Mother that his sister was dead. Not knowing how this happened, he went to hunt Vidis down, but has not been successful in tracking him. During his travels, he met up with a young man named Julius. Though the two have quite different outlooks on the world, they became close enough to trust each other. Jaden has come to trust Julius with his life and easily call him his best friend. The two have started taking random jobs while Julius helps Jaden hunt the man who killed his sister down. Their current job has to do with escorting a ship and it's cargo to an island. Little do they know, this is where their adventure actually begins...


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: For now, Jaden isn't sure of what the Arcana he has in him will allow him to do. He does know that he often outlasts anyone he fights, even if they're better. His current enhancements are:

    +30 Endurance
    +30 Speed
    +30 Durability


    Skills: Jaden is always on the move, so he's got a higher stamina. He's a strong fighter and uses a spear or any other longer weapons quite well. He's more agile than anything else, but his strength and speed are not to be underestimated. Jaden is a jack of all trades and has trained himself this way.

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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 33033
    Durability: 3103043
    Endurance: 3203053
    Speed: 3203053
    Strength: 32023
    Energy Control: 32023

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    Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5] Empty Re: Jaden Heskett [APPROVED, 2-5]

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    Tier: 2-5
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