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    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED; 0-2] Empty Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED; 0-2]

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    The First Vampire


    Name: Lilith Antonovich
    ALIAS: "The First Vampire"
    Gender: Female
    True Age: 226
    Appearance Age: 26
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130


    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED; 0-2] 1Appearance_zps5ebb5429

    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED; 0-2] Weapon_zpsa0d8f8fd
    Lilith Antonovich [APPROVED; 0-2] 2Appearance_zpsc1a089a3

    Personality: There are a few pros and cons that come with being the first vampire. One of the pros of it is when people realize this fact; they either respect you more than they did the moment before. The con comes when they don't respect you more, but instead fear what you are. Lilith isn't someone who wants to be feared, but there's nothing wrong with respect. She considers herself equal to all other beings within Aurora, but she does understand that she has experienced more, dealt with more, and had to accept more. The horrors she's watched over her very long life time aren't anything to ignore or laugh at. Some of the things Lilith handles can send many to the hospital.

    With Lilith's experience with people, since she is quite the social flower, she can be just about anything needed from her. She can be anything to someone within the ranges of wife to mother or from friend to lover. She can be as tough as a dragon's hide or as gentle as a slow stream. And if she speaks, she can be anything from an officer leading her men into battle or the priestess hoping for peace. Lilith has gone through her own personal hell, one that not many people can even compare their lives to. And with all the fear and hatred she has seen repeat itself throughout the years, Lilith still stands strong. She still keeps going with the determination of being a good person.

    Even with being a good person, your mind can tire over the years. She's been alone and wandering for so long, and hasn't seen the light of day, so her life can be very depressing. She's found herself often unable to care about some things, while other's she's adamant about. And the problem is, this can sometimes change right on the dot. One day, she'll care about whether someone she knows is wanting to kill themselves and the next she will shrug it off and walk away. Lilith is easily worn down on subjects like that. "Just do it" often pops into her head when someone says they want to do something, but won't for whatever reason. After living so long, she sees no point in holding back.

    After becoming a Vampire, Lilith's number one goal in life was completely and utterly destroyed. Lilith, like every other vampire, no longer has the ability to conceive a child. This was one of the things she really wanted to do with her life: become a Mom. Since she can no longer do that, the subject of pregnancy, child birth, and even just seeing children happily with their families can cause her to feel depressed. She won't cry: Lilith seems to refuse to cry, but getting her to smile is always difficult. When you've forcefully had to give up your way of life and then feed off of other's to survive, it can dry a lot of those smiles you had left up. And for Lilith, she can only force a few to show.

    There is one exception with children. When she gets to play! Lilith loves children, even if the subject does make her sad. It makes her sad because she can't interact with them. They're not her own children, so distance is usually the best. The moment she can play with a child, babysit, or things along those lines, her entire demeanor perks up. Lilith has a habit of going a little over board when it comes to children. She'll buy toys, set up game days, take them to parks, and things like that. Sometimes people actually get a little nervous about this too. It's not every day that a woman like that just goes crazy for the kids. A lot of the time, people end up being very cautious around her too.

    History: "There was a time that I could smile... Years ago, two centuries actually... Humans aren't supposed to live this long. I should have died long ago, but no. This wretched curse keeps me alive. Have I thought about ending it? Of course I have, but where would that get me? I'm a monster. All that is waiting for me in the after life is an eternity of pain and suffering. At least by staying alive, I can avoid that. I just wish I didn't have to cause an unforgettable horror in the lives of innocent people to do so. I have to feed. Like the human hunts, so do I. I know I could feed off of animals, like other's of my kind have discovered, but I fear I may be allergic. My body just cannot handle the intake of animal blood. So until a stake pierces my heart or the illuminating flame turn me to ash, I am trapped."

