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    Selena's breathing was slowly down, but not because the pain was going away. She was controling her breath to the best of her abilities. Breathing to fast caused her sharp pains all over her body. Controling it made the pain gradual and less overbearing. When Reaper told her she could scream and explained why, she smiled rather widely. She turned her gaze toward him and giggled. Taking in a breath to allow herself to speak, she spoke with a strained voice. "You know... You're cuter than you know. I can scream, huh?" she said before closing her eyes again and giggling again, "Ahaha... don't make me laaauuugh..." She was whining a little bit, but that was because the laughing caused harsh movements in the exact place she did not want to move, "And no, I won't scream..."

    "Philip Arderne..." she thought. That name. She knew that name. And a moment later, she remembered that name. Her eyes momentarily opened, a look of hate and disgusted practically shined through any pain that she felt. Her lip even twitched into what seemed like a partial snarl. "Arderne... His son was a disgusting little worm that ran a prostitution and sex slave scheme out of one of the villages near Varedia." Selena closed her eyes and just relaxed to the best of her ability, "He went on kidnapping young women and children to sell them off later on as slaves and whores. They'd be shown off in his brothel and people would come in and choose who to buy. For every day the women were not bought, they were drugged, raped, and then put on display again the next day."

    "Virgins were never seen again..." was the last comment that Selena could muster about Philip Arderne's son and it took her a second to even say it. That one was a little more personal for her because she had been caught for a day and was going to be sold at 'top dollar' because she too was a virgin. "I brought that bastards empire to the ground in one night... stripped his body nude, cut off his dick, and hung him to bleed to death on the same street he sold those girls..." Selena smirked and chuckled at this, "Bastard shouldn't have taken off my glasses." She took in a deep breath and cleared her throat. No matter how it was put, she was proud of that day and it was showing. She'd never take it back. "I guess his Dad wants revenge... He's observed me enough to know to attack from water..."

    "I don't like that. If they've been watching me, they've been watching you." Selena clenched her jaw out of pure anger this time, "I never even sensed them. They've been following us and not once did I catch a single glimpse..." Selena didn't seem to be able to tell, but this low rumble began moving through the entire house. "I've been putting your life in danger this entire time." That rumble was getting louder, and a large crack suddenly appeared in the wall above their heads. "I'm so fucking stupid, I should have seen them coming..." At that moment, Selena's chain flew across the room, by passing Reaper completely, but practically aiming for her when it sliced along her forehead and stabbed the bed to the side of her head. Selena whimpered and raised her hands up to hold her head.

    "If they're anywhere around here, I can hold them off. Pitting them against the ambush party the imposter gave might just prove possible. Or at the very least, our vengeance won't be cast alone." The rumble began to lessen until it finally faded completely away. "Besides... they don't know what I can do. Don't worry." Selena removed her hands from her head and looked over to Reaper with a drained expression. "You shouldn't have to deal with them. That's what's pissing me off." she said in almost a whisper, kind of not wanting him to hear, but knowing he would. And then she realized something and smiled. "Told you that you're cuter than you think..." she said, placing a hand on his chest, "Trying to comfort me? Sweet... I knew your heart was in there, just got to keep digging."

    "I'll find it J... If I have to climb into Aether or Nether to do it... I will help you remember what it means to be loved and to feel it." Selena smiled and removed her hand from his chest, "You deserve it... And don't you dare respond to what I just said..." She shot him a playful glare, pouted a bit, and looked away, "You'll only say that you don't deserve it because you're not destined for something like that... or something along those lines. And no matter how many times you try to beat that into my brain, I refuse to believe it. Because if I believe it, that means you're not allowed to be happy and the only gods, that I know of, that would actually destine someone to be unhappy... are one's that I know that you would never follow." Selena hmph'd and put a pillow over her head, pouting.

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    So the moral of the story Selena told was this: don't take her glasses. The Reaper could now respect that. The same applied to his mask. You don't fuck with people's facial possessions. He let out an actual chuckle. It lasted three fading "hahs." She was an interesting character, and she had made him chuckle a bit. It was a step. She was showing him things he never once thought of before. "If they're anywhere around here, I can hold them off. Pitting them against the ambush party the impostor gave might just prove possible. Or at the very least, our vengeance won't be cast alone."

    The rumbling began to fade, and he no longer felt like he was in the town of Perfection, Nevada. This house wasn't his, and it the medical supplies in there would need to be removed before he'd declare this house not a sanctuary. "Besides... they don't know what I can do. Don't worry." He wasn't trying to comfort her necessarily. He was telling her the facts and removing her stressors. That would qualify for comforting her... but this guy was just a little stubborn.

    Selena then said something that made him want to kick her in the side with the broken ribs. Metaphorically speaking, of course. He just stayed silent as she finished talking. She may be right. Even though he wouldn't use the word, he damn well trusted her. She had done a good bit for him, and she had yet to take advantage of him. Even though he swore he could hear the occasional giggle when she threw the sacks of rocks at him, she wasn't trying to gut him or weaken him. Hell, she was trying to strengthen him.

    The Reaper leaned back in the chair and crossed a leg. "I shouldn't have to deal with them... Just like you shouldn't have to deal with the people who target me, hm? Trouble follows both of us, and there are people who want vengeance to right some 'wrong' we did. But the only way not to involve the other is for us to not travel together. And since I can't see you giving up, and I don't see a point in sitting around while you are dragged away by a trio of bandits... Our pasts are our own. I had nothing to do with your past, and you had nothing to do with mine. But our actions caused ripples in the present and the future. And ripples grow into waves when left unchecked. Whatever waves we face now have no bearing on the past, but the present."

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