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    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] Empty Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1]

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    Character Template


    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] VAiyDUi

    Name: Mirana Moonglow
    ALIAS: The Witch, Midna
    Gender: Female
    Age: ~35
    Height: 1.97m
    Weight: ~80kg

    Personality: Are witches evil? Definitely. Is Midna evil? Hellllll noooooo. She's mischievous, at her worst. She likes playing tricks on people, but doesn't harm them. Suffering is big enough in the world without her using her Witchcraft to make it worse. You heard that right - a positive Witch. She's incredibly determined and strong-willed, otherwise she wouldn't have a human consciousness anymore. As such, she doesn't like people that give up easily, or that let the harsh realities of life weigh them down instead of fighting back or simply living with all their might.

    She thus adores people that are strong-willed and live with all their might... As long as they're not evil. Those true to themselves, who try to make the world a better place, in other words, heroes - she supports them and likes them. The same goes to most people true to themselves, even if they aren't heroes. She herself always tries to make the world a better place - in her own, weird way. She's more prone to making snide remarks to bully someone into actually improving things than she is to actually interfere. She does tend to help any friends she has, though.
    Yes, friends - a creature of darkness like her has friends. As long as they know how to take a joke, are determined, and are pleasant to be around... In other words, as long as they're not terrible people. Mirana isn't hard to get along with, once one gets past her sarcasm and pranks. In fact, she's quite loving towards anyone around her, and can often help someone out whenever doubts arise, by action and word, with magic and a helpful hand. And may the gods have mercy on the souls of those who would attack her friends or seek to harm them...

    Because she is still a Witch, and she KNOWS how to make someone suffer a slow, agonizing death to drain them dry of despair. She's a bit of a sadist, which is at least halfway because of her inherit nature as a Witch, but also because she isn't the best at repressing her bloodlust. Getting on her bad side isn't a good thing even when she's not out to kill you - she'll make your life hell in whichever way she can to make you apologize and grovel on the ground in front of her. And she'll enjoy every single second of it. A good person is not equal to a soft person, after all.
    She wouldn't really torture someone to death unless she had just fought in a life or death battle, though. She doesn't forgive transgressions easily, but she DOES forgive them eventually. Once or maybe twice, at the max. Anything more, and she figures you don't really mean it... And then beware of orange tentacles visiting you while you're undressing.

    As far as fighting itself goes, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she's a bit full of herself sometimes, and at other times, seems completely baffled by her own strength - which just enforces her ego. She has some trouble limiting herself, and has a tendency of getting carried away - not only in combat, but also in other fun things in life. Really, fighting is quite fun to her, as long as she isn't fighting to protect her own life or that of a friend. When fighting for her life, she isn't above using dirty tactics and mindgames to win - survival is quite a bit more important to her than honor or fairness. For her to use the true form of a Witch within her, though, would require a tremendous mental strain to be put on her first... A situation in which every other option seems pointless and useless, a threshold she never wishes to cross.

    As far as her tendency to wear little more than a few scraps of clothing... She does so intentionally. Her body is a manifestation of perfect beauty in her own eyes, even if it is marred by her limitations of being a Witch, and she's damn proud of it. Stare at it if you must, she won't judge you - at least not harshly. As one might expect from someone with such a confident attitude, sex itself also isn't much more to her than a fun little activity to pass the time... Probably also because she has never been in love. She doesn't have preferences as far as gender or race go, but it'd be impossible for her to imagine herself in love with someone weaker than her... Be it in will, or strength, she wants to someday maybe find an equal or superior being to herself that she can actually fall for. Not that it's high on her list of priorities, but it is there.
    Also, as one might gather from her tendency to string people up with hair-ropes and tentacles... She has a bit of a bondage fetish and is not going to deny that or be embarrassed by it in the slightest. Dominating people is also a casual kink to her, nothing special, while being dominated is something she's interested in... but she has so far found exactly ZERO people capable of doing that.


    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] MbC0dqa

    On the left: Imp Form, on the right: Twilight Form

    Below: Fused Shadow

    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] Midna_fused

    Quite a few things differentiate her far from normal humans, even in her human-like Twilight Form. Both forms have very long, pointy ears that put most elves to shame. They look a bit rugged, making them not look quite like elven ears. But the biggest thing about her appearance is, easily, her skin tone. She isn't tanned or simply dark skinned - instead, her skin is a completely unnatural grey color that looks as if some purple was mixed in. Her hair actually shines in orange light, with the white of her eyes in the same color and red irises. While in imp form, her clothes become part of her body as jet-black skin, transforming into a quite revealing robe when in Twilight form. Additionally, her thighs have blue, glowing runes on them, as well as the long, fingerless gloves that are part of her outfit. These are only partially visible while in imp form.
    Also, her traditional grin with her cute little fangs showing while in imp form seems to both draw people to her as well as creep them the hell out.