    Lilith was once a woman of Cieria. She was a strong tamer of beasts and she was a gentle wife and lover to one man. She dreamed to birth two children, one son and one daughter. She hoped for the day that two little people would call her Mother, Mom, Mama... Any would have made her happy. This dream of hers is long gone, stolen from her by the dark will of a madman, an evil demon who kidnapped her and many other's in the middle of the night. Her husband was not home and still she does not know his fate. She fears the worst for the man she loved, that her husband had been taken like she was and stored away, tortured, experimented on, and changed like she had been changed. Yet, she still hopes for the best, that her husband moved on, loved again, and was able to create the children they dreamed of for so many years. This is her hope, but also her biggest doubt.

    Hours of torture, screaming, and pain filled her days now. A poison, a curse of sorts, was placed on her and she was too weak to fight it. The Demon's will had overwhelmed her consciousness, blanking many of her memories, and pulling her into the darkness. He wanted to rule them, to control them. "The First Five" is what they are now called, but they would not be controlled. The moment they saw their opportunity arise, they took their creator's life and scattered to the four winds, heading in any direction they felt familiar. Lilith made her way home, to her husband, but by her arrival he had gone. She heard rumors of a sickness that over took him and he passed. She heard rumors of his desire to find her and that he could still be traveling to this day, but these rumors were never proven.

    Lilith searched for him, for the man she loved, fighting the thirst that naturally consumed the Vampire's mind. The need to drink the blood of other human beings, the overwhelming aroma of that crimson liquid often caused her to lose her senses. From village to village, only traveling at night since the sun burned her like any flame would human flesh, she traveled. The thirst took hold of her heart and she often fell into a frenzy of blood-thirst. She murdered many; men, women, and children were all in danger when the thirst took her over. Years passed her by and the desire to find her husband was overtaken by the desire to not harm the innocent. She forgot what she was initially doing and began studying herself. She paid attention to her actions, desires, feelings, instincts, and even new power.

    For Lilith, time began to stand still. Nothing was happening to her. She stopped aging, her hair stopped growing, her skin paled, and she had been told her skin was always like ice. These observations only made things clearer for her. She really was just a monster. As she began thinking back about the other four that had been freed with her, Lilith began to hear rumors about them, as if fate was speaking to her. She followed these rumors and began tracking them, hoping what people were saying about them was not the truth. Drake, Kane, Kaelth, and Abigail were their names. They were once her friends, but when she found them they had changed, and it wasn't always for the better. The first she was able to find was Drake, who was always a kind man, but the years of being a Vampire took a toll.

    Lilith didn't hesitate when Drake asked her to kill him. She said goodbye to her friend, cut off his head, and tossed his body in a fire. She watched his ashes burn until the fire went out and then moved on to find Kane, Kaelth, and Abigail. Abigail was practically dead inside. Kane and Kaelth loved their new found power and used to to harm as many people as possible. For the past few years, they had apparently dragged Abigail along with them and broken her in the process. They apparently really enjoyed the fact that Vampires could not have children and forced Abigail under them whenever they got the itch. She was no way near as powerful as the two of them, so fighting was out of the question. When Lilith realized what had been going on with Abigail, she didn't hesitate to try and kill them.

    The fight went on for three nights. During the day, they used the forest and nearby caves as cover, returning to their battleground when night fell. The amount of Stamina that they discovered while fighting was amazing. Bruises, cuts, stab wounds, broken limbs and ribs, and even a shattered jaw had all been injuries they had taken, but seemed to heal over time. The third day, before the fourth night fell, Lilith looked to Abigail as they sat in the depths of a cave, waiting for Lilith's injuries to heal as the sun was out, and begged her to help. She couldn't keep fighting them alone and if Lilith lost, Abigail would be right back where she started. Abigail was afraid of going up against Kane and Kaelth. She told Lilith that they're going to be impossible to beat because they were much more skilled.

