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    Character Template


    Name:  Solon Rurik
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 165

    Personality:  Solon, to get to the point, knows what he wants.  Sure, he can be on the fence about something, everyone has that now and then.  Thing is, when he knows what he wants he KNOWS what he wants.  He sees a girl he is interested in, he WILL go for her.  He sees something on display that he wants to buy, he will buy it.  If he can't afford it without setting himself behind too much in terms of funds, he will deliberately go earn money just to buy it.  He just knows when he wants something.  He knows when he wants to do something.  Once he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him.  There are an extremely small number of people who could get him to reconsider, but it most certainly wouldn't because he wanted to.  He'd only back off of something he set his mind to if it made a very select few people he actually cares about dislike the notion of it so much it'd cause them more pain or worry than he'd want to cause them.  It isn't them telling him to back off, it is the pain his action would inevitably cause.  He knows sometimes something just isn't worth it.

    He is fairly calm however.  With how stubborn he is, you'd think that he'd be aggressive and give off a "tough" nature.  Well if you thought that then stop thinking it.  Stop it!  NOW!  Getting a "reaction" out of him is extremely disappointing if one expects some grand or hilarious scene.  In most situations, he'll just keep a cool head and speak in an eerily calm voice.  The only thing eerie about it is how hard it is to evoke more than that, but of course it IS possible.  He isn't one to shed tears if someone dies, he isn't one to daww at a cute animal (which is funny because he dawws internally every time he sees cute animals doing cute things).  If someone exceedingly close to him was to die, that'd probably be the only time a single tear might escape his eyes (that and when something gets stuck in his eye, that shit hurts).  Of course if he has a close friend or two, and they sit down and make jokes and have a good time, he'll loosen up then.  He isn't some genius or maser tactician, but his calmness can give off the illusion of one.  Many would expect him to have a million tricks up his sleeve, but in reality any tricks he does have are more direct than they are expecting.

    Solon is, surprisingly, a hunter.  He goes out, finds animals which have meat which is commonly found to be edible to the populace, and kills it.  Ironic that he who could find a little bunny rabbit adorable could hunt and kill one for food.  Granted he doesn't tend to go after rabbits, but if he needs the money from selling the meat (or is just so hungry he needs what he can get), he can do it.  He has the utmost respect for nature though.  He understands it quite thoroughly, as he spends a lot of time in it.  He understands what different animal tracks look like, how animals communicate, mating patterns, the whole 9 yarns.  He knows when not to kill certain animals (usually related to it being the time where animals have babies), he knows how to catch just about any animal.  He always respects that which he kills, as far as to give a silent prayer on his knees upon approaching the dead body.  He always aims his strikes or arrows to be a 1 shot 1 kill.  He doesn't want to put the animals through any pain.  He also uses as much of the body as he can come up with a use for.  Anything he doesn't use, he finds a place and buries them.  His absolute respect for nature seems to be understood by nature itself, because despite him making a living by hunting, animals don't actually fear him.  When he isn't on the hunt, the animals sense it and will not be afraid to come up to him, and he will never kill them when they come up to him.  He will find a different hunting ground if he begins after animals got close to him.  In fact, animals he never kills will come up to him even when he is on the hunt.

    Combined with his respect for nature, he demands respect, and he demands that people get the respect they deserve.  If someone busts their ass for someone, and the only gratitude they get is being yelled at, that actually ticks him off.  There are plenty of other scenarios, and it isn't like he is respect crazy, but if someone works hard and is blatantly disrespected, things won't end well for the offender.  The disrespect that bugs him the most is that intentionally disrespectful, someone being laid back talking to someone of authority isn't enough to trigger him.  After all, his calmness might not make him SEEM the most respectful at times, but he is the epitome of it.

    Solon is fond of girls who are generally more on the adorable side.  It may branch from him loving cute animals secretly, but he finds girls who are small and cute incredibly attractive.  Most girls he has locked onto in the past have been beautiful and not quite on the adorable side, but that is because adorableness is hard to find in a girl that isn't actually a child.  When he's locked onto someone, he won't take no for an answer.  No, not in the creepy or criminal way.  More in the "You'll be convinced if it is the last thing I do way".  He won't break personality in order to do so of course, but someone who'd require that much he'd inevitably dub not worth the relationship.  When it comes to competition, well if he loses then she probably wasn't worth his time romantically.  If he won, then the competition wasn't worth her time.  Once he has a girl, he isn't going to enslave her or anything, but if she expected to be the dominant one in the relationship initially, then she certainly wouldn't feel that way once she was in (he does already have her, which means she accepted his nature by this point).  She'll get all the love she could want, so long as she doesn't expect much of the affection to show itself in public.  This person would inevitably be one of the few people who could get Solon to back off of something if he thought it'd cause far too much worry or pain, and she'd also be probably be the only one to consistently cause a smile (though he most certainly is capable of smiling, and laughing for that matter, in other situations).

