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    Character Template

    "Thy life's weight in Arcana pay!"


    Name: Magina
    ALIAS: The Anti-Mage
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 1.80m
    Weight: Medium

    Personality: Magina isn't a person known for telling jokes, that much is assured. He's a very serious and calm person most of the time, even in combat - which is good, as combat is a big part of his life. He was raised with absolute efficiency in mind, and he regards personal discipline and training as very important aspects. Those that respect their own body and properly train it will gain some respect from that alone. His manner of speaking is very odd to most people. Thanks to living highly secluded until he was a young man, his accent makes his voice sound very exotic and strange, while his mannerisms are very formal and respectful. He'd never call someone by their first name right after meeting them, for example. One could almost call some of his speaking patterns ancient or medieval in nature, as if he was from a time before the current state of the world.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Magina doesn't respect the arcane arts. Even more, he actively dislikes arcanists and those that use supernatural powers, be they human or elf. He will outright refuse any help offered to him that includes the aid of magic, excluding his own personal equipment. He's a bit of a hypocrite, since his equipment is magical, but he sees that magic as a 'necessary evil' to combat evil magics. Those that use arcane arts against civilians, be it in malice or for experimentation or fun, will quickly find his blade pressed against their throats. He has zero tolerance for the abuse of the arcane, and will ignore any laws that might be in place. He follows a strict code of ethics and religion, which force him to strike against evil wizards instantly, no matter the repecussions for himself, and to never cooperate with them. This code of behavior forces him to do honorable combat when challenged directly, either to first blood or to death, depending on the challenge. However, the code also states that evil wizards deserve no mercy, and using trickery or sneak-attacks is actively encouraged to put an end to their activities.

    The code of his faith also commands Magina to stand up against general injustice that doesn't involve magic. Laws are second to his morals of justice, and he has no qualms about breaking them if he feels it necessary. The code doesn't actively speak of any particular deity worshipping, but focuses on the power and eternity of the human soul through rebirth. Those that live in honor and serve justice will be rewarded with a good next life, while those living in deplorable ways - especially if they abuse arcane arts - will be reborn as lesser creatures, such as animals and monsters to reflect their inner selves.

    Magina, like all Anti-Mages of his order, travels the world a lot in search for corruption. His tendency to seek out known dark arcanists and to kill them has given him a reputation as a mercenary and hired killer, used by the enemies of those arcanists - however, he is more of a crusader or religious warrior. He will take donations and hints towards evil mages from people, and use any money or items given to him to improve the monastery he hails from. He desires no personal riches in life.
    Friendship is rare for him, as he doesn't stay in the same place for long. However, the notable exception comes into play if someone saves his life. In that case, his code compells him to swear a life-debt that needs to be repaid, unless the savior is an evil arcanist - in that case, the 'no honor' clause frees Magina from any life-debt. When getting to know people, it is very easy to see that Magina always means well, even when being harsh to arcanists - he truly believes that the arcane arts are a detriment to the world, and that they'd be better of without any. Still, he'd come to the defense of an innocent arcanist just as he would come to the defense of any other innocent, and is a supportive person to those that mean well.


    Magina the Anti-Mage [Approved, No Tier] Anti_mage_by_angryrabbitgmod-d6hqrr2
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    One oddity about his appearance are his eyes, which have a light violet shine to them. This was caused by prolonged exposure to arcane energies and provide him with no actual benefit or negative effects, aside from maybe being seen in the dark - however, the glow is very hard to spot in actual darkness.


    Type: Evoker
    Description: Magina uses the anti-magic enchantment combinations created by his monestary of monks. Each part of his uniform and weaponry holds a different enchantment, each designed to counter a specific part of an arcanist's power. This makes them remarkably useful against elves as well.

