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    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] Empty Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Freya Knowles
    Appearance Age: 30
    True Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 140

    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] AP1_zpssktpnlwv

    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] AP2_zpsr7drmuo0
    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] AP3_zps9kghuzbf

    Character Information

    Personality: Freya isn't the most friendly of women when you first meet her. She's extremely strict and gives little room for mistakes, no matter their age. Freya rarely smiles or laughs. She doesn't hang out with friends and probably doesn't have many, if any at all. Freya has a hard time opening up to people because she is desperate to keep a certain image. If she ever got caught doing anything less than what people expect from a Council Member of the AA, she'd never forgive herself and fears that the public wouldn't either. She refuses to ruin her reputation over something stupid.

    Freya wants to prove to the world that she's not a criminal. With her family's past, she always felt like there might be something wrong with her as well. Because of that, she's not just trying to prove it to everyone else, but to herself as well. She's a very lawful person and does not give second chances. She's been told to lighten up and that not everything is black and white, but nothing has been able to change her mind. She keeps to the book and the law like it's all she knows. In fact, Freya has absolutely no problem arresting the people she loves, even if the crime they committed is minor.

    Freya is an extremely intelligent person and has a talent for strategy. She is not the quickest thinker, but if she has time to analyze data and observe, she can come up with a strategy that beats most. If she has to think quickly, she'll often ask for the advice of people she trusts, which is a small group. Freya's most trusted "friend" is actually a great dragon she keeps at her home, which consists of a small house and a large barn-like building where her dragon stays. The dragon is named Graund and is of the metal element. Graund is the one thing in Freya's life that she is quite happy with.

    Character Background: Freya Knowles grew up ignorant of her family's reputation. She lived in a small town a few miles out from Grandview, the city where no one can trust each other. Her Mother didn't want to live in the city with all of those crime lords, but her family had no problem participating in many of the illegal workings there. When she was sixteen, she finally found out about her Mother and Father's crimes. They stacked up from murder, theft, counterfeiting, and the slave trade. When Freya realized what was going on, she reported her family to the ADL and had them arrested.

    Freya was old enough by Arcadian standards to take care of herself, but she had a younger brother, Marcus. He was only ten and didn't have that same luxury. He was thrown into an orphanage and Freya went out and got a job. Because of her parents' reputation, she had a hard time. Proving that she wasn't a criminal when her family had quite quickly become big news was difficult. It took her a year to be able to find a decent job in Ethaswen, the only city within Arcadia that was mostly populated by Elves. They understood the discrimination and gave her a chance. Here, she worked for the railroad.

    By the time Freya was stable enough financially to adopt her brother, which had been her goal all a long, he had been pulled into another family. She hunted him down for years, even joined up with the ADL and climbed their ranks to find him. When she finally did, his adoptive parents had died and he had grown angry. She saw him again when she was twenty-three; Marcus was seventeen and hated her for betraying their parents. Marcus became a criminal, following in his biological parents' footsteps and later ended up being Freya's first arrest as a council member of the Arcadian Administration.

    Unfortunately, Marcus also became the first person she arrested that was able to escape. Many people pointed fingers, saying she had let him go and that she was no different than her parents. Because of the suspicion, Freya was suspended for six months. They didn't clear her name until the ADL was able to prove that she was not the one who let him go. Since then, Freya has been trying to prove herself. One of the ways she did this was by taming a dragon in secret. It became both her friend and battle companion. Now, Freya is one of the most feared AA members, along side her rival Ciara Aldrana.


    Type: Normal
    Description: N/A


    Equipment: She keeps a rapier on her any time she is away from home.
    Skills: A talented strategist and is experienced with a rapier.
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    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] Empty Re: Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier]

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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 33033
    Durability: 32023
    Endurance: 32023
    Speed: 33033
    Strength: 32023
    Energy Control: 3N/AN/AN/A

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    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] Empty Re: Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier]

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    Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier] Empty Re: Freya Knowles [APPROVED, No Tier]

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