    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] JoMCW3P

    Type: Witch (functionally identical to Magical Girls and Sorcerers)
    Name: Twilight Witchcraft
    Description: Oh boy, this is a magic that is quite difficult to describe... because by the laws of the universe, it should never have existed in the first place. Somehow, Mirana accomplished the impossible, and resisted the destructive force of turning into a Witch. Normally, a Magical Girl that loses her 'light' within the Soul Gem is turned into a terrible monstrosity, but not the being known as 'Midna' - or at least, not fully. Her body is actually an expression of her magic power, with the Grief Seed of her Witch-self locked into the center as her 'heart', circulating her blood which is colored deep purple. She is impossibly beautiful by design, because she WISHES to be - her appearance can be changed by modifying her own arcana.
    Unlike a normal arcanist, and much like a Magical Girl, she is unable to produce Arcana on her own. To continue existing, and especially to fight, Mirana needs to feed. And like all Witches, she feeds on despair itself. The more people feel despair, hopelessness, and other negative, depressing emotions around her, the stronger her arcana regeneration becomes, while it reduces itself to zero without any source nearby. Also, like a Magical Girl, she can use Grief Seeds - but unlike them, she sucks out the despair they collected beforehand, shattering the Grief Seed in the process. In theory, she can also cleanse all Soul Gems of their current corruption level by touching them, although not many Magical Girls would let a Witch touch their Soul Gems for obvious reasons. She doesn't require food or drink to survive, eating despair is enough to sustain everything about her body.

    Like all Witches, it is incredibly hard to kill Mirana without destroying her Grief Seed. Her body has remarkable regenerative abilities, re-attaching limbs if needed. Beheading her or piercing her chest would probably kill her instantly, though, since she chose a very human-like body as her Witch form.
    Furthermore, she can switch between three forms total, depending on how much arcana she is currently using and on what magic she plans to use. A physically weaker, smaller form is known as 'Imp Form', which allows Mirana to freely float through the air. She also wears an odd helmet which hides one of her eyes in this form usually, which is known as the 'Fused Shadow'. By 'completing' the stone mask through the use of arcana, Mirana can turn into what is known as the 'True Witch' form. A large, spider-like monster, this transformation can't be used for more than a few seconds without risking a full loss to the Witch within her and turning into a mindless monster.

    Now, we get into the applied magic she can use that isn't simply devoted to keeping a humanoid body or changing her shape - the magic used for combat, mobility and escaping, if needed.
    Mirana Moonglow [APPROVED, 1-1] 7sBwYp8
    In both Twilight and Imp form, Midna can control her hair freely. It is made of solidified arcana, and can be enlarged and changed into different shapes, while growing to any length required - to a limit, of course. Twilight Midna has a range of up to thirty meters, while Imp Midna is required to be within ten meters of her target. Since it takes a lot of focus to generate hair constructs, only a limited amount can be in use at once. Imp Midna is limited to one single hair construct, while Twilight Midna can create up to four independent appendages. The constructs possible range from fists to sledgehammers, ropes and tentacles over to spikes and drills, swords, axes, spears - anything, really, that isn't alive in itself. Size limits apply, of course, and no construct is larger than the current bodily height of Midna (for the record, Imp Midna is around half the size of Twilight)
    The spell can be used while moving, although at reduced speed and agility for both the appendages and Midna herself. The movements are controlled by both thought and hand movements, as well as general body motions.

    A spell that can only be used by Imp Midna is known as the 'Gestalt'. By focusing dark energy, Mirana creates a portal made out of pure darkness. Those that step into it - including herself - are teleported to a location that has had a portal attached to it earlier. Even large objects can be moved like this. The arcana cost obviously increases with the size, but Midna could probably transport an entire house this way.

