Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1]

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    Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1] Empty Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Chizuru Yukimura
    Appearance Age: Teens
    True Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 115

    Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1] AP2_zpsraignfbk

    Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1] AP1_zps5vabvjto
    Chizuru Yukimura [APPROVED, 2-1] AP3_zpsqiadjjor

    Character Information

    Personality: For many years of her life, Chizuru was always being spoken for. Her parents constantly tried to talk her up, never letting her speak for herself. Because of this constant treatment, Chizuru is not very good with her words. She stumbles over them a lot. She doesn't have a stutter. It's more like she's nervous and unsure of what to say. She doesn't have the social skills you would expect because she's not used to speaking for herself. There are times she'll defer to another person to see if she is allowed to talk or see if they'll answer for her. Chizuru sometimes comes off as shy. She's a little shy, but not as much as she seems. She can be pretty outgoing once she's got her words.

    Chizuru doesn't have anyone that she trusts. The only person in that category is her older brother, Keisuke. He is protective of her and she knows that he will never hurt her. Chizuru also admires Keisuke for his intelligence and skill with a sword. However, she does fear him in a way. Keisuke had killed for her before and even though it was for her sake, she wonders how far he'll go in other cases. In Cihzuru's eyes, her brother never felt bad about killing a man and that worries her. Either way, she does love him and will show him the loyalty he deserves. He's the one person that she can count on and the idea of losing him scares her. Since her parents are the way they are, it's possible.

    Chizuru is a gentle woman who loves the simple things in life. Her parents always wanted to be wealthy and tried filing her head with thoughts of money, money and more money, but that was never her dream and likely never will be. Chizuru just wants to be loved and happy. She wants to feel safe and secure. She wants to have friends and live life with a smile. She wants people to stop liking her just because of her appearance. She knows this is practically impossible since she is apparently the perfect Ezonian woman. People take one look at her and see someone beautiful. She doesn't understand it, but she accepts it. It's who she is. She'll just have to find someone that's different.

    Character Background: The Ezonian outlook on the beauty of women is one opposite to most of the world. They don't look for a large chested, long legged, vibrant woman. Instead, they like something very specific and hard to come by. A small chested woman with ebony hair and either green or violet colored eyes. The "perfect Ezonian woman" is a difficult find, at least for most people. The Yukimura family was astonished when a beautiful baby girl with vibrant green eyes and silky black hair was born into their lives. They prayed every day and even kept her on specific diets to be sure that she would become the perfect Ezonian beauty. Funnily enough and lucky for them, it worked.

    Chizuru's black hair, green eyes, short stature, and small chest were perfect qualities to their culture and she was coveted by many as she grew older. By the time she was eleven, many families wanted to arrange a marriage between her and their sons. They were almost desperate for it. The Yukimura family received many offers and bribes to get this done. Chizuru was thrust into meetings with men younger, her age, older, and even much older than her. There was one time that a man fifteen years her senior attempted to persuade her. Being so young, Chizuru was both confused and frightened by the offers and the looks she received. She asked her parents to stop, but was refused.

    Chizuru had an older brother, Keisuke, who was both protective of and disliked Chizuru. He disliked her out of jealousy and the amount of attention she got from her parents and everyone else in Ezon, but was protective of her because of one event between the two. Chizuru was hiding and crying in her closet after another one of her many meetings. Her brother caught her and she broke down about everything. She said that she knew he hated her and didn't understand why. She told him that she didn't want to be pawned off like this. She wanted to be left alone until she was ready, but would one day be tossed at someone that her family found suitable. She just wanted to be normal.

    For the first time, Chizuru saw a softer side of her older brother. He sat there with her for hours to keep her calm and promised he wouldn't let anyone take her away unless she approved of them. It made her feel better and the two became closer. The next meetings that Chizuru had were a lot less intimidating because of Keisuke. He would ask his own questions and belittle the man who was being offered up. It angered their parents, but Chizuru and Keisuke did not care. The family began falling apart when Keisuke started protecting her. Their parents said that he was "sabotaging her chances of getting a good husband" and would be banished from the family if he continued to do it.

    Since all of the newest suitors were being denied, belittled, or sabotaged in some other way by Keisuke, Chizuru's family went back to an old deal that was still on the table. With a very large offering of platinum, they decided that Chizuru had found her husband. It was the son of a well decorated Shogun that retired ten years ago. Unfortunately, his son was also thirteen years older than the fifteen year old Chizuru. When she found out, Chizuru broke down again. She stayed in her room for days and when she finally came out, she stopped talking. Keisuke was fed up with his sister being treated like some auction item. The night before Chizuru's marriage, her to-be husband was found dead.

    No one was able to figure out what happened. He had recently been seen drinking heavily during a final party before he was to be a husband and fell in the river. The authorities called his death an accident and that was that. Keisuke never admitted to the murder, but his parents assumed and Chizuru had a strong idea about it. She asked him one day a few months later and he only smiled at her, asking why she'd ever think he'd do such a thing. He was no murderer. While he answered though, knowing his parents where in the other room listening, he was nodding to her. Chizuru could only smile and agree that he'd never do it. For the time being, Chizuru was free of this forced marital burden.


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: Chizuru has the power to heal rapidly. She heals fifty times faster than normal people. When she is cut, the wound will be gone in seconds. Bruises never have time to form. Broken bones, torn muscles, burns, lacerations, stab wounds, and any other kind of injury one can think to get all disappear in very short amounts of time. Chizuru seems to have no Arcana and cannot be sensed in that manner either. She walks around like a normal human, so she does not understand where this power comes from. She keeps it secret to most, but her brother and a select few others think it might have something to do with her blood instead of Arcana. However, her Arcana has merely bonded with her blood to allow this to happen. She also has a +10 to all skill sheet stats to give her a slight edge.


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: N/A
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 31013
    Durability: 31013
    Endurance: 31013
    Speed: 31013
    Strength: 31013
    Energy Control: 31013

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