    Lilith came up with a plan. They did not return to the battlefield and fight for the next night. Instead, Lilith and Abigail hurried to where Kane and Kaelth were hiding out and set up a few traps. Once the traps were set and hidden very well, thanks to Abigail, they returned to the battlefield and fought. Day came again and Lilith and Abigail hurried away, knowing this was a stupid way to fight. It felt more like they all just really wanted to die and wanted the other person to do it for them. When Lilith realized this, she told Abigail to hide in the cave and that she'd return the next night. Abigail listened and Lilith hurried to Kane and Kaelth's hide out. As she thought, they had easily been caught in the traps and were trying to get out. "I'm sorry." was all she said to catch their attention, "It's time to die..."

    Lilith could have sworn she saw a hopeful smile on Kane's lips when she said that. She smiled to them both right as the sun was peaking over the back of the trees and toward them all. Lilith stood still, ignoring the burning sensation as she cut a trip wire. The cut caused a slingshot effect, throwing both Kane and Kaelth out of the cave about over the tops of the trees. She turned her head to watch as their bodies burned into ashes in the sun. Finally, the rays hit her face and she ran into their cave to wait until night fell again. Once it did, she returned to Abigail and the two made their way to a town to try and be as normal as they could. Unfortunately, not coming out during the day, causing people nightmares about being attacked, and causing people to go missing was not a normal life.

    Abigail couldn't take it. Like with Drake, Lilith could not say no to Abigail's pleas for death. She did as her friend asked and stuck a stake through her heart. She buried Abigail on top of a cliff that over looked the ocean, putting her body under some rocks and dirt. Of course, at this time, she was unaware that a stake through the heart didn't permanently kill a Vampire, but put them into a stasis of sorts. Lilith does visit Abigail's grave every few years to pay her respects to her friend. And every single year Lilith says, "I'm still alive. I don't know why, but I am. I'm still alone. I could die... tonight. The view here is still beautiful... It'd be a nice place to just wait for the sun to come up." And for some reason, each time she doesn't do it. She is too scared about what's waiting for her in the afterlife.

    Lilith decided she was going to try something new now. She was sick of traveling and keeping to the shadows. Instead, she made her way to Brauk and joined up with the military there. Unfortunately, she soon realized that not as much of the cities were underground as she had come to believe. For the time she was there, she fought to keep herself on positions underground or always on the nightshift. This confused people since it wasn't often that someone preferred to spend their nights at work or their work time in the more dangerous and deadly areas of Brauk. One day, a young woman caught her drinking a cup of blood that had been donated for medical reasons. Lilith attempted to keep her quiet, but she was too frightened to listen. She kept screaming and Lilith was forced to silence her.

    After that, Lilith fled Brauk and went to Zakat. There she joined up with the Zakatian military. She learned to use a sword and did the same as she had before: she kept to the night jobs and hid during the day. No one understood her reasoning for it and people were always suspicious of her, no matter how nicely she'd treat them. One day, Lilith heard about a certain city that had been plagued with a strange darkness that blocked out the sun. Lilith immediately asked for a transfer and was surprised to realize that she could spend some time with normal people for once. She actually had fun making a few friends, but that changed when she was once again caught drinking someone's blood. She tried to explain herself and they did listen, but they told her to leave and not return or she would be reported.

    Lilith agreed and left the city soon afterwards, this was ten years ago and never being welcomed anywhere began to destroy her. She was once again back to moving through the dark forests, caves, and traveling at night. She made her way to Haven in Arcadia and began asking about the rumors of vampire, but no one seemed to believe in them. She left angrily after being laughed at. She could have shown them right then and there whether she existed or not, but she decided against it. She'd rather not have the Arcadian military looking for her or anyone of her kind because she lost her temper. And once again, Lilith was traveling, hunting, and drinking blood for food. This was all she did, at least until she came across a young man with a strange mask being attacked by a Great Dragon.

