Olivia Ramsdell [APPROVED, 3-1]

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    Olivia Ramsdell [APPROVED, 3-1] Empty Olivia Ramsdell [APPROVED, 3-1]

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    Human Template


    Name: Olivia Jillian Ramsdell
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Energetic: Olivia is one to speak first and think later. She's energetic (and it's probably to be partly blamed on her above-average tea intake) to the point of being called a child. She'll gladly show affection in public when she sees someone she cares about, whether it be a friend or romantic partner... Even if it sometimes ends up with her hugging or latched onto the wrong person.

    Confident, Determined, and Stubborn: Olivia has a confidence only a man glad entirely in gaudy gold armor can match. If she sets her sights on someone, she'll go after him as hard as she can. And it doesn't die out easily either. When the priest asks if there is anyone who opposes the marriage between her love and another, she'll be the one to speak up. Even if she's wrong, she'll be that girl. Well, that's if the guy doesn't tell her he doesn't feel anything for her. It'll take a bit more time for it to sink in, but it will. This is because she is just as stubborn as she is determined. Olivia still doesn't believe her father is gone, for example...

    Calm After the Storm: When she calms down, she's not tired. No, she actually always has a hard time going to sleep. But when she's more calm, she's less likely to speak in another language. Normally, this is when she is having her tea time—which is something you don't interrupt.

    Trilingual: Olivia speaks three languages completely fluently—Arcadian, Common, and Braukan. She is so proud of this fact, she is known to switch between her three languages while talking. Well, proud and the fact she talks fast and ends up out-pacing her mind. For example: "You've got mail! You won't hear the end of it if it's a love letter!"


    Olivia Ramsdell [APPROVED, 3-1] Appearance

    Type: Sorcerer
    Eye Color: Depending on her mood, the lighting, or many other factors, Olivia's eye color changes. Her true eye color is purple.
    Balance: Olivia has the ability to latch onto someone or something—so long as it weighs as much as she does—and not have to worry about it toppling over. Effectively, Olivia is as light as a feather when she latches onto someone for their momentum and balance.
    Effect Magic: This is her main magic. Olivia can create what are effectively special effects. They can be words popping up behind her for emphasis, hearts floating around her head when she's in love, or flames dancing around her to show anger or determination. These don't produce any sound or heat or anything of the sort.
    Tea Creation: Another magic she loves, Olivia can either create up to one-half of a gallon of tea from nothing or to alter up to one gallon of a liquid into tea per day. She can create about any type of tea as well.

    Equipment: Her handband has no abilities, but it was a gift from her father and is worth a lot being a relic and all.
    Skills: None to really speak of... She can prepare tea rather well though!

    History and Roleplay Sample

    Olivia Ramsdell was born in Brauk, but she moved to Arcadia before her second birthday. Her father, Oliver Ramsdell, was an archaeologist working part-time as a professor at Rydian and his dig in Brauk was finished. Well, so he thought. Her mother died during childbirth, so it was just the two of them. Olivia was constantly being brought between Arcadia and Brauk as that dig was being expanded upon as new things kept appearing in their tests...

    Olivia was brought up speaking both Braukan and Arcadian and even learned Common as well. She was loved on the dig sites and was the mascot for Oliver Ramsdell's company of archaeologists. One thing Olivia learned while on the sites was not to wander around... as she fell into pits twice. Both pits ended up providing another level of excavation, but she gained a fear of the dark from both falls.

    Olivia's father was a friend of Magnus Maldoc-Ryence, who was chosen to be Olivia's godfather. Oliver was also chosen to be Magnus's son's godfather... Unfortunately, one of those favors had to be called in one day. Olivia had just turned sixteen when her father did not return from a sudden trip to Brauk. She waited at the docks for him daily, but he did not return. News came to her and Magnus that his ship disappeared in a squall. They had been unable to locate the ship.

    Magnus retired almost immediately after and began to search the seas for his friend. He has almost given up hope, but Olivia hasn't. She took initiative and was able to raise enough money to attend Rydian after three years of working her ass off across town. Not literally, thankfully. Her energetic demeanor and determination allowed her to take job after job, and she didn't buy much. The most she had to do was pay taxes on her house (which was in Magnus's name until she turned eighteen). Olivia was going to continue her father's legacy... And it was her pleasure that for two years her professor was her older "brother," so to speak. Alain was not her blood brother, but she looked up to man like he was one. She is currently in her 4th year, and is planning on starting teaching 1st year Sorcerers and assisting Alain on his excavations.

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    Agility: 4
    Durability: 3
    Endurance: 3
    Speed: 3
    Strength: 2

    Energy Control: 3

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