    Weapon Enchantment: Arcana Break Tier 2-1

    A weapon blessed with this effect has an added effect of cutting apart arcane energy and destroying it. Each strike with these weapons will, on a hit. The intense burn of the destroyed arcana will cause additional physical damage to the target. Non-arcanists are not affected by this enchantment, but it will work against elves of all types, as long as they have Anima remaining within their bodies. Arcana Break has little effect on other arcane items, but it will weaken them for a short time. If an incoming magical attack is struck with the weapons, it will be weakened, but not destroyed, unless it is a very weak spell. The damage is proportional to each cut - a small cut will burn a small amount of mana, while causing slight burns around the cut area. A full on hit will deplete a medium chunk of the target's energy, while leaving the surrounding tissue burned with first to second degree burns.

    Cloak Enchantment: Magic Shell Tier 1-1
    This enchantment on the upper clothing of the Anti-Mage reduces all magic effects on the wearer. The constant enchantment reduces strong magics by up to 50% of their original effectiveness, and weak spells lose all effect. The Magic Shell emitted by the cloak envelops the entire body, but is strongest right where the cloak itself is located.

    Belt Enchantment: Blink Tier 1-5
    The first signature enchantment of the Anti-Mage, using the belt allows the wearer to teleport short instances instantly, leaving behind a few black particles in the air as the only signal that they even disappeared, while a swarm of them disperses from the place the Anti-Mage teleports to. This move is great for sneak-attacks, as it emitts nearly no trace of magic energy and is hard to spot with the eyes alone. The range of the teleport depends on the channel time - short distances up to 50 meters are nearly instanteneous, but anything farther will require a short channel. Magina can only teleport to places he can see, so obstructing his vision will hamper the effectiveness of Blink. The belt requires ten seconds to recharge after every Blink.

    Boot Enchantment: Phase Walk Tier 2-1
    By activating the boots, Anti-Mage moves faster for ten seconds, while also being able to 'phase', meaning he can move his body through inanimate objects, such as thin walls, furniture or plants. He can't phase through humans, elves or other sentient creatures, magical or mundane. He also can't phase through arcane attacks. His movement speed increases to him being barely anything more than a blur while Phase is active. If any attack connects with Anti-Mage during this time, Phase is immedeatly broken. Phase has a cooldown of ten seconds that starts the moment it is broken, either by running out or by being hit.

    Glove Enchantment: Magic Void Tier 0-5
    The second signature enchantment of the Anti-Mage, using the power of the gloves creates ethereal 'energy' gloves around the actual gloves. Anti-Mage then 'rips' them away from the target, which has to be within 10 meters for the spell to work. The less arcana the target has left, the more devastating this attack gets. Non-arcanists will not be affected by this enchantment at all. A single use of Magic Void depletes a lot of energy, causing them to recharge over a duration of ten posts before being useable again.
    Magic Void can also be used to disable incredibly powerful spells coming at Anti-Mage, or to depower an arcane item. A depowered arcane item will need ten posts to regain enough power so that the enchantment on it returns.
    The damage done is dependant on the arcana reserves of the target. Someone at full power will feel only a slight tingling sensation, and someone without any arcana left will take very heavy damage by being 'ripped', causing internal damage. Magical barriers and defensive enchantments will break upon a cast of Magic Void at the target, while reducing the effective damage done by it. Anything else magical that stands between the target and Magina will only reduce the spell slightly, an offensive spell is not a good enough defense to negate Magic Void.

    Ultimate Enchantment Tattoo: Manta Style Tier 0-5
    An enchantment applied directly to the ink within Magina's body, this incredible spell directly influences his body. Activating Manta Style is highly taxing, and can be done only once every twenty posts. Once the enchantment is evoked, two 'illusionairy copies' of Anti-Mage appear at his sides. Each looks exactly like him, and they all speak with a unified voice. The weapon and cloak of the copies retain their enchantments, meaning each 'illusion' is a tangible threat and fighting force, able to split away from the original and attack from the sides or to storm forward alone. A good hit with any strong attack will destroy the illusion prematurely, and they vanish after two posts naturally. Illusions can't Blink, Phase or utilize the Magic Void, but their weapons are just as dangerous as the original ones.
    All in all, Manta Style is a devastating spell that can quickly turn the tides of battle.


