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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Lysander Villis
    Nicknames: Taurus
    Appearance Age: 25
    True Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 190

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    Character Information

    Personality: Lysander often teams up with other members of the Black Cross when they need something done. He isn't the one who goes out into the unknown alone. He is the one people call on when they might not be able to handle it on their own. However, he is quite often an extremely stubborn person and that's what gives him an independent nature. He likes to do things in his way and because of this, he is perfectly fine on being alone. He'll tell someone to sit back and watch if they're not going to listen to his well thought out and calculated plan. It's difficult to call him a leader, but he is also not a follower. He is merely independent in this aspect. With his perseverance, he can get things done and can do quite well for himself while on his own, but doesn't mind the company of others.

    Lysander is an excellent friend. He is one of those people that has a few good and close friends that he holds dear, as opposed to many acquaintances. These friends that he holds dear, he guards and protects them. He treats his friends like they are family and is fiercely loyal and dependable when it comes to them. Lysander loves to be the host. He's not a total social butterfly, since he can be shy around strangers and people he doesn't know that well. The people who he lets into his lives are lavishly catered to when Lysander decides to have a get together or throw a party. He's the type to decorate and present everything quite nicely and will pamper his close group of friends. He's the type to always bring back a gift for all of his friends when he goes on a long trip.

    Lysander is good at doing business. Even when others give up, he continues on until he has succeeded. He has a knack for finance and as even aided his friends when they "dun goofed". His advice with money is often prized. He knows where money is to be made and has the ability to manipulate and set himself or his friends on a path to success. He is not a frivolous spender, but does enjoy to live lavishly and surround himself with nice possessions and foods. Food especially. Lysander loves to eat. He's the type to sit at a buffet for some time, enjoying the company of friends and pigging out on some delicious stuff. He has a habit of accidentally spending a large portion of his money, which he hates later because he prefers a certain amount of stability. No money stresses him out.

    When Lysander is stressed out, he becomes more sensitive than normal. Normally, he really is quite sensitive. He often takes comments personally. A compliment can brighten his entire week, but an insult can toss him into a rage and cause him to start a fight with someone. If the insult came from a woman, he gets more hurt than angry though. He has a problem getting mad at woman; it just doesn't happen very often. Lysander doesn't like taking orders either. If someone gives them an order, or doesn't phrase their "request" carefully, he'll be lazy about it. If someone tries to tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, he's the type to grab another drink and sit back. However, he is not lazy when it comes to himself. Lysander takes good care of himself.

    Lysander likes taking care of himself, but he also has to. He's a man that knows what he wants, so he keeps up resources and connections with other people. If he needs a favor, he's the type that knows exactly who to call for it. Most of these people he's done something to earn this favor or just tells them they have the ability to call him up on one too. He always keeps his word. If it's a favor he doesn't have the ability to handle, he pulls out his notebook and tosses that person toward someone who he knows can handle the job. This does count as completing the favor. A lot of the people he does dealings with are of "high class" or act like they are, so they expect him to look and act a certain way. This is why he rarely shows up with messed up hair or bad clothing.

    Character Background: Growing up and Grandview taught Lysander one thing: Always keep your word and pay your debts. He couldn't tell you how many times he watched a family torn a part, a woman thrown into a brother, a boys hand cut from his body, or an entire family hanged just because they went back on their word or couldn't pay back the money they borrowed. Grandview was a cruel place and one that he couldn't wait to get away from. He couldn't remember how he arrived here in the first place. He remembered running from someone or something. He remembered falling. And then he remembered waking up in the arms of a kind elderly woman. He stayed with her for a short while, but she died of old age not long after that, so he came here.

    As Lysander grew, he created his own talents. Fighting and running were among them. If he could get away, he ran. If he couldn't, he fought them off and taught them a lesson. There were a few times, especially in the beginning, that he was the one taught the lesson, but that was a thing in the past by the time he turned eighteen. With enough money stolen or panhandled from the "kind" people of Grandview, Lysander left that place and traveled until he felt like he could make home. That was the goal anyway. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead, he created another trade. He learned to make deals and hold people to their word. He offered a favor they needed, they were to pay him back when he called on them. It was a simple and easy way of living life.

    Lysander had a habit of making "friends". Some of them bad, others were good. Those that were good, he stuck around. The few that were good consisted of men named Izumo, Logan, and Shinpachi. There were also a couple women named Lillianna, Lilith, Lydia, and (finally someone to break that L pattern) Esmeralda. He met Lillianna after being injured near Aria and was healed by her; He owes her a favor. He met Lilith when she was a little on edge and gave her the sustenance she needed; She owes him a favor. He met Shinpachi when the kid was depressed and helped the kid train a bit; They're just friends. The rest were met through Logan and a group called The Black Cross. Over time, those who allowed him to get close, he began calling friends and some are considered family.

    People He Knows Otherwise: [Owed: They owe him - Owes: He owes them]

    > Lucinda Blackbourne [Owed]
    > Mikhail Zakrezsky [Owed]
    > Neil O'Carry [Owed] - Lysander found out who sold Neil out.
    > The Vonnera Family (Maria) - [Owes]
    > Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Owes]
    > Masamune Fujiwara [Owed]


    Type: Sorcerer

    Bull's Strength: +20 to Strength and +20 to Durability
    Spirit Rush: Lysander has the ability to rush forward in a burst of speed triple his natural speed. He can only do this in straight lines and must be able to see where he's going. He is able to control it enough to end his rush wherever he needs and facing where he wants to go. He can move up to fifty feet with one rush and can do three rushes within ten seconds of each other. After the third rush, he must wait five seconds before he's able to attempt a rush again.



    Travel Sack: Canteen, Money Pouch, Soap, Clothes.

    A Little Black Book: This is a notebook full of all the deals he's made, are in progress, and completed. It also details missions he has or has not finished and the favors he is owed and owes others.

    Skills: Lysander's chosen weapon is the spear. Well, it's his favorite weapon at least. Most people use swords or are into arcehry, so he feels the spear gives him an edge and makes him look cooler than everyone else when he fights. He's been using it for some time now and has become quite skilled with it. He usually fights in melee range, but hunts by throwing the weapon when needed. Though this is his preferred weapon, he is still just as skilled with a sword, if not better.

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    Skill and Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 310013
    Durability: 3402063
    Endurance: 325028
    Speed: 330033
    Strength: 3202043
    Energy Control: 325028

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