    Now, to the spells only useable by Twilight Midna. For one, there's the well-known phenomena known as the 'kiss of the Witch', which can be used by all Witches. It clouds the mind of someone without arcana or arcane experience, making them loathe life and themselves, driving them slowly into suicide while being in anguish. This is a spell that Witches use to suck the most despair out of their victims. Unlike other Witches, though, Midna is unable to summon familiars, as she lacks a particular psychosis - all other Witches are haunted by an extreme version of some human desire, fear, obsession or similar which gives their familiars form, and she lacks the madness required to create them.
    Besides transmorphing her hair into deadly weapons, Twilight Midna fights by utilizing raw energy. By channeling arcana - which takes a look akin to small black particles floating around her hands - Midna unleashes concussive blasts from her hands, which can be seen as a distortion flying through the air. With the same energy channeled into her own body, Mirana is simply a physical juggernaut. You do NOT want to get punched by her when she is serious about fighting - even when not, her physical power is the peak of human possibility thanks to passive arcana in her blood. Her punches when using arcana can be strong enough to dent steel.
    Finally, to use her full destructive power, Midna collects a huge amount of her arcana into either her fingertips or the tips of her hair. After a very obvious - on a visual level - chargeup, she unleashes multiple small, thin black energy rays, which serve like incredibly sharp blades that can pierce armor and skewer someone from afar. While the charge is very obvious, the rays themselves move at the same speed as a bullet. While there is no direct limit on the amount of rays she can fire at once, she is limited by arcana consumption, and can only safely fire up to twenty beams at once, or separated into multiple bursts, without having to recover arcana by being around despair, and that's BEFORE one takes other arcana consumption into account that may reduce her number of projectiles.
    As such, Midna is very strong in close to medium range, but her only long-range attack is hard to utilize closer up and dangerous to herself when trying to use it from a distance. Once her arcana runs low, her enormous physical strength that protects her from physical harm and makes her able to punch through walls reverts back to human-like durability and strength. As such, her dependance on arcana is more alike to an elf than it would be to a human.

    Finally, her Fused Shadow form, is, quite simply, a physical monster. It beats things into bits, with tentacles and fists made from hair and energy. It can be used up to thirty seconds without risking side-effects, a minute with instant incapacitation of Mirana afterwards, and every 30 seconds afterwards have a chance of either killing her outright or changing her into a monstrous Witch.


    Equipment: No Equipment to speak of

    • High amount of theoretical knowledge about many different types of arcane powers
    • Capable hand to hand fighter, relying on brute force
    • Superb body control and reaction times that are almost instantaneous
    • TERRIBLE cook, you could use her food as a biochemical weapon
    • Able to sense despair and suffering in people - natural ability of all Witches
    • VERY good at annoying the living daylights out of people

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: There have been a lot of Witches and Magical Girls in the history of Aurora, but not a single one ever came close to the power wielded by Walpurgisnacht, the strongest and most evil Witch of them all - akin to a natural disaster, there is no known way for anyone to fight it. But like all Witches, Walpurgisnacht was a Magical Girl first - and a human before that. In a time when magic was reserved for elves, and before Arcanists were commonplace. She was the very first magical girl, with a wish to selfless and big that she took the majority of the power the Outsider held.

    Not much else is known of her, and nobody is sure which event caused her enough suffering to turn into the eternal Witch Walpurgisnacht that stalks the night till today. But why is an ancient, legendary evil mentioned here? Quite simply, as one might figure out on their own, Mirana was no ordinary Magical Girl before becoming Midna. Not that she actually remembers any of it - the darkness of the turning has eradicated nearly all human memories. However, one thing is clear - she has the blood of Walpurgisnacht within her veins. If that is because of her being a descendant, or perhaps even the humanity that remained of Walpurgisnacht herself, reborn as a human - nobody can say for sure. The fact that her original body didn't survive the changing surely doesn't help with any research.

    But how exactly did she survive the changing with her mind intact, anyway? Well, one thing is for sure. Mirana Moonglow's Soul Gem went dark, falling into despair. Midna is unsure of how it happened, but it apparently didn't involve a fight with a Witch - but instead, a more emotionally devastating event. Maybe someone she loved died - maybe her love was betrayed, or all of her friends went against her. Any of this events could've been the final straw that broke the camel's back. As her Soul Gem turned black, though, something was different.
    The suffering, the pain, the despair and the madness from the Grief Seed spread throughout the soul of Mirana. However... it could not break her. The power that destroyed all previously known Magical Girls found no nesting ground within her soul. One theory is that the 'purity' of being the condensed humanity Walpurgisnacht once held saved her. Another theory is that the cursed blood actually absorbed part of the curse, and gave Mirana control of it. That theory seems more likely - since she lost her human memory, it is clear that she did not live through the change without damage.

    After taking control of the Grief Seed with her normal human mind, Mirana noticed that she no longer had a body, since her original one had evaporated from the stress of turning into a Witch. Thus, with the magic of the Grief Seed, she created a body inspired by her old self, but idealized and tainted by darkness and shadows. While trying to be humanoid, a simple look into a mirror revealed to her that she was no longer even close to a normal human in appearance.

    That event was years ago by now. Mirana Moonglow, or Midna as she calls herself most of the time, turned out to be a strange creature. In love with life itself, and with making it more 'fun', she is certainly not a force of evil... But still a mischievous being, that enjoys taking on the form of a smaller imp to better mess with people. While she feeds on suffering and sorrow, like any Witch, she doesn't propagate it, but instead tries to fight it - while eating a good helping of it along the way. Normal Witches NEVER feel satisfied with the amount of suffering they consume and cause, but thanks to not falling into insanity, Midna can control the endless horror hunger to a certain point.
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