    Equipment: Two blades which carry the Arcana Break enchantment, as described above. Their unique shape is great for swiping attacks to weaken a target, before they are used to impale the opponent. Other magical equipment is described above. Magina generally doesn't carry anything else with him.
    Skills: Discipline and endless training have given Magina the ability to keep fighting even when faced with grueling injury and exhaustion. He can run steadily for hours without tiring out, and his speed with the twin blades is incredible. He is not used to fighting non-arcanists, though. He also posesses multiple trained instincts for 'sensing' magic - if an arcanist uses a certain spell in an area, he can feel trace amounts of the power up to four hours later. If he later encounters the spell again, he will be able to notice it. As an investigator, Magina is also very good at analyzing possible crime scenes and the like, and has knowledge of human and elven anatomy to be able to perform autopsys when required. Thanks to his origin, he speaks the common language and another one that nobody apart from scholars would recognize, for it is only spoken within the monastery.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: From before humans had the arcane arts, many already hated magic for what the elves did with it. And after humans obtained their own arcane powers, those without them or those distrustful only saw more dangerous power and threats. One man who saw this was a scholar and scientist, one who foretold that the arcane arts would only lead to destruction.
    And he was proven right in the great war. Humans fighting for aeons, without even remembering why - the scholar and his students retreated back into the mountains, where they built a safe haven for all those escaping from the wrath of magic. Quickly growing in size, the anti-magic sentiment of them became a religion in itself - the belief that the arcane was a sure downfall of the world. Using what little they knew of how the arcane worked, the new monks of the monastery learned how to fight the arcanists if the need arose, all while building up the monastery to an even larger size...

    In the modern day, the monastery is hidden from public view. Only very view outsiders know of it's location, although nearly every major city has an embassy from them. This embassy allows to either donate to the monastery, or to request their help against dark magical threats. In the years of the great war, and in the years after, some monks went to the ultimate extreme in their fight against magic - they learned how to wield the arcane power themselves, to weave it into weapon and armor for their comrades. And thus, the Anti-Mages were born.
    One such Anti-Mage, now almost 15 years ago, stormed the base of a black wizard. The evil arcanist was experimenting with ways to avoid the inevitable death of the soul, by absorbing the life-force of others - all of his test subjects had perished by the time the Anti-Mage stormed his base. All but one. A single boy had survived, who seemed to be only skin and bones - he couldn't even speak, despite being around 9 years old, or walk. He had been kept in a cage as an experiment for all of his life. The Anti-Mage took this victim of rampant magic in, gave him a name, and brought him back to the monastery. This boy was now known as Magina - in their language, he is the one 'touched by magic', for his eyes would always shine in ethereal glow.

    Once safe and sound in his new home, Magina not only recovered - he seemed to be making up for all the time he had missed previously. He was an intelligent and strong boy once his body recovered fully - joining the training to become an Anti-Mage himself, like his adoptive father before him. And never before had they seen such a student - when they asked him to do something once, he'd do that training ten times over until he could do it perfectly. At the age of thirteen, he was already capable of using a Blink enchantment - with fifteen, he volunteered for the most dangerous procedure of the cult, and obtained the Manta Style. When he turned twenty, he was known as the brightest and strongest of the order without ever having been in the outside world yet - his natural ability and affinity made him a perfect Anti-Mage.

    As it was the norm, at twenty, he also recieved his personal enchanted items, and was sent out into the world to spread peace and truth, while combating evil magic. Determined to never let anyone go through what he went through in his earliest years, Magina was like a whirlwind in the world for years - before, people would sometimes speak of the rare and illusive Anti-Mages, which came and went, hunting for black magic. Now, they were talking about THE Anti-Mage - Magina, the black mage hunter. The strongest member of the monastery, his quest will not end until all evil is eradicated and all magic is tamed - unless death finds him first.

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    Application Checklist

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    Arcana Break:  Tier 2-1

    Magic Shell:  Tier 1-1

    Blink:  Tier 1-5

    Phase walk:  Tier 2-1

    Magic Void:  Tier 0-5

    Manta Style:  Tier 0-5

    Tier: No Tier

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