    Fun Facts!
    -Much to his father's dismay, Solon actually enjoys reading, despite it not being a manly activity.
    -Despite his preference in adorable, a woman who is beautiful or drop dead gorgeous can catch his attention
    -Solon doesn't like the taste or smell of tuna.  If you smell like tuna for any reason, expect air freshener (or something else with a good scent) to be rubbed on you (seriously, he hates the smell enough to do it)
    -He can fish, but if he catches a Tuna he'll probably have the most hilariously disgusted look on his face
    -Solon actually likes cats, but won't let a cat lick him or be anywhere near his face if he has a suspicion it has recently eaten some tuna
    -While games of strategy typically aren't his thing, he sometimes enjoys a game of Go from time to time.  Sadly as the game hails from Zhilihan he doesn't have many opponents who know how to play it.  It is like chess, only manlier!



    Solon Rurik [Approved; No Tier] SaitouHajimefull1589396_zpsd0ac52e4


    Type:  Evoker

    Lacerating Blade:  A short sword that Solon carries on his hip.  While the blade itself is made of fine material, the main power in the blade is its enchantment.  The blade has an enchantment that increases it's cutting power many times over.  He can cut through the hide of an animal like a knife through butter, and it is incredibly effective people as well.  On top of that, when the blade connects a strike, some energy shoots out an extra 1 cm to increase the power of the cut.  This can't penetrate armor (well easily anyway), so armored targets or plain old dodging works.  That being said, even if he strikes

    Spear:  Solon has no fancy name for his spear.  It is just a spear.  He calls it spear.  He got it from a spear man.  The spear man used it to spear things.  However, it has an enchantment that makes it the speariest spear this spear could be.  It is enchanted to be better at penetrating.  The spear shoots out energy 2 cm in front of the tip, making it exceedingly strong at piercing armor.  This is also great for monsters that have strong armor if he needs to fight them.  The downside is, of course, the tip of a spear is harder to land than the blade of a sword.  However, when dealing with armor, little gets in its way.

    Enchanted Hunting Bow:  Solon's hunting bow is quite powerful.  Even on its own it is of high quality.  The bow is enchanted to fire arrows with more speed and force.  Aiming with this bow is a completely different process than a normal bow.  The arrow reaches its target much faster, so the amount of lead on moving targets is different, the curve on the arrow is different.  These arrows are difficult to dodge, and hit hard.  Unfortunately for his targets, Solon is very good at aiming with this weapon.

    Glove of Enchanting:  A special glove that Solon wears.  All arrows he carries typically have a "base" enchantment which does nothing special.  However, this glove can be used to add one of the actual enchantments, which each arrow has "dormant" within it.  This glove has 100 charges per thread.  Each enchantment uses up charges.  The base enchantment his arrows have can be added to an unenchanted arrow for 4 charges, so technically he can make his own supply of arrows, though he prefers to go to the girl who made all his enchanted equipment.  He prefers the glove being ready in case of emergency.

    Enchanted Arrows  (he usually carries about 25 of these in a thread, assuming he has had time to restock inbetween threads):
    Fire Arrows:  Upon colliding with a target, the arrow bursts into flames.  This can cause significant burn damage if the arrow penetrates inward, especially if it strikes an organ.  If it strikes something flammable then the object will likely burst into flames.  This isn't used often though since striking a hunting target with this will likely destroy some of the food by burning it.  Costs 3 charges
    Ice Arrows:  An arrow of ice, upon colliding with a target a layer of ice covers the area surrounding the arrow.  If he strikes an arm, most of the arm will be frozen solid.  If he strikes the torso, a portion of it will be frozen.  This ice can be broken out of with sufficient force.  Even if the target doesn't get covered in ice, they will be extremely chilled and movement will be more difficult.  Costs 5 charges.
    Shock Arrow:  Shocks the opponent with electricity.  The power of the current is most certainly not fatal, nor should a single arrow cause any permanent paralysis (unless someone has absolutely horrid luck AND was struck by several).  However, the arrow will likely disorient an opponent for a few moments and cause some minor damage.  The full power of the shock won't be unleashed unless the arrow penetrates something, so blocking with a sword will likely make the person feel like they just got a small static shock.  Costs 4 charges.
    Piercing Arrow:  An arrow built to penetrate armor,  this arrow makes even the most armored opponents feel his sting.  Costs 3 charges.
    Snare Arrow:  This enchanted arrow has the most complicated magic infused into it, thus it is the most expensive.  This arrow, upon striking a target, sends a wave of arcana through the target, which reads the target's "shape".  The arcana then creates vine-like tendrils which wrap around anything resembling a limb and wraps its way into the ground.  Should all go well, the target would be locked to that spot.  If limbs can't be found, or the person does something like hold their arms really close to their body, then it wraps around the entirety of their body and locks the entire thing to the ground.  Costs 10 charges.