    Lilith stood on top of a cliff while the dragon was attacking him. He was doing quite well and Lilith was impressed with his skill. After a few moments of battle, he did slay the dragon, but seemed unaware of the second Great Dragon coming up behind him. As he went to claim his weapon from the slain dragon, Lilith took a pretty nice leap off of the cliff and sent her feet into the back of the dragon's neck as it was about to breathe fire at the guy. With a loud bang and a bit of shaking of the ground, Lilith had killed the dragon by breaking it's neck. She stood over it, blinking a few times like, "Did I do that?" and then looked up to the masked man. "Uh... Hi." she said shyly, "This one was kinda hiding..." She blinked a few more times and offered him a handshake and introduced herself politely.

    And for some reason she was now a member of something called Night Nine, title: Shadow. Okay then.



    Tempesta Perfetta (Perfect Storm): This Legendary Sword is the only one Lilith cares to carry.


    • Mastered Swordsman: She's been working on her craft longer than most have been alive. Her skill with a sword is rarely outmatched by anyone. Lilith has proven to be as deadly with a sword as the Viridescent Forest Snake with it's Venom.
    • Martial Artist: Although not her preferred technique of fighting, with her vampiric enhancements, she's quite the deadly and skilled fighter. She can really take a beating while dealing out a horrifying amount of damage to her opponent.
    • Musical Genius: No. She's really not, but people will think she is. Lilith has just had enough time in her life to master quite a few instruments, those being the piano, violin, flute, and harp.

    Unlocked Racial Traits:

    +20 to Speed
    +70 to Durability
    +70 to Strength

    0-2: Unbreakable: +50 to Durability
    0-3: True Regeneration: This gives a vampire the ability to regenerate their body, including completely destroyed limbs after three minutes of the injury taking place whether in or out of combat. If the limb was not destroyed, they'd need to hold it against their body to allow the regeneration to take hold. Regeneration does not occur if under sunlight, normal light, or bright light. Regeneration is slowed in dim light.
    0-4: Enhanced Body #3: +40 strength.
    0-5: True Telekinesis: A vampires ability with telekinesis increases to 20 times their own weight.

    1-1: True Levitation: The Vampire gains the ability to "fly", which is really just levitation with the ability to walk at the same time and a height of 50 feet above the nearest surface.
    1-2: Survival: A Vampire has to feed ten times less than normal.
    1-3: Enhanced Body #2: +30  strength
    1-4: Minor Telekinesis: A Vampire gains the ability to move objects that is up to double their own own weight with their mind.
    1-5: Hardened Body: +20 to Durability

    2-1: Animal Transformation: A vampire can turn into a bat, cat, rat, or snake. (Choose 1) In this form, their vampiric energy is undetectable. This form gives no other bonuses that a normal bat does not have.
    2-2: Minor Levitation: The Vampire gains the ability to levitate up to fifteen feet off of the surface beneath their feet.
    2-3: Visual Ability: Pick One. Night Vision or Hypnosis. (The ability to look into someone's eyes and keep them in a trance. They can break out of this if eye contact is broken or they're told to do something completely against their morals. This can only be used on one person.)
    2-4: Water-Walking: The ability to walk on any liquid surface. This doesn't mean they can't fall in it. They actually have to step on top of it for this ability to take hold. Moving water is a no!
    2-5: Resistance To Cold: Low temperatures do not effect vampires. Below freezing temperatures can slow them down a bit.

    3-1: Wall-Walking: The ability to walk along the walls of buildings, this includes the hanging upside down from the ceiling.
    3-2: Enhanced Body#1: +20 to speed
    3-3: Scent: The ability to lock in on a certain scent and track. This ability also allows the Vampire to smell how "good" the blood of prey is.

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    Agility: 20 + 30 = 50
    Durability: 20 + 50 + 100 = 170
    Endurance: 20 + 40 = 60
    Speed: 20 + 40 + 50 = 110
    Strength: 20 + 40 + 70 = 130


    +50 to Speed
    +100 to Durability
    +70 to Strength

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