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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Esmeralda Shivali
    Nicknames: Esmie
    Appearance Age: 21
    True Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130

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    Character Information

    Personality: From first glance, you see a lot of strength in Esmeralda. Her body is toned and well taken care of. The look in her eyes always seems aloof and serious. She almost seems to hide herself behind her hair as well, so she looks like that "cool" girl a lot of people admire in school. She's easily avoidable because of her demeanor and not many have the courage to approach her. But when you do and you see those eyes of hers light up, you can immediately tell what kind of a person she really is. She's kind and gentle. She's friendly and helpful. Years of feeling like less of a person within her own clan has caused her to be desperate for friendship and willing to do anything to get it.

    Esmeralda lets her friends call her Esmie. She knows her name isn't the quickest to say, so it's fine if people shorten it. Esmie is used to being insulted and looked down on, so these things do not bother her much anymore. She isn't offended easily and won't retaliate toward someone who is trying to offend her. The only time she retaliates is if someone who's already trying to hurt her feelings touches her. Her body is sacred to her when it comes to touching. She doesn't care how "revealing" things are. She lives by the saying "You can look but don't you touch". She's doesn't completely agree with the morals of normal society, but she does respect them and keep herself decent.

    Esmie has been looking for her Father for three years now, ever since she found that letter in her Mother's stuff. She feels her adventure coming to an end since she hasn't been able to find him and the last lead about a Luca Leverett brought her to Varedia and she still can't find him.

    Character Background: Being born a half elf into a clan of elves with a major superiority complex is not the greatest thing. Esmeralda's mother (Anika) was an open hearted woman who accepted all living beings as a part of life and treated them equally. The clan was not as agreeing with this set of belief and because of this, she was made to live on the edges of town away from most people. When her mother fell in love with a sickly human  she found resting under a tree that she was nursing back to health, she became pregnant by this man. When the clan found out, they pulled Anika from her home and chased her lover (Luca) from the village and never allowed her to see the man again.

    Anika received letters and was allowed to send them for the sake of the child, but the Ranalik forbid Luca from seeing Anika or Esmeralda. When Esmeralda was born, the village hoped she would grow into an elven beauty and could at least blend in. This did not happen. Esmeralda took more to her human side in appearance. She did have the tan skin and was definitely a beauty to behold, but the ears were human. As she grew, she also didn't show any ability to connect with any of the elements that proved Elves were connected to the nature around them. The villagers treated her horribly, forced her to work in the fields, and treated her as they would the men. For men, this treatment wasn't bad, but when Esmeralda looked at the woman of her village she became confused.

    By the time Esmeralda turned eighteen, she had become a beauty that rivaled that of the Ranalik and her children. Beyond that, her hair had reached a length that could be compared to the Ranalik. In order to help her Mother, Esmeralda became a woman like the Shivali had not seen. She was a warrior, a mother, a leader, and a wife. She was kind, loyal, and impressed many people. She had been accepted by everyone within the clan and was no longer looked at badly. Her hair being allowed to grow gave her this confidence. Since cutting a Shivali's hair without just cause is one of the few crimes punishable by torture and then death, those who wanted to stop her rise never dared to.

    Unfortunately, during this time her mother became ill and very quickly passed away. Esmeralda was alone, but found a letter addressed to her and another addressed to her Mother. One was from her Mother and explained things about her Father and where she could begin looking. The other was a very old letter, the last that her Mother ever received from her Father and held onto because of it. She read it and found out her Father was somewhere in Arcadia, trying to raise money to come get the both of them and bring them home with him. This letter was dated seven years ago and obviously he had never returned, but Esmeralda couldn't help but wonder why and where he was.


    Type: Sorcerer? It's there, but she dun know it yet, so considered Normal.



    The Pocket Spear: This is an Arcane Weapon that will become useless the moment her Arcana does show up. When closed, it looks like an iron rod. This rod is as thick as her wrist and as long as her hand. She pulls on it to open it and it extends into a long spear within the blink of an eye.
    (Yes, enjoy the way I've described this. Blame Tsu.)

    Travel Sack: (Usually has these items)
    Filled water bottle, apple, orange, a sandwich, sleeping bag, and rope.


    Spear-Woman: Highly, highly skilled with this spear. With moves as elegant as the fighters in her tribe, her dance-like way of fighting combined with the spear make for a devastating combination of very powerful and hard to predict movements. She's one of the strongest in her clan, whether you're talking about men or women and is admired as a great warrior. Her skill in hand-to-hand combat is similar to her advancement with the spear, but the spear and weapons that can be substituted as one are her most dangerous weapon. Fear the woman with the Pocket Spear!

    Agriculture: Esmeralda knows quite a bit about farming and herding cattle.
    Medicinal Herbs: She has minor knowledge of Braukan herbs.
    Construction: She could build a house on her own if she wanted to. She can aid with other tasks.

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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 350053
    Durability: 320023
    Endurance: 320023
    Speed: 330033
    Strength: 360 + 3066
    Energy Control: 0000

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    Application Checklist

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    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Tier: No Tier
    Skill Rank: Expert (180)

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