    Master Hunter:  When it comes to hunting, there is little he can't do.  He knows just about everything there is to know about creatures of the wild, and he can track and kill them like no other.

    Master Archer:  1 shot 1 kill is his philosophy.  He can fire arrows with deadly precision, and can use his bow effectively while running or even on horseback.

    Decent swordsman:  He isn't an expert, but when he draws his sword he is still a threat to face.  He can parry and find an opening with ease.  However, those who focus on their swordplay might have his number.

    Expert Spearman:  He is surprisingly good with a spear.  He can swing that thing and fight many opponents at once, deflecting blows and sweeping them away with the swings.  He has never met someone who matched him with a spear, and he can use it expertly anywhere where he has room to swing it.  If facing him, keep your guard up and do not let him disarm you, a spear blow from him might be the last blow you ever take.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Solon was born in a small village in Arcadia.  There wasn't much to the village, it was in a forest and fishing and hunting was its livelihood.  That was really because that was all it had, a lake and about a million trees.  Solon's family was of the more traditional sort.  That is his mother typically stayed home and dealt with the home, and his father went out hunting.  This was what Solon grew up with, and the idea that the man was in charge.  He of course didn't see it in the disrespectful manner in which the woman was a slave or anything, but he was taught to be the alpha male in life in general. Granted Solon's father wanted him to be friends with boys who would become manly men, or girls who were all proper and would almost definitely grow up into fine women.  So who did Solon end up befriending?  That's right, the extremely energetic, adorable, and perky girl who lived halfway across town.  None of the ones his father wanted him to befriend, most of which were far closer.  Not like he could have stopped it, little miss perky took a liking to Solon and there was no one who could have resisted the adorable 6 year old.  Well, Solon's father could, but sucks for him.  She was small and adorable, and Solon's father didn't have the chance to also instill his narrow mindedness about what a woman should be like into Solon.  Even while Solon's father taught Solon how to hunt and fight and whatnot, Solon spent a lot of time with Annika.  He didn't really keep up with her in terms of energy.  He could sit under a tree reading (the ability to read a gift from his mother) while she did cartwheels and somersaults all around him laughing and giggling and he'd enjoy her company all the same.  It seemed to be mutual, as she'd enjoy his company while she flew all over the place and he sat down reading.  She'd giggle and ask weird questions and bring up whatever was on her mind, and he'd answer in a very calm demeanor.

    It was thanks to what little influence his mother was able to hold over Solon, in addition with his befriending of Annika, that allowed him to grow up to be a lot less narrow minded than his father.  His father saw men had to be tough, do manly things.  Women had to be quiet, proper, graceful, etc. etc.  Essentially woman had to be everything that he felt Annika wasn't.  Solon, while he could still only get along with certain types of people, was at least more accepting of things outside of that range.  He still learned how to hunt and other things "men" were supposed to do.  He was good at it too.  He was far better than his father was at hunting by the time he turned 12, probably on account of his head not being so far up his ass that he can chew his food again on the way down.  In fact, Solon was better than his father at everything.  Solon's father wasn't a bad father of course, he wanted what he thought was best for his son.  Just his narrow minded opinions often got in the way of that, and Solon was probably only better at everything was because Solon spent less time worrying about how other people live their life and how they are doing it "wrong", but instead he focused on things that were actually relevant to him.  By the time he was 18 he was the best hunter in the village, and as if to slap Solon's father in the face, Solon's best friend Annika became a beautiful young woman who was a skilled Arcanist.  The two had no romantic interest in each other, at least for the moment, but they were extremely close.  In fact, in order to augment his hunting, Solon requested that Annika teach him to be an Arcanist.  Unfortunately it was quickly clear that he had no Arcana in his body, but that didn't stop Annika from learning how to enchant equipment and arming Solon with some powerful enchanted weapons to use.

    At age 21 Solon decided that the immediate area around his village was too small for him.  He learned that small stretch of woods too well, and doing it over and over got repetitive.  His little village was near the city of Colburn, and this he was fully aware of. He decided to semi-strike out from his small village.  He wasn't permanently leaving or anything.  He still had a home there, visited it often, and it had his best friend (and source of enchanted arrows) there.  He began to visit Colburn, and of course being a city, it needed food just as much as the next place did.  It had a much larger expanse of wilderness to explore.  Great forests, mass expanses of hills, and even wide open plains.  All kinds of new challenges to overcome and things to learn.  The repetition was gone, he could easily cycle through jobs.  Not to mention with his skills as a hunter, he was able to pick up a pretty penny selling the meat to merchants, and restaurant in Colburn.  With a decent amount of coin in his pocket and an entire wilderness to hunt and explore, he isn't liable to get bored any time soon.

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