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    Post by Tsubine on Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:02 pm

    Victoria gave Julius a slight glare at first. Then, Vivianna said she told him to join. That... that was something she hadn't expected. Victoria's eyes widened in surprise. Had she... taken an interest in this man? That could be a problem, but Victoria was not going to just hold her sister hostage. "I see... Glad to help. Keep my sister unharmed, understood?" Julius nodded curtly, then Vivianna spoke to him. "I understand. To both of you, I do."

    "Thanks. You go dry off. I don't want you to catch cold." Victoria waved at her sister with a warm smile. Once Vivianna was out of the room, her expression soured. Julius saw that and swallowed. It was a good reaction, and Victoria turned a page in her book. "You must have some very different slaves than what I've seen." Julius listened to her, and he shrugged. "It's fine, yeah. But I'm going to have to still say that I don't think I'm being treated as a slave. I think I'm just more akin to a butler and a guard rolled into one... Just... don't ask me to do paperwork. My handwriting is attrocious. Jaden has the best handwriting I've seen though."

    Once Julius felt they were alone, Julius spoke up again. He was quieter though. "That smile you gave Victoria, that was fake, wasn't it? I've never seen you smile before, but the only real emotions I've seen on you... have been anger and fear. I'd like to see you smile one day and mean it. I think it'd look really